Girl, born 2015
Down syndrome, congenital heart defect

Listed: May 2017

Blythe is a beautiful one-year-old baby girl. Blythe is a quiet and easy-going baby. She loves when adults talk to and smile at her. When someone is talking to her, she smiles and listens so well that it seems like she understands exactly what you are saying- she just might have excellent receptive language skills! Blythe is very curious about new things and likes playing with bright colored toys and toys that make sounds. She is very observant and good at following objects, as well as holding onto objects, including her feet- she loves to play with them. Blythe is a sensible, loving, well-behaved, and happy little girl who likes to play a little before putting herself to sleep. We bet she’d love being rocked by a mom or dad, listening to stories and songs told and sung just to her. Blythe was born with down syndrome and a heart defect- endocardial cushion defect (complete).

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