Wade RKBoy, born 2014
deformed fingers

Listed: January 11, 2016

Wade is only 15 months old. Although dressed in pink in this photo, he is all boy. He was abandoned at the orphanage gate when he was 2 days old and has been living in the orphanage ever since. Wade was born with deformed fingers on both hands and an additional minor special need. He can use his thumbs and index fingers deftly, can hold beans and toys, turn pages of a book and pick up beans. He has started to use the potty.

When his report was prepared in October, Wade was standing independently while holding onto a toy or other object. Now he is walking with support (holding someone’s hand or holding onto something). He’s not saying many words yet but he understands what’s said to him and is reported to have normal intelligence. He likes to listen to music, play with toy cars and is known to laugh out loud.

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