ADLEY for the Seay family — PA

Brian and Cortney are excited to go back to Eastern Europe to adopt another child with special needs. A little over four years ago, they adopted two children with special needs, a son with Down Syndrome and a daughter with cerebral palsy, from the same country. This came after God opened their eyes to how children with special needs were languishing in orphanages, and they realized that He had equipped them to help.  After struggling with infertility, they are eager to build their family through the gift of adoption once again. They were smitten the first time they saw Adley’s photo and it was soon after that they realized he would be the perfect addition to their family.

The Seays want to thank all their family and friends who have helped them not only in the process of adopting their first children, but have also helped in the joy of raising them! Mostly they want to thank Jesus for saving us, calling us into His marvelous light, and enabling us to follow Him into His unexpected (and wonderful) plan for their lives.

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BELLA and BRANSON for the DiAntonio family — PA

bella_dec-2016Bernie and Marabeth met in 2009 while working together at a helicopter plant. Eighteen months later they were married in a small ceremony surrounded by their five children, Meghan, Nicole, Brian, Joe and Shane. A little bit later Michael, who is blessed with Down Syndrome, came along. Shortly after that came the youngest, Maggie. Adoption was never something they knew much about until 2012 when a family from their church adopted a child through Reece’s Rainbow. After learning, through the other family’s journey, more about orphan situation and seeing the kids listed on Reece’s Rainbow, Marabeth was deeply moved and envisioned someday adopting a child with Down Syndrome. However, at the time she was pregnant, with a one year-old, and there were several seemingly impossible obstacles to overcome.

Still, she prayed over the next few years for God to either open the doors for them to adopt a child with Down Syndrome or else to give her a more practical vision for their lives. Then on November 18th, 2017 she felt an unusual urgency to pray about adopting a child again and this time she asked God to show her the next day in a specific way if they were meant to adopt or else she would drop the idea. Well, the next day mountains started moving out of the way for them as they started seriously investigating the adoption process. On December 27th, 2016 they saw Bella on a friend’s Facebook page and felt would she be a great fit in their family. Her siblings are all very excited to meet her, especially her younger sister Maggie who has been very busy making a giant stack of drawings to give Bella when she gets home, as well as big plans to share bedrooms and ballet classes. Bernie and Marabeth are also anxious to get her home and help her to learn to live as a beloved daughter in their family. They truly appreciate any and all support, prayers and well-wishes as they go through this process to bring their daughter home.


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DONNI for the Young family — PA

Donni croppedTrevor and Jodi began their journey together in 2000, when they both stated in their premarital counseling workbook that they’d like to have three to five children. After four biological daughters, God spoke to their hearts about adoption in 2010. Over the next six years, they brought home a son and a daughter from Bulgaria and a son from China, as well as adding three more biological daughters (and to save you the math, that makes ten kids!)

Their most recent son from Asia (“Caden” on Reece’s Rainbow), was their first introduction to the blessing of children with Down Syndrome. They both fell in love with this funny, smart, determined boy, and felt, even while in country adopting him, that they had room in their family for another little boy with that magical extra chromosome.

A friend of Jodi’s had been advocating for “Donni” ever since adopting her own son from the same orphanage. As soon as they saw his photos and read his story, they knew that if they were to adopt again, this was their next son. The Lord closed some doors but opened others, and they are thrilled that this precious little boy will indeed be the next Young.

Updates to Jodi’s blog are not as frequent as they once were, thanks to many more little people to look after, but you can follow their journey at Thank you for your prayers for their journey to this amazing little man!

4/23/17—TRAVELING in MAY

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JENIFER and JOEL for the Horn family — PA

rrpicAfter raising three bio boys, Chuck, Dan and Nick, Christine and Chuck Horn had much more love to give. China was where their hearts were when they learned of orphan hosting in the US.  The Lord opened doors and they excitedly moved forward.  In June of 2016 they hosted an amazing 8 year old boy. Joel was one of 5 incredibly brave children who came to the US in hopes of finding families and homes of their own. There were four boys and one feisty girl who had no problem keeping up with the craziness of boys! The feisty little girl was Jenifer.

