boysillouettenophotogirlsillouettenophoto2 siblings, adoptable together or separately; brother, born in 2005, and sister, born in late 2006

Sam has light blue eyes and light brown hair; Autism with behavioral disorders and speech deficiency on organic background.

Listed: April 27, 2016

The boy likes to play with Lego, he is able to concentrate for a long time and to make beautiful buildings from Lego blocks. The boy is able to find activities for himself. He is rather peaceful, prefers to play alone as he finds it difficult to make friends with other children. The boy likes to watch cartoons, to spend time outside, is able to help adults with some chores. The boy attends specialized boarding school, his grades are average. The boy has marked speech, cognitive and emotional disorders, and difficulties to adapt to new surroundings. Relationship with his sister is not very cordial. The boy often has a course of medical treatment and periodically he stays in psycho-neurological hospital.

Sue has light blue eyes and light brown hair; mild mental retardation with significant impairment of behavior requiring attention or treatment, Language development delay.

The girl likes to play with a doll, to wheel the doll around in a toy pushchair. She likes to be in the center of attention, she tries to participate in other activities, but her actions are not always productive. She likes to watch cartoons sometimes, and to spend time outside. The girl is not able to concentrate for long. The girl attends specialized boarding school. The girl has marked cognitive and emotional disorders, difficulties to adapt to new surroundings. The girl often has a course of medical treatment and periodically she stays in psycho-neurological hospital.

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