Girl, born 2006

Inga is a very delicate and shy girl. She has blond hair and blue eyes. She resides at the orphanage since February 2015. Before this she has stayed with her father. Her mother died in 2008.

Her father has lived with her mother’s sister (Inga’s aunt) after her mother’s death. They both abused alcohol and reportedly there were a lot of fights and alcoholic libations. For sure Inga saw many negative situations. Her father is suspected of abusing the girl. A court case is in process. He has prohibition of contact with Inga.

Sometimes she has visits of her grandmother (mother of her mother) and aunt. She likes their visits but understands her situation. At the present Inga operates well in the orphanage. She doesn’t create any behavior problems. She tries be very independent. She is open with children and adults. She is very sensitive girl. She hides her emotions. During the days she is smiling but sometimes she has a withdrawal period. She doesn’t want to speak about the past. She looks for contact with adults. She needs to be noticed and be cuddled. Sometimes she can be stubborn.

Inga is clever girl. She likes puzzles, drawing (and doing it really well!), playing with other children. Her IQ is average and she is good schoolgirl. She attends in dancing class. She works with a psychologist and pedagog.

Update 2016: Inga at the beginning of her stay in the orphanage was very withdraw, she hasn’t wanted to speak. She was afraid so much of new situation. During the adaptation process (3 months) she hasn’t been willing to cooperate with the educators, she has avoided contacts with other children. She has been very sad and lost. During this period Inga has been sick very often. Her appearance has aroused anxiety. She was very slim, her skin was pale, she looked tired. Inga has had very often fever, cough, rashes. Inga had aversion to eat. After many medical exams the diagnosis that she is chronically ill (HIV).

In opinion of people who take care of Inga in the orphanage she functions very good now. She is more open, she wasn’t sick almost at all. In this difficult period of the year autumn-winter Inga wasn’t sick even once. She didn’t have any rash. She much better copes with swallowing drugs. Inga is open, smiling, more communicative. Other children like her. She is very sensitive and sustainable. She good cooperate with the children, in school and in the orphanage. Sometimes she has the moments that is little withdraw. Inga needs little time to trust new person.

Since the beginning of the January the psychologist and the pedagogue in the orphanage have been talking with Inga about potential (domestic) adoption. She understands what is adoption and how this process works. Her reaction is positive. But she hasn’t been informed about possibility of international adoption at this moment. The psychologist and the pedagogue will work with her further and they think she will be positive about it as well.

Inga has received a $7,500 Older Child Grant.