Christine had an immediate, unexplainable, connection with Jenifer from the moment she watched her read the “Welcome” sign at the airport at 1:30am and excitedly use sign language to one of the boys. It was from that very minute the Lord put her in Christine’s heart. She knew Jenifer was meant to be a part of their family.

By the time they had to return to China, all of the hosted children found families, including Jenifer. And their host child, Joel, had quickly became their son. It was a blessing to know all of these special children would have families and homes of their own.

But there was still something tugging at the Horns, they called their agency, several times, and asked, “How is Jenifer’s family?” The reply was, “Great, they are perfect!” Wonderful, they were happy to know Jenifer would have the perfect family to come home to. At twelve years old, this sweet little girl had waited far too long for a family and home of her own.

Almost two and a half months after the children boarded the plane back to China, and Joel’s adoption process well under way, Christine got the call, at 3:50 on a Monday afternoon. Jenifer’s family could no longer adopt her. Her heart sank knowing this little girl lost another home, yet somehow she had known this call would be coming. Jenifer was meant to be their daughter.  Christine cried. They prayed. It was clear that the Lord had already been working. Nothing had ever been so clear: Jenifer was already a part of their family.

The Horns are grateful for the blessing of donations and prayers that are much needed to get both of their children home.


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Jenifer has received a $10,000 Older Child Grant.


MIKALE for the Guarino family — PA

mikale-2016Life turned out to be very different from what Nancy had expected. The beauty of the unexpected brought with it confirmation of the strength of family, regardless of its shape and size. For many years, Nancy’s family consisted of herself and her Down syndrome son, Nicky. Deep down, Nancy always knew her family was not complete. Two and a half years ago, Maria (Margit on RR) joined her family. It was during the process of Maria’s adoption that Nancy was introduced to the dismal reality of life for many special needs children in other parts of the world. Nicky, now 22 years old, is and had always been a happy, joyful child. It was heartbreaking for Nancy to learn about what his life might have been like had he been born in a different part of the world. Maria had lived her life in an institution without having anyone to love her. The reality is harsh and difficult to see. Nancy and Nicky were thrilled to bring Maria into their family and embrace her with love and support. Maria has thrived and is full of joy. She brings joy to everyone she encounters. Nicky has loved taking on the role of big brother and Nancy now knows the blessing of opening your heart and family to a child in need. It really is possible to make a difference. For this reason, Nancy has decided to adopt again. Nancy, Nicky, and Maria are opening their hearts and their family to embrace a new family member. Nicky and Maria are excited to have a new sibling to share in the fun and Nancy eagerly awaits the gift of another child, giving him the love and support to thrive in a foundation of family love.

The Guarino family is very thankful for all types of support as they take on this journey.


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THERESA for the Humphreys Family — PA



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ALONZO, SOPHIA, and SADIE for the Vargas family — PA

vargasOSadie photos (15)




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JEREMY and JAIS for the Speicher family — PA

30411125645 JeremyOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAUkraine

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Jase (Jais) 2014

Jase (Jais) 2014


Jeremy 2014

JACOB for the Mann Family — PA

themannfamilyHONG KONG

 We had an absolutely awesome time in Hong Kong.

Our social worker was an excellent tour guide and we saw many of the sights and learned about the history of the city.  It was a once in a lifetime experience for all of us, and that does not include the most wonderful part of the journey!!!!   Jacob took to our family immediately, he must have felt the love that we have had for him for so long.  The orphanage staff was wonderful to us and our family.  There was a very tearful goodbye when we took Jacob home.

The staff could not grieve for very long, because they had other children to care for that are still waiting for their forever families.  I do not think that I will ever have the right words to express how we all felt, all I can say is that he is the most precious gift our family has ever received.  He is funny and engaging and is already flirting with Emily and Erika’s friends.