boysillouettenophotoBoy, born 2011

Sleep disorder. Other childhood emotional disorders, Anoxic brain damage, not elsewhere classified, aftereffects of perinatal hypoxia. Tracheostomy. Protein energy malnutrition. Language development delay. At nights boy uses artificial lung ventilation machine.

Listed: Jan 11, 2017

Klay has brown eyes and dark brown hair. He is joyful, communicative, understands the everyday situations. Differentiates persons and calls them by their names. Accepts all kind of activities, wants individual attention. He has a small vocabulary, unsustainable attention. Positive and active in communication. His gait is stable, he eats and drinks independently. Is interested in what is happening around him – in things and environment. Boy’s reactions are stereotypic but there are positive features in the development of the boy.

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