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guardianangelJosephBoy, born October 2005
mild CP – poss. seizures

Listed: October 27, 2015

Joseph is a handsome and active boy who has just turned 10 years old. He came to the orphanage as an infant, having been found by a caring citizen who was out for his morning exercise. There was a birth note in the box, so his birth date is accurate. Joseph had weakness in his right arm and leg, and was diagnosed with mild CP. He had surgery on his right arm in 2007. His range of motion with his right arm is limited. The doctors discovered he had mild hydrocephalus; however, subsequent CT scans have shown it is self correcting. There has been no need for medical intervention. Joseph had a seizure in 2012, and has been on medication since that time. We are unclear as to the type of seizure, and hope to receive an update soon. Joseph lives with a foster family, and they report he is a friendly boy, who enjoys playing with the kids in the neighborhood. Joseph attending a boarding school, and returns each weekend to his foster family. He likes school, and his many friends there. Joseph needs a family of his own. Video is available!

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