guardianangel Girl, born 2014
Down syndrome

Listed: April 2017


Rebecca has a diagnosis of Down syndrome, and has some cognitive delays. She has less muscle tone and strength than other children her age. She can walk well, but is a little wobbly at times. The physical therapist monitors her growth and works with her on exercises and activities to help strength her muscles and improve coordination.

We see improvements every day. Rebecca has transitioned from the baby home to the toddler home. She likes being one of the ‘big kids’ and can feed herself.

Rebecca has an infectious smile and the Tías love asking her for a hug because she will run and jump in their arms for a full body hug! She has a favorite doll with rosy cheeks that she takes with her everywhere, and shows her to everyone. Like any toddler, Rebecca dislikes broccoli. Unlike many toddlers, she does not like to be tickled, and gets angry if anyone tries to make her smile!

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