Andrea2AndreaGirl, born January 2006
Down Syndrome

Beautiful 10-year-old Andrea is a sweet girl agency staff met a year ago! Andrea has down syndrome, but is high functioning. She lives in a foster family with four siblings in an apartment on the grounds of the orphanage. She is attending a special education school inside the orphanage and her favorite thing to do and learn about is to listen to music and dance. Her vision and hearing were reported to be normal and she has no heart conditions. Andrea’s best friend is a boy in the orphanage who also has down syndrome. Her favorite color is red and she loves to play with Legos or toys you can take apart and build with. Her favorite food is meat.

Andrea understands everything she hears or is told. She repeats words and phrases. When she is happy, she will talk a lot. When she is upset, she stops talking. She also may not listen or respond when upset, but she is never aggressive. Andrea is very observant. She likes to watch and then copy. She can put on and take off her own clothes, but does need some help with buttons. Andrea can feed herself with a spoon. She is very helpful at school. Andrea is described as active, extroverted, playful, friendly, helpful, kind, and funny. She is a leader and she obeys most of the time, but can be stubborn at times.

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