girlsillouettenophotoGirl, born on October 2003

Down syndrome, mental delays, speech and language delays, behavior/attention issues. Hypothyroidism. Bronchial asthma. Astigmatism. Hypermetropia. The girl needs to wear glasses for distance.

Listed: Jan 10, 2017

Blossom resides in an out-of-family care institution since October 2003 — her mother placed her in the social care center, as she couldn’t provide care and therapy for her.  Her mother visited regularly, and took her home for short visits and out for walks.  Unfortunately, her mother died in early 2016.  Blossom has an older half-sister who visits, but is unable to care for her, so she did not take on her guardianship.

Blossom has greyish-blue eyes and light grey hair. She attends 6th grade at specialized boarding school (for children with significant mental delays). She is communicative, friendly and active, always wants to take a part in all activities. She likes music and dancing very much, she has learned to ride a bike, with pleasure attends music lessons, domestic science and sports. The girl gets dressed herself, has self-care skills. She has active speech disorders, the girl can’t concentrate on one exercise for a long time, gets bored quickly. She commands other children, sometimes hurts them. She needs constant surveillance and care round the clock.

Learning skills are encumbered due to communication and intellectual disorders.  The girl has language delay, speech of people around she comprehends partly – comprehends opening statements, but understanding of statements is very limited. She has s small active vocabulary. In communication she often uses particular sounds and strings of sounds, simple gestures, understands some pictograms. Passive vocabulary is wider – it contains the most commonly used words, phrases and persons’ names in everyday situations. She needs regular assistance in the learning process, encouragement, bright visuals and direct cooperation with a teacher. The girl has started to construct simple, short sentences, but they are very unintelligible.

Her attention is more persistent if someone is working with her individually.  She can accomplish simple action individually – to take, to put back, to give, to observe pictures, to point on some objects in those pictures, to color over lines. She actively takes part in motion games and sports activities, sings and dances in music lesson. In literature class she tries to tell story independently, listens to the reading material, comprehends it partly. In the free time she plays with dolls and turns the pages of a magazine.

Blossom likes to participate in all measures. She has a leader position in her class and behavior problems are observed, she may fight and yell.  Girl is emotionally unstable, often reacts with anger, resents quickly, tendency to run away is observed.  At the same time the girl is kind-hearted, polite, responsive.

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