BodeyBoy, born December 2014
Down syndrome

Listed: June 6, 2016

Bodey was found abandoned when he was around 3 months old. His weight has increased since entering the institute and at the time of his report he was 8 months old and his physical development was similar to his peers. Bodey could keep his head up when lying on his stomach, roll over, take off his socks, follow people around the room with his eyes and turn his head to look for an object. He expressed joy when being played with, held toys in his hands and played. Bodey would express happiness when seeing food! He was described as being extroverted, active and smiley. Bodey also enjoyed listening to music and being cuddled. Caretakers could stop his crying by picking him up and he responded actively to stimulation of new things and strangers.

UPDATE January 2018: At 2.5 years of age- he is a little ball of sunshine – very cheerful, happy, and active. So pleased whenever anyone pays attention to him. His smile radiates through his whole body. Occasionally he gets a flu, no other medical changes.

He can walk, doesn’t speak, he can make simple sounds, but his articulation is not clear. He can understand instructions given to him, he cannot go potty by himself, he can feed himself for some of the time but sometimes still needs help. He cannot dress himself, he can identify simple objects, he likes to play with toy cars and balls.

$1,301.80 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!