August 2019

Girl, born 2009

Blind; other disorder of the central nervous system; severe mental delays; congenital aphakia; degenerated conditions of globes cardiomopathy; metatarsus varus; umbilical hernia; mild protein-energy malnutrition

Listed: July 26, 2016

Scout is living in an adult mental institution.  She is blind, and hidden in her own dark world behind the walls of this place.  PLEASE help us find her family!

Update & new pics August 2019,  from a family who went met her:  Scout is very petite, approximately the height of a 3 year old. Her stomach is rigid and extremely distended from the top of her rib cage to her pelvis, and wraps around each side. She has strong facial features of FAS. Scout sees only shadows and filtered light. Her hearing is good. Her feet and knees appear normal and she walks well, but with a shuffle that appears to be due to her sight handicap. Scout chews and eats well, but does not feed herself independently. She needs to be fed. Her body requires daily suppositories for any bowel movements. She understands verbal directions in her native language, and spoke ‘no’ in her native language clearly.


Scout does not like to be touched or picked up. She does not like her hair touched or her hand held. She did not tolerate any attempts to touch her or even gently rub her arm. These reactions are not limited to strangers, but are her daily behavior with her caretakers and medical staff. Scout’s repeated response to basic directions in her native language was to yell ‘no’ and refuse.

After spending time with Scout we feel that her chances of a successful adoption would be better in a very structured environment that could provide extensive one on one treatment and care for severe behavioral issues. It is our honest opinion that her mental health issues exceed her physical handicaps, and that it would be best for Scout to be either an only child or in an environment with much older children. We are willing to be more specific to an interested adopter if that would help in preparing for her care.

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