KAYDEN and SYDNEY for the Branscum family — WA

kaydenFrom as far back as Brianna can remember she has been inspired to adopt because of her sister. Her sister was adopted from Korea back in the 70’s. So, when Brianna and Josh got married it wasn’t a question that at some point they would adopt. They have almost been married 13 years and now have 7 biological boys ranging from 1 to 10 years old. The discussion has always been very open with their boys about adopting, but they have always said down the road. Maybe 10 years. Their 8-year-old is already making plans to adopt teenagers from foster care when he grows up. He talks constantly about adoption and ask every question under the sun. Adopting a special needs child hadn’t always been the plan though. Brianna has always been drawn to Down Syndrome kids and has looked through Reece’s Rainbow numerous times over the years. She’d always show kids to Josh, but they knew it wasn’t the right time. Special needs kids made him nervous. Then a little over a year ago he had a change of heart. He was completely on board with adopting a special needs child. Brianna continued to read blogs about other families adopting. One family in particular that was adopting 4 kids lead her to this specific country, so all she would look at was kids from there. One day though she pulled open 4 kids pages and when Josh got home she showed him. One adorable, little boy they closed instantly because there wasn’t a ton of information and it scared them. They both agreed to pray about the other 3 kids. Ultimately, they didn’t feel like God was telling them to adopt any of these 3 kids. A month or so later one of the pages Brianna follows on Facebook shared a blog by Wide Awake International. The little boy in the preview photo oddly looked familiar so she opened it up. And there right in front of her was that little boy that they had closed the webpage instantly on! It was love at first sight. His giggle and smile stole her heart. When Josh got home he couldn’t believe it. They both agreed to pray about this little boy, but already could tell God was speaking to them about him. A few days later as Brianna was carrying their youngest to the changing table after he had cried in the middle of the night she felt an overwhelming feeling that the little boy was meant to be there son. She texted Josh at work instantly and he agreed! They gave it fully to God to help them figure out the funds to commit to this little boy by Thanksgiving and He came through instantly. All their other boys are so excited! They had always begged for a sister, but the mention of a new brother brought no request for a sister and just the question of how fast can he be their brother. So now we are praying and doing whatever it takes to get him home and make him Branscum Boy #8!


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NORAH for the Garvin family — WA

NorahNate and Sanae reside in the Seattle area with four wonderful boys. Though God has always surrounded them at church with families who’ve adopted special needs children, they never seriously considered adopting a child themselves – perhaps because of the trials they were facing –unemployment, finances, and health and perhaps because they felt they had a full house. Last year, God specifically called Sanae to consider adopting a girl with a special need. At first, she was scared and fearful of the unknowns, so she started praying. God quickly filled her heart with the joy and excitement of being blessed with a long awaited daughter! After all, Sanae felt, this is not very different from being surprise-blessed with biological children. God then worked in Nate’s heart over the next several weeks. Now they are both anxious to bring their beautiful little girl from Asia! The boys? They have been ecstatic from the very first suggestion. “Norah” will be well loved by all the sweet, big brothers, the parents, the grandparents as well as our church family who are all waiting for her arrival.

The Garvin family (including little “Norah”) are forever grateful for the donations already made by many people through RR and though RODS.


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3 Siblings for the Howell Family — WA

howell-trioJustin and Codi Howell are high school sweethearts who have now been married for nine years. Codi has wanted to have a large family and to pursue adoption ever since she was a little girl and Justin was adopted himself. Adoption has always been something that is close to their hearts.

The Howells currently have four children at home and one in heaven. Anna is seven, Levi is four, Amelia is three, and Claire is two. Both Amelia and Claire have Down syndrome. The couple adopted Amelia from Eastern Europe in 2015. She has thrived in their home and the Howells feel so blessed to be her parents. Their daughter, Emelyn, was born with a very rare condition and passed away due to complications in 2010.

In May 2016, while scrolling through her Facebook news feed, Codi saw a picture of a sibling group that was available for summer hosting. Not knowing much about hosting but feeling a tug on her heart and an instant connection to the children in the picture, Codi sent the picture and summary to Justin who immediately felt the same connection. It was the siblings’ last chance for hosting and the couple had just one week to raise the full amount of funds needed for the children’s hosting fees. They prayed and God provided the full amount in just THREE DAYS! The couple hosted the children in their home for five weeks. Their love for them was instantaneous and all members of the family bonded quickly and easily … it was meant to be! Saying “goodbye” to the children who so quickly became their own was one of the hardest things the couple has ever done. The Howells are working quickly to be reunited with their children.

The Howells appreciate your financial support as they, once again, “step out of the boat” in obedience.

