JENNA for the Mondano-Shevchenko family — NY

JennaDaria and Joe met in 2012, fell in love, and were married in 2014. Joe works as a paralegal for a city agency and Daria works as a vision teacher in a school for children with traumatic brain injuries and multiple disabilities. They have wanted children ever since they were first married. Sadly, while they were able to get pregnant, Daria suffered a miscarriage. Unfortunately while mourning the loss of their child, their doctor told them they would be unable to have another child. Feeling hopeless and lost; they were still overwhelmed with the desire to become parents. Daria and Joe soon looked into adoption.

Daria always advocated for international adoption. One day, while inquiring about the necessary paperwork, their agency asked her to check the profile of a little girl in Eastern Europe, who was waiting for her forever family. When Daria and Joe saw photos and video of “Jenna”, they fell in love with her almost instantly. They found their daughter. As an infant, “Jenna” was born very prematurely. Due to receiving life-saving oxygen, she has retinopathy of prematurity, resulting in almost total blindness. Due to a brain hemorrhage, “Jenna” has developmental delays, and a possibility of Cerebral Palsy. She also has hydrocephaly as a result, but this has been stabilized. Her mother soon abandoned her and “Jenna” was moved to an orphanage upon her improved health. That was over three years ago. She has never known what it’s like to be in a loving family. Nevertheless, she is learning to walk, and is a very curious little girl.

“Jenna” is described as lively and loving by those that meet her, and Daria and Joe think she will be the perfect addition to complete their family. Won’t you help Daria and Joe bring her home by making a donation? Daria and Joe want to bring their daughter home. Your generosity will change three lives, and will be truly appreciated.


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NITA for the Horst family — NY

The Horst family is so excited to be adopting again!  They have prayed many years for this time and God has moved their hearts that now is the time. Harlan and April have 5 children; two which they adopted from foster care and three biological children.  They love spending time together as a family working on their farm and caring for the animals.  They also have a garden and grow a lot of their own food.  They enjoy fishing, going to the zoo, and visiting friends.  One thing they enjoy most about adoption is watching the change in a child when they have a loving family.

They would love your prayers and support as they work to raise the money needed to bring their new daughter home to her forever family.

6/27/2017 — HOMESTUDY in PROCESS

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A Family for ANDRE — NY

AndreThe Schaus family is excited to be adopting for the first time. Chris and Amanda have been married for 15 years and have two beautiful biological children – Esme (10) and Gavyn (7). They are both teachers – Chris is a high school English teacher and Amanda is a Chairperson for Special Education. They enjoy spending time with family and friends, taking walks in the neighborhood, and snuggling up with a good book together. Life is full of extra curricular activities, church functions, and sports, but their hearts are not full yet.

For the last year Amanda and Chris have been discussing adoption and Andre’s picture continued to resurface. But on October 23, 2016, a Facebook post by another Reece’s Rainbow adoptive parent, Natalie Tena, who was raising funds for Andre’s Christmas Miracle Maker sealed the deal and they haven’t turned back since.

The Schaus family is excited to welcome Andre into their home and their family and friends could not be more supportive. They are currently looking for prayers and support to make this adoption financially, emotionally, and spiritually successful. Andre is already a member of their family in heart and mind. Please consider partnering with them to bring him to his forever home.

7/13/2017 — TRAVELING AUG 14

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Andre has received a $2198.15 Waiting Child Grant.

ASHTON for the Van Halle Family — NY

Things in ‘Alexis’s’ country didn’t go as planned, and we are very disappointed to tell everyone that ‘Alexis’ is not going to be joining our family. After working towards her adoption for a year, we are obviously upset.

Through a very difficult time, we decided to remain open to the possibility of adopting a different child who could still be a good fit for our family. Angie was able to review the files of waiting children while still in country, and we gravitated towards one of the available children after some discussion about what we felt we could handle. Angie was able to spend a significant amount of time with him at his orphanage, and we felt comfortable making the decision to move forward.

We are now ready to introduce everyone to ‘Ashton’. Angie was fortunate enough to celebrate his 10th birthday with him while in country, and our hope is that he will join our family forever, before Christmas this year. ‘Ashton’ has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, and bilateral second to third degree neurosensory hearing loss, so he communicates solely with the sign language used in his country. Angie and I have a lot to do to get ready for ‘Ashton’ to come home!

Because of all the unknowns in the process due to recent changes in the government, Angie had to fly to ‘Alexis’ and ‘Ashton’s’ country on a one way ticket, and spent much, much longer than expected in country, so this trip was quite a bit more expensive than we had anticipated. How long she had to be there also means that she was forced to take quite a bit of time off of work, and we have concerns that when she goes back to bring ‘Ashton’ home, the situation will be similar. Thank you to everyone who has contributed towards our adoption so far, and if anyone has the desire and the means to help us moving forward we greatly appreciate it.

We greatly appreciate all of the prayers and encouragement we have received throughout this adoption process. We would also love everyone’s continued prayers while we move forward, and try to prepare for the new normal for our family.

6/19/17—FIRST TRIP JUNE 24

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Ashton has received a $10,000 Older Child Grant.

MAEVE for the Morales family — NY

Maeve EE4Together since 2001, Seana and Dan thought they were following their dreams, taking on new challenges on the work and home front and living life to the fullest. By 2012 Dan had started his own business and they, with their two children, had moved away from NYC to the country to start a little homestead. Life was good and they felt like they were on the right track. Little did they know that in just a few years, their lives would burst open with even more challenges and possiblities.

2012 was also the year that Seana came across the Reece’s Rainbow website and became overwhelmed by the faces…she had always wanted to possibly maybe adopt, but adopting a child with special needs seemed daunting and way out of her league. At the time, turning away from the enormity of need, the overwhelming sadness was the easier thing to do.

