Noah has been home with his forever family for a year
And now we get to celebrate with him as he turns two !

What better way to celebrate this little miracle then to help another waiting child find their happy ending like Noah did.

One of the hardest things we ever had to do was walk out of the orphanage, knowing that there were rooms and rooms filled with babies, and children, waiting to know what love is. Waiting to feel safe and comforted …waiting to feel like they belong.

Taking a child from an orphanage into a family, from lost to loved, is by far the most incredible, life changing, miraculous thing I have ever had the privilege of doing.
But with that life changing experience, also comes the haunting, heartbreaking reality of what we left behind.
When you have looked into the eyes of these lost children,
When you have walked the silent hallways
When you have heard little ones raise their hands and reaching for you say “mama? Papa?” and you cant save them all,
It changes you
It leaves you with a heartache you will never truly get over.

If you have followed Noah’s story this past year you have seen what a miraculous change has come about in him because he found love and a family. So in honor of Noah’s second birthday we want to challenge you to donate $2 –you can donate any amount of course—but if everyone who has been touched by Noah donated just $2 for his second birthday, it would help another child find their fairy tale.

Being in an orphanage changes you,
Your perspective changes when you know first hand that the many waiting children in those orphanage rooms are more then just orphans thrown away, they are actual children, children like Noah, and Mia, each of them with a story, a story waiting to be told.
The only way to try and heal from the piece of my heart that was left within those orphanage walls is to continue to help, even if its in a little way.

As Noah’s birth mother said “I think Noah is an angel sent here to teach people to love,” and we couldn’t agree more as we have been able to love him this last year! He has a spirit about him that touches people, so lets honor Noah Bear on this special day by helping another child who needs to know love.

Mia’s miracle did not end with her, and Noah’s miracle will not end with him as we all continue to share and be a part of what love can do.

We will keep our birthday fundraiser open until midnight on June 5 and then we will share which family and/or child the money raised will go to.

On behalf of Noah and our family, THANK YOU!! for helping us pay the miracle of love forward.

$1,755.00 has been donated to celebrate Noahs birthday!  These funds were gifted to Drake.

A list of donors will be provided to Noah’s family. If you would prefer to donate anonymously, please email




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