Boy, born: 2004

Diagnoses:  Grand Mal seizures; Epilepsy Partialis; brain edema; attachment disorder; Nocturnal Enuresis; learning abilities.

Listed: April 2017

Kelan is from Eastern Europe.  He was placed in a baby house shortly after birth and is currently residing in a group home for children.  Kelan’s attention is lacking.  He can concentrate on routine tasks for short periods of time. His memory is not accurate and his thinking process is slow.  Although his vocabulary needs improvement, he understands the meaning of the words used in everyday life.  He does not have good communication skills but he can express his emotions. He often violates the personal space of others. His self-evaluation of himself wavers as sometimes it is too high and other times it is too low. He cannot maintain friendships. He quickly loses interest in the learning process at school and doesn’t follow the rules.

Kelan is a happy and cheerful child!  He is very emotional. He wants to play with the other children but often teases them by taking their possessions and insults them which leads to conflicts. He insults the other children, throws things at them and uses bad words. After a while he calms down. He easily gets upset. Sometimes he overreacts by crying or laughing.  It is important for him to receive approval from adults (including the teachers at school) but does not always comply with requirements. He is affectionate and seeks care from adults. He is not shy and does not feel guilt. He likes to help with the household chores – cooks, cleans, irons. He participates in culinary clubs. He likes to play with the children from the group home. He also likes physical activities: soccer, volleyball, badminton, and riding bikes.

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