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Turner syndrome

Listed: December 2015

Callie is a sweet and pretty little girl who is 6 years old. She was found abandoned when she was 4 years old…scared, shy, and very malnourished. She had received no early education, and even less nutritious food. They discovered she had what they call “bandy legs”, better known as bow legs. It may well have been rickets from the lack of nutrition. Callie now has good motor skills. She has good expressive speech, and loves to sing (check out her video). Callie can be shy in a new place, but warms up quickly. Last June, Callie was diagnosed with Turner syndrome through a chromosome test. ( She may need to receive hormone therapy in order to undergo puberty. She will likely be short, and may never be able to conceive. Callie is bright, despite the results of the adult version of an IQ test they gave her. She has a lot of catching up to do because of her lack of stimulation and learning prior to arriving at the orphanage. Callie lives with a foster family, and is very close to her foster mom. This little one needs a family of her own, more proper nutrition, and the opportunity to learn. Callie needs you!

Update: Callie is currently taught by a special preschool teacher in the orphanage. She is learning basic Pinyin, literacy and arithmetic. Her height growth is slow, but other physical development is good. Callie’s intellectual development is good. New content needs to be taught slowly, as she is a little slower at learning. Callie usually likes to draw with other children and play together. Now she can recognize five colors. She can jump on both feet and jump on one foot.

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