PAULSON for the Hiatt family — UT

 photo fwbutton150.pngpaulsonAngela and Jon have been married for two years. They have a beautiful blended family of 13 kids. All are girls but one. Angie has a biological daughter with Down syndrome and in 2014 she adopted a little girl from China who also has Down syndrome, and adopted a little girl domestically with special needs. Angie has a foster son with Down syndrome who has been part of their family for 9 years. Jon was introduced to the wonderful world of special needs and adoption when he met Angie and her kids. He instantly felt a connection to them and loving them came easy. Angie already had a passion for orphans and special needs and has spent time serving, adopting and advocating for them.

Jon and Angie always felt like there was another child that was to join their family. They didn’t know when or how they just knew that God would show them. About a month ago, once again, Angie started to feel drawn to the little faces and adoption stories on Reece’s Rainbow. She kept praying that God would take this feeling from her, but instead he quietly whispered to her heart through the sweet words of her 9 year old daughter who was excited when Angie told her that she had a surprise to tell her. With a big smile on her face she asked her mom if the surprise was that she was going to the orphanage to get a baby brother. When her mom told her no they weren’t going to the orphanage but to Disney Land she suddenly looked disappointed and told her mom that Disney is fun but, she really wanted a brother. A couple days later Angie was in the car with her other daughter who has Down syndrome and she was on face book watching the videos and looking at pictures of Kecia Cox’s baby Noah just like she has done for the past few months. This time she looked up and told her mom that she needed to go and get a baby like Noah from the orphanage. Angie soon realized what God was trying to tell her.

The next day she messaged a friend and told her about the experiences she was having and her friend sent her Paulson’s picture. She couldn’t stop looking at his tiny little nose and hands. His sweet face was so familiar to her and she knew that this was the little boy God wanted them to pursue. This little boy would soon become a son, and a brother. Angie sent his picture to Jon and expressed her feelings and the experiences she had with the girls. God was also whispering to Jon. He had been feeling like there was another child that was to come to their family but, he didn’t know when or who until he saw Paulson’s picture. He had a dream 13 years early of a little boy that was his son, and he was sure is last baby was going to be a boy but it wasn’t he was blessed with another beautiful girl. After having 5 girls of his own and 6 more step daughters he was convinced that he was only supposed to have daughters, but God had a different plan. The next day they committed to Paulson. This adoption is moving quickly and they are so excited and grateful to be on this journey to bring their son home.

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WILKIE and OLIVIA for the Ellison family — UT

wilkie-2OliviaAlmost 3 years ago while preparing his file for families to review, adoption worker Stefani Ellison first saw the chubby little face of an endearing toddler boy. His special need was Down Syndrome and he had an extra tiny thumb protruding from his right thumb. That should have been her first clue. He was giving her the “thumbs up” sign no matter what direction she looked at him from. He needed a privacy name and she named him WILKIE.

Months, then years passed, no family came for him. His file left her agency and was assigned to multiple agencies. Still, no family came. His file again returned to her agency and he was included in an Advocacy Camp in November 2016. Stefani was assigned to be one of the traveling staff and her teenaged daughters Alexa and Jaeya were lucky get to go help too.

Alexa has had an extra special place in her heart for Wilkie. She has watched him for years as he waited. She wanted to be assigned as his advocate SO BADLY and in the end she was. She did a fundraiser to earn her plane ticket. They went to camp and needless to say, Wilkie was amazing, utterly ready for them to be friends. While in Asia, Stefani made repeated online posts and plead for someone to find their son Wilkie. Why was his prospective mother not listening?

Camp ended and they said their heartbreaking goodbyes and watched him taken into the elevator with his caregiver. The doors shut on that bright face. Sob. They made the arduous journey home missing Wilkie with their whole hearts.

A few days after returning home, Stefani’s husband Stephen called her from work. He declared, “I need to sell my truck”. To ever see Stephen with that Dodge Mega Cab 350 truck was to know that the beauty was his baby. Stefani wondered what on earth must be broken with it and steeled herself for what was coming next. What she didn’t prepare for was the answer to her question why when Stephen replied, “I need to sell my truck because I think I am supposed to be Wilkie’s dad.” Simply that and hearts were turned and future’s changed.

They have received pre-approval, Stephen’s truck sold and other tender mercies have been shown to them. There is no doubt today that Wilkie is an Ellison son and brother. His time waiting for a family to know he was theirs had finally ended.

The Ellison’s have blended a family, adopted 12 children, been foster parents, and have stepped up many times to help kids from very hard places. It has been painful and sometimes utterly challenging but they are certain they need to step up one more time and bring Wilkie home.

So, they walk towards Wilkie. They enfold him. They will do battle for him. They will sign every piece of unending paperwork with joy in their hearts that they get to be part of this blessing. Please walk with them. Be a partner in their journey. Together be awestruck by what Wilkie will bring into our lives and in what he will give the world.


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2 Children for the Wilde Family — UT

carrie-2016Shannon first discovered international adoption – and Reece’s Rainbow – in 2008 after a heartbreaking miscarriage. She instantly knew adopting internationally was something she wanted to do, but Troy wasn’t so sure. After serving as missionaries in Haiti (Troy) and Paraguay (Shannon), they knew first-hand the difference that good medical care, good nutrition and love made in the lives of children – but Troy felt they were busy enough with their 4 children and worried about the cost and risks involved. Two more miscarriages and finally a surprise baby boy followed over the next 8 years, but the dream of adopting a child in need never left Shannon’s heart – and the reluctance to adopt never left Troy’s!

And then they saw her face …. When they saw Carrie’s photo, they both knew they had to do everything in their power to bring her home as quickly as possible! Instead of the planned second honeymoon for their 20th anniversary in 2017, they hope to travel to Eastern Europe instead to bring Carrie home where she will be welcomed by an older sister (17) and 4 older brothers (15-5). Shannon waited 2,434 days for Troy’s “yes” – and all along he was just waiting for the right little one to come along!


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LEANDRA and ANDY for the Averett family — UT

Leandra (1)Andy (2)China

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Dottie & Gordy (Leandra & Andy) 2015

Dottie & Gordy (Leandra & Andy) 2015

MELISSA for the Call family — UT


Julia (Melissa) 2013

Julia (Melissa) 2013


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KAREEN for the Cox family–UT


Mia (Kareen) 2015

Mia (Kareen) 2015



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