Girl, born 2012
Down syndrome

Listed: March 2017

Penny is a positive and outgoing girl who warms up to people quickly. She enjoys playing with other children and dancing to music. Sometimes she pats her caregiver’s shoulder and gives her a kiss – usually because she wants to eat whatever food her caregiver has! Penny is diagnosed with Down syndrome, and she has no other known health needs. When she arrived at the orphanage at two years of age, she could crawl very fast, and shortly after her third birthday she was able to walk by herself. As of October 2016 she can run for a short distance and she can grasp objects. During study period she sits quietly and listens, though she has some trouble concentrating. She understands simple directions, and can point to her eyes, ears, nose and mouth when they are named. Her speech is delayed, but she can say some simple words like “dad” and “aunt.” This friendly little cherub needs a family – one who is willing to share their snacks!

The agency who currently holds Penny’s file is offering a $4000 grant.

$6.30 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!