Everything changed when their third child was born with a surprise diagnosis of Down syndrome in June 2014. The tender and fierce love that roared in their hearts opened up a new world–disability was no longer a scary or uncomfortable “other”–it was their son. And now they strongly felt that ALL life is precious, and that all lives have meaning and value.

Drawn back to the Reece’s Rainbow website, the faces became personal. Each of these precious children could easily be their child. Each of them deserved a family, and now their family felt completely capable and inspired. Now it was impossible to turn away.

Dan and Seana look forward to adding beautiful “Maeve” to their family. This gorgeous girl has captivated them since she was listed in early 2015. She will be their “baby” and will join their three children, who are thrilled and can’t wait to meet their little sister.

They are so thankful to Reece’s Rainbow, and all the people who work and advocate on behalf of these precious children.

8/16/17—FINAL TRIP AUG 26

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LUCIA for the Grimes family — NY

Mike and Theresa Grimes met in a tiny college town in Emmitsburg Md. We have 8 wonderful sons ranging from 28-8 years old. While there is never a dull moment at our home we know we have lots of love to share. People keep telling us “your plate is full” our answer is “We have a lot of room in our hearts”.

Both Mike and Theresa always wanted a daughter and are thrilled to be getting her through the blessing of adoption.

We are so happy to have found Reeces Rainbow and are thankful for all of the support from this amazing community.

“Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for forgotten by everybody, I think that is much greater poverty than the person that has nothing to eat.”
– Mother Teresa

Please pray for our family and follow our journey on our blog:


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Lucia has received a $151.20 Waiting Child Grant.


XAVIER for the Butler family — NY

 photo fwbutton150.pngbutler family 5Joe and Hannah are specifically hoping to adopt a child with special-needs. Their youngest child has several special-needs of his own, including prematurity (born at 26 weeks) and Down Syndrome. They have already learned so much through caring for their son, who is now 4 years old, and therefore feel as though they are equipped to take on the responsibility of caring for another special little blessing. Joe and Hannah also have a 7 year old daughter and a 5 year old son.

Both of them want to add to their family. They had talked about adoption before they even had biological children, so they knew it was always something they wanted to do. They had always dreamed of having a large family and when they realized Hannah would no longer be able to have more biological children (Hannah had to have an emergency hysterectomy at the age of 23), they knew that we were meant to adopt! They love kids and feel as though their family is not yet complete. Adoption is the perfect option for them! They have the space, the time, the desire, and most importantly, the love to give. Adoption has become a passion and a calling for their family.

Many people have asked Joe and Hannah “why are you choosing to adopt?” To them, the reason is simple – because their hearts are telling them to!

Joe and Hannah have open hearts and arms and look forward to adding an addition to their family.


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CHANCE and CALLIE for the VanHalle family — NY

Chance Photo 7 Jun-2013Callie Photo 2 April 2014 - April 2014 cropvanhalle-2016Armenia

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MARGUERITE for the VanHalle family — NY

Claudia (Marguerite) 2014

Claudia (Marguerite) 2014



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MICHAEL for the Spitz family — NY


Gavin (Michael) 2015

Gavin (Michael) 2015



 HOME JANUARY 28, 2012


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JENNY for the Lococo family–NY


Julia (Jenny) 2015

Julia (Jenny) 2015


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CHIANG (Abigail) for the Wood Family — NY


We arrived in Taiwan on Saturday January 26th at 8:00 p.m. and the next morning we were off for just a visit with our daughter and we were all comfortable and fell immediately in love so we were able to bring her back to the hotel that afternoon where we played and became more comfortable. She immediately bonded to Daddy, she wouldn’t leave his arms…so precious! He couldn’t leave her sight. We respected that so I would play with her while she was on Daddy’s lap!  We had a wonderful trip. The people of Taiwan are very kind and generous. Abigail enjoyed going out to shops and walking around Taipei, greeting visitors who wanted to talk with her.


We left Taiwan Thursday at 2:00 pm (lost a day in between) and arrived back in Rochester, New York Thursday evening Jan 31st at 11:45. There we were greeted by several family members and friends.  In the car ride home, Abigail grasped her brother and sister’s fingers and wouldn’t let them go…they wouldn’t let her go either!

She has adjusted very well, she is on a regular eating, sleeping and playing schedule. It is like she has been a part of our family forever!  She is talking in English and using sign language already! She will begin receiving early intervention services in March! What a great country we live in. God has truly blessed us beyond every blessing! We are so thankful for safe travel, friends, family and of course to God for all he has provided us.

JAMES (Simon) for the Kulp Family — NY


Simon Daniel Kulp (Dang Da Nian) has been home with us since Nov 28th 2007!  Our quiet home of 2, has now been transformed into a family of 3 with glorious shrieks, giggles and daddy/son wrestling matches!  He is now 3 1/2 years old.  We have absolutely loved our first 8 months with our new son who has taught us about a completely new kind of love that we have never felt before!  Our family has been kept hopping, between PT, OT, Speech Therapy, Special Ed, an unexpected hernia repair, (along with some other unexpected “boy part surgery”) and of course playing, swimming and napping!!!  We are so pleased with how our precious boy has progressed and grown, grown, grown.  It’s amazing what some vitamins, weight-bearing, moisturizing and scrubbing up can do for a boy!  In December he couldn’t stand on his own, now he is practically running laps around me.  He is a sign language whiz thanks to Signing Times videos, and his vocabulary is s-l-o-w-l-y expanding.  You should have heard him say Grandpa for the first time yesterday!  We are so thankful to God, for the smooth transition Simon made into our life.  We can hardly remember life without him!

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