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Chessa2Girl, born November 2005
Down syndrome, repaired heart condition

Listed: August 16, 2016

Chessa is a rule follower, very verbal, easily able to answer questions and express herself. Her favorite animals are a dog, cat and giraffe. She is mobile and able to walk and run. Although she needs instruction when showering, she is able to dress herself and is toilet trained. Her nannies reported that she eats very slowly. She told us that her favorite foods are watermelon, eggplant and oranges.

Her personality is described as outgoing, active, interactive with a good attention span. She is a very sweet young lady who loves singing and dancing. Chessa attends a special education class within the orphanage and her academic performance was described as pretty good. Her gross and fine motor skills are good. She is not able to read or write but enjoys drawing and coloring. Her language is easy to understand.

We are hopeful that a family will give her a chance!

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