ROYCE for the Maxwell family — CA

Janet is so excited to start this family expansion by welcoming in this Deaf child. She is a hearing daughter of two incredible Deaf Parents. She works as a Sign Language Interpreter at Stanford University’s Hospital. So as you can see bringing in a Deaf child… just fits perfectly! Janet and her extended family are so excited to share her language of ASL, her Deaf culture, her family, her friends and extended community with Royce.

Janet has never been married, but her yearning to be a mother has never wavered. This is what led her loving heart right to adoption. She decided to allow God to direct her path to her future as a Mother, and he led her right to Royce. Royce is a bright, cute, energetic preteen that is in need of a signing & stable home. She is only a few miles from the best School for the Deaf in the country in Fremont, CA. He’s already so loved and has so many excited to meet him and help guide, and shape this young man. Janet feels incredibly blessed to be on this journey towards him across these 5552 miles that currently separate them. Thank you for your time to read this biography and donating to her path towards motherhood.

1/11/2018 — 2nd TRIP MARCH

$215.34 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Royce has received a $10,000 Older Child Grant.