Nannette (11)-001

Nannette (13)-001Girl, born 11/2007
Post-op congenital right cleft lip, right microphthalmia; scar hyperplasia post systemic inflammatorome. cicatricial alopecia; post inflammatory depigmentation macule; Malnutrition

Listed: January 26, 2016

From her 2012 file- Nannette has normal body and intellectual development. At the age of 4 years, she can take care of herself, have a meal, go to toilet, read, and draw lines and scribble. She can walk and run. Nannette’s Language, personality and emotion development is delayed. She is introverted and not talkative. Usually when she communicates with adults, she can understand adults, but she responds less or responds in a low voice, we can’t hear clearly. When Nannette gets along with children, she is talkative and usually happy. In her diet, she has good appetite and good digestion; when it’s time for meal, she is anxious about, even loses her temper. In life, Nannette is an obedient child, and often willing to help the aunt to do something that she can do, such as putting away milk containers, taking diapers, picking up garbage and taking out the trash and so on. Now with her growing slowly, she can learn from imitating continuously, and learns more and more. Now she can draw lines and scribbles and sing children’s songs and so on.

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