Boy, born 2011kayden-2016-2

Congenital malformation of the central nervous system, meningoradikulomyelocele,
internal hydrocephalus, low paraparesis, pelvic organs dysfunction (surgery on March 4, 2011), FAS, functional cardiopathy, congenital talipes paralyticus, testicles diminished function, mental delay, specific speech disorders, nystagmus, optic nerve atrophy

Listed: Nov 2015

From a family who knows him, November 2016:  “Kayden was transferred to the institution last month. He is so full of sunshine and does not belong here! He still drinks from a bottle, but our team is trying to teach him to eat from a spoon. He can sit up, but does not crawl or walk. Kayden loves people and easily engages when we talk to him. He makes great eye contact and has the best little giggle. He is ticklish too! We are hoping and praying for a family to come take him out while he still has light in his eyes.”

From a family who met him March 2018: I held tiny little Kayden! He is such a sweetheart and a tiny little lovebug! I couldn’t believe there was a child in the room he was lying so still and so quietly. I asked permission to pick him and was told yes, as soon as I held him he let out that adorable little giggle I had heard before in his Wide Awake video. Wish I had a video it is the cutest little giggle! He is such a happy baby boy. He clung to me, I had to pry him off to put him down, he wants out so badly. He also reached for the bars of the crib he wants to stand and just needs someone to help him and teach him! Kayden is technically not a baby but he is tiny, lighter than my 18 mo. old and desperately needs a Mama to hold him so he can grow. 

$2,542.60 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!