Girl, born 2014
Down syndrome

Listed: March 2017

Bonny enjoys all kinds of toys, but especially loves musical toys, and she wiggles her body to the music! She is a fairly quiet child and doesn’t like noisy places. She loves to be close to people, and wants lots of hugs and kisses. Bonny is diagnosed with Down syndrome, and she has no other diagnosed medical needs. At one year old she could crawl, and she was able to stand and walk while holding the bed railing. As of October 2016 she could stand on her own, and walk alone for 6 or 7 steps. She enjoys playing a hand-clapping game with her nanny, and she loves banging on the toy drums and piano. Her language is delayed compared to peers, but she can make the sounds “da-da” and “ah-ah.” She can also express good-bye and thank you using gestures, and knows how to blow a kiss. Bonny needs a family to give her all the hugs and kisses she asks for!