Douglas collageBoy, born December 2009
Down Syndrome/Congenital heart defect

Listed: Oct 17, 2016

Meet darling Douglas! Douglas has down syndrome, a Congenital Heart Defect- PDA (funnel shape), and possible CP. Douglas came into care at the age of five and has only been living in the orphanage for a little over a year. At the time he came into care, he was walking independently, but was not speaking. Douglas can now eat independently with a spoon and drink from a cup. He can go up and down stairs on his own as well. Douglas is not toilet trained yet and he does need help getting dressed, but he will cooperate and hold up his hands when the caretaker help dress him. He can make sounds, but cannot say specific words. When Douglas is not happy, he will sit on the ground and cry. He loves to be cuddled and snuggled and that usually cheers him up pretty quickly. He recently started attending pre-school in the orphanage and is said to be able to sit nicely and quietly listen to the teacher. Douglas is described as an introverted boy who loves to walk around the living area and take walks with his caretakers after supper. He loves to bounce balls back and forth with his caretakers and friends, though he does have difficulty catching the ball sometimes. Douglas is waiting for a family to see him, bring him home, and love him forever!

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