CHAD for the Stolz family — OH

The Stolz family is adopting again. Jim and Mary have been married 33 years, and have 15 children; 5 biologically theirs, and 10 theirs through adoption. They have found that God is calling them particularly to older children, especially older children with Down syndrome in Eastern Europe who are close to aging out, and being condemned to an institution forever!

So far, the Stolz family consists of 9 children with Down syndrome, and they are making it an even 10 this year!  Chad in Eastern Europe, just turning 16 years old, is going to finally have a home, with a mama and a papa, and lots of brothers and sisters to play with.

Multiple child adoptions are expensive. Back-to-back multiple child, older children adoptions are very expensive. Please consider helping these kids get home to their mama and papa!


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Chad has received a $15,000 Older Child Grant.

EVITA for the Berna family — OH

Josh and Devin have been married for 10 years, and have 3 biological children. While never truly struggling with infertility, they have experienced the pain and loss of miscarriage, and the stillbirth of one of their sons. They cherish the precious lives of each of their children and are grateful for every child they have had under their roof! Josh and Devin became therapeutic foster parents 2 year ago and have had experience with many physical, mental, and emotional needs. Devin has wanted to adopt since she was very young, and Josh has personal experience with adoption in his family, so they were excited when they were finally in a position to adopt after Josh’s time in the military and college. After working with special needs through foster care and their own children, there was no question that Josh and Devin wanted to adopt a child with special needs…specifically Down Syndrome.

They fell in love with this precious little girl, and have enjoyed learning as much as they can about her country and culture. They can’t wait to finally meet “Evita”! Because of the special needs in the family, they are planning to stay together as much as possible during the long “pick-up” trip, which of course only adds to the already numerous expenses. There have already been several delays that have been discouraging, but they know their daughter is absolutely worth the wait, the fight, and the commitment it will take to bring her home.

5/22/2017 — HOMESTUDY in PROCESS

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LUCY for the Speelman family — OH

 photo fwbutton150.pnglucy speelman-famThis is the Speelman’s second adoption. They have three boys, two biological boys and their third son who was adopted from Asia in 2014. The summer of 2016 they determined they still had a child waiting in Asia and Ginny began looking. She stumbled upon a little girl but due to changes in their family it was not a good time to start an adoption. J.T. started a new job in September and on the first day of his new job they decided to request the paperwork of the little girl who had now been waiting most of the summer. After extensive research on her medical conditions and treatment options they decided the Speelman family was a good fit for this child and began the adoption process a second time around.

Lucy likes to listen to music, gets along well with other children, likes to play outside on swings and slides, prefers to play with other kiddos than alone and is described as a fighter full of spunk. The boys are thrilled to be getting a little sister!  The Speelmans cannot wait to get their little fighter home where she will have a family to fight with her!

The Speelmans request your prayers for Lucy’s health, speedy paperwork process, safe travel, adoption finances, and for Lucy to be prepared for a family.

Follow the family’s journey on their blog:

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THAD, CARSON, and PRESLEY for the Unroe family — OH


Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog at




Follow the Unroe family’s adoption journey on their blog at



DANIIL for the Stolz Family — OH


We began our adoption journey to Joey back in 2004 when we decided we wanted to adopt one or two, up to three children, from Ukraine. Through prayer, we decided we wanted an older girl (age range 10-14) with a younger brother (age range 5-9), preferably for the younger brother to have Down syndrome. We have 5 bio children, the youngest of whom has Down syndrome and autism. We felt we could handle another child with Down syndrome, since we knew what we were in for, and figured that probably not many other people were standing in line waiting for them.

We found, through another family who had adopted just a few months previously, a wonderful brother and sister pair who fit our “wish list” perfectly, except the little boy did not have Down syndrome. He had some other correctable medical problems, and in April 2004, James and Catie joined our family. Their adjustment was smooth, and we were enjoying them so much, but still felt that God could possibly be calling us to adopt another child with Down syndrome.

We heard about Daniil, saw a couple of pictures, and I was smitten. Jim was not quite as anxious as I was, since Daniil was much younger than we had originally planned, so we waited and prayed for guidance. Life goes on, but every few months I was drawn back to those pictures, then every few weeks, and soon, I was  studying them daily, and felt sure God was calling us to Daniil. Through the fall and early winter of 2006 we prayed for guidance, and that if it were not God’s will for us to have Daniil, that He provide another family for him. Through a series of events in February 2006, we came to be sure it was us, and we began our paperwork in earnest, finishing it just in time for the NAC to close down, as it was being turned into the SDA!

Updating paperwork as needed, and anxiously awaiting for the SDA to reopen, we finally got paperwork submitted in February, and got a May 2007 appointment. On June 11, 2007, Daniil became Alexander Joseph Stolz, (“Joey”) and came home with us at the end of June. He was 6 years 10 months old, and such a joy. He now has 3 brothers and 4 sisters, and a mom and dad, and lots of extended family who love him.