Girl, born 2014
Down syndrome

Listed: July 2016

Marielle is a sweet girl who is rocking an extra chromosome. She plays happily and babbles when playing. She likes to be held and pays close attention to her nannies when they hold her and talk to her.

Marielle’s file shows no heart defect. She would do so well in a family! And look at that hair!

Update Oct 2017:  She likes to play in the activity room at the orphanage and especially enjoys toys that make sounds.  She loves to be held.  She can speak several words like “xie xie” (thank you), “bu ke qi” (you’re welcome) and “chi” (eat).  This sweet little girl enjoys music and smiles often.

Update & videos from Feb 2019:  Video 1, Video 2 
Marielle is generally healthy.  She can feed herself & dress herself.  She is potty trained, and considered “high functioning”. She can climb, run, jump, go upstairs and downstairs by herself, string beads, button clothes and so on. There is a $1,500 agency grant for Marielle’s adoption with her current adoption agency.  They also have MANY additional videos of her!

*** I am eligible for an additional $5,000 Grant!  Older Child Grant***

$1,300.40 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!