harleyGirl, born Feb 2014
Down syndrome

Listed: Dec 16, 2016

Harley’s paperwork states that she is 3 years old, but the doctors think she may be younger than that. Regardless of her age, Harley is a little sweetie who is squishy and huggable. Her caregiver says she likes to be held and loves snacks and bananas.

She is a smiley easy going little thing who giggles often. She is afraid of loud noises. She is saying a few words such as “mama”, she also babbles and imitates noises.

Harley has Down syndrome. She sits and rolls over by herself. When the agency team met her in April she was just starting to transition from her belly to a sitting position.

Harley’s caregiver feels she is advanced and is learning things quickly. Little Harley sat and played with toys for quite a while when we were with her. She was content by herself, but my, how her little eyes lit up when we would sit down to play with her or engage her in any way!

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$117.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!