6/21/17 — TRAVELING JULY 7
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JOHN for the Zupfer family — WA

johnnyShawn and Jenni Zupfer have been married for 10 years and have an incredible 4 year old biological son. While they felt their family of three was complete, they knew they had more love to share and opened their hearts to international adoption. They completed their home study and were soon matched with a toddler.

When visiting their prospective child in country this past July, Jenni met a young boy named John who was at the same interim care center as their toddler. She knew instantly there was something remarkably special about this young boy after meeting him and hearing his story.

At a young age, John fell from a mango tree an injured a disc in his back, but was not able to have the medical care he needed. She learned he was a true orphan, having lost both his parents to the recent tragic Ebola outbreaks, which forced him to live on the streets in one of the country’s worst slums, and fend for himself for survival. Despite all that was working against him, he managed to keep himself in school; he is very bright. He is one of the most loving, kind, and tenderhearted young boys you will ever meet. He maintains a sweet disposition, a strong inner drive to achieve his dreams, and a desire to once again have a family to call his own. Shawn and Jenni were grateful to learn he was matched with a family so that he would have the opportunity to have a loving family, continue his education, and pursue his goals.

Recently, however, due to unforeseen circumstances and no fault of his own, the family pursuing his adoption was unable to proceed. John was left with few options as he will age out of adoption eligibility in early January 2017 and once again be on his own, and alone.

Upon learning John was in need of a family, without hesitation, Shawn and Jenni stepped forward to pursue his adoption. They quickly completed a whirlwind of paperwork and updated their home study to include a teenager. Now it is a race against time for everything to come together, including raising the remaining funds, for John to join their family.


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ROMAN and LYNDA for the Petersen family — WA

 photo fwbutton150.png41122171341 Roman30815195533Ian and Karleigh Petersen met on New Years’ Eve 2011. Although it’s cliché, they met on the internet. They emailed back and forth for a few weeks before Ian finally got the gumption to ask if Karleigh wanted to get together. Although never admitting it, Karleigh was so excited to meet the man on the other side of the screen. After several hiccups in the timeline, they finally met that evening at the local mall and the rest is history. Within a few days they were dating officially, six months later were engaged, and just five short months after that were married.

Less than a year later they found out they were pregnant with their now two year old son, Axel. He was the light of their life and although life wasn’t perfect, it was wonderful. Not long after having their son, Karleigh joined the Reece’s Rainbow community on Facebook. After sitting back and following everyone on their own journey for over a year, the adoption itch was becoming unscratchable. Almost daily Karleigh would show Ian pictures of children and tell him their stories. She would curl up on his lap and cry and beg and plead that finally they could. He would hold her close and say “soon. Not now, but soon.”

Finally, Karleigh was scrolling through the posts on the RR Facebook page and a cute picture of a little boy with chubby cheeks caught her eye. Daily she would go looking for the post just to look at this little one’s face until finally she gave in and saved the picture. The next morning Karleigh showed her husband the picture, expecting the same reaction, but praying this time would be different. And it was.

This time, Ian looked at the picture like it was a child he already knew. He took the phone out of Karleigh’s hand and just stared at it. She told him his story and then fell silent. Axel took the phone away from his dad just so he could kiss the picture of this sweet little boy. Ian looked in Karleigh’s eyes and with tears streaming down his face said, “Baby, I don’t know why. I don’t know how. But we are bringing him home, and we’re not going to stop fighting until we do.”

Soon after they found a little girl with a story all her own. She quickly wrapped herself around Ian’s finger and is already her princess. This story is already filled with ups and downs, twists and turns, and bumps and bruises. But they are determined to do whatever it takes to get these kids home where they will be loved, cared for, and cherished.

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TIMON for the Arnold family — WA

TimonBrent and Holly Arnold have been married for 24 years. They wanted to adopt children from the beginning of their marriage. Their plans were put on hold when they were blessed with two biological children. Later they added four more children through the gift of adoption. They are hoping to adopt a 13 year boy in Asia who has overcome so much adversity in his years. They need to adopt him before he ages out of the adoption system, so they will travel in spring or early summer before his 14th birthday. They are excited to welcome their seventh child home. Through God all things are possible.

6/21/17 — TA RECEIVED

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Timon has received a $10,000 Older Child Grant.

BEATRICE and SAWYER for the Tannehill family — WA



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Katie (Beatrice) 2015

Katie (Beatrice) 2015

EDDIE & EDWIN for the Evensen family — WA



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PHILLIP for the Lunnen family — WA


Seth (Phillip) 2014

Seth (Phillip) 2014



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BRADY for the Hartman family–WA


Judd (Brady) 2014

Judd (Brady) 2014


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MOLLY and KOLINA for the Duncan family – WA

Kolina (3 months home)

Kolina (3 months home)


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BRIAN for the Burger family–WA


Max (Brian) 2015

Max (Brian) 2015


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MATTHEW & IVANNA for the Browning family–WA






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