BRETT and RACHEL for the Gatto family — NJ

Jennifer knew since childhood that her place in life was to adopt. When she was 11 her younger brother was born with Down Syndrome and from that moment on she knew she’d be adopting a child or children with Down Syndrome. Jennifer stumbled upon the Reece’s Rainbow website about 7 years ago and her eyes were opened to the plight of these children in other countries. There were many reasons standing in her way when she first found RR and she just wasn’t in a position to adopt. Finally last year she felt like it was the right time.

After many hours on the RR website and countless tears searching through the waiting children Jenn was still not sure if she would be adopting a baby or a child closer to Mia’s age. Then she took a look at the “At Risk of Aging Out” list. And saw Brett. And finally knew. This little boy abandoned in a field as a newborn and left to fend for himself in a mental institution for his entire childhood will soon be showered with more love, attention and opportunity than you cold ever imagine. Jenn and her 10 yo daughter Mia are so ready to welcome Brett into their family. Mia has been excitedly making plans for when her “little-big brother” comes home.


$602.29 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Brett has received a $15,000 Older Child Grant.