AnnabelleGirl, age 7
Fetal alcohol syndrome, behavioral disorder, PFO (Patent Foramen Ovale), emotional neglect, history of abuse

Listed: January 29, 2016

Annabelle is in the foster family since 2013. This is a very energetic girl. She likes art works, mapping of bands, puzzles.

Annabelle was a witness of a violent crime.  Annabelle has been emotionally neglected, she has been abused. In February 2014 she was in the psychiatric hospital (2 months). She was aggressive to herself and to others.She has been treated pharmacologically.  The agency has some additional details.

She is not open for other children. She prefers contact with adults. She smiles very seldom. She is very willing to learn rhymes and songs. She is very caring of the son of the foster family – they are in this same age. But she is not involved with her younger brother. This is a reason that the kids can be adopted separately.

It is the psychological opinion that Annabelle is very easy getting contact with adults but this contact is superficial. She can be charming but she has problem with maintaining of relationships. This is because in her home she was neglected. She hasn’t had love, care and safety, she hasn’t had regular physiological functions and regular satiety. Annabelle has disorders of the emotional sphere. It is recommended for Annabelle to be adopted to the family with children older then her.

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