KAISEY for the Forge family — NC

Robert and Theresa met in 2000.  She was a young widow with 3 small children, and Robert was divorced with 2 daughters.  Three years later, they got married and relocated to North Carolina.

The youngest of the children is Theresa Lauren, who they call TT.  She was born with Down syndrome and heart issues. Raising her has brought them into a world of special needs, IEPs, lots of doctor appts, and countless different therapies. T he family works hard to ensure TT has the same opportunities that other children are provided.  TTs extra chromosome even inspired Theresa to go back to school to become a nurse.

Several years ago, after talking with a friend who had recently adopted a child, Theresa googled “Down Syndrome Orphans” and was lead to Reece’s Rainbow.  Ever since then, she has donated, advocated, prayed, encouraged, and followed stories of families adopting Special Needs Children.  The family would choose a child from the Angel Tree each year at Christmastime to advocate and raise funds for.  Theresa saw a bit of TT in each of those faces, and felt sad that they did not have families to provide for their basic needs and medical care.

This past holiday season, the Forges had the opportunity to host a little girl from Asia who is rockin that extra chromosome, just like TT.  She lives in their home for a month so they could, among other things, advocate for her to find a forever family.  She also went to an eye doctor, a pediatrician, and a dentist, where she had quite a bit of work done.

It wasn’t long into her visit that the family realized that God had been preparing their hearts all along.  They should be her forever family, she should be their daughter.  They had plenty of love to give, empty bedrooms, and lots of experience with her special need.  It was now time to start the  mounds of paperwork to bring her home for good.

Even though there are huge costs, and lot of work associated with adoption, a child’s life is priceless.  A loving family should not be a privilege, it is a necessity.  Robert and Theresa are working hard to raise the funds needed.  Robert is working overtime at his job and doing carpentry and remodeling on the side, always with a smile.  Theresa is busy selling her art at craft fairs, having yard sales, and selling things online.  TT is even coloring pictures she hopes to sell, to help bring her little sister home.

The Forge family would appreciate any prayers, good wishes and financial donations in support of this adoption.

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SUSANA for the Motley family — NC

Mike and Ruth have been married for 18 years. They have 4 children – ages 18 to 5 years old and in addition an 18 month old foster to adopt African American child. When their 5 year old daughter, Emma was born, the family discovered she had Down Syndrome. Having Emma in their lives opened them up to the heart of the Father – which is those orphaned and those with special needs. The family began to open their homes to international orphans thru a hosting program.

Ruth met “Susana” while on a trip to her orphanage in September 2015. Susana lives in a war-stricken orphanage in Eastern Europe. Many of the children in her orphanage have seen first-hand the effects of war & conflict.

The family brought Susana home in December 2015, to spend Christmas with their family and for her to be seen by a team of specialists at UNC Chapel Hill. She has what is known as lymphatic vascular malformation. While it is not necessarily life threatening, without treatment the growth will continue to grow and affect many aspects of her daily life, including her jaw and her ability to eat. She will need to receive treatment for this genetic issue for the rest of her life.

The family soon discovered that Susana is not defined by this malformation! She is sweet and spunky, full of life and laughter! She steals hearts with everyone she meets. Her potential knows no bounds!

As an orphan advocate family and ministry, when the family first met Susana there were no thoughts regarding adoption – our focus and prayers was to help her find a forever family! Over the months however, God was making it clear to the family that she is their special gift, their reward from the Lord!

Children are a gift from the Lord;
they are a reward from Him.
Children born to a young man
are like arrows in a warrior’s hands.
How joyful is the man whose quiver is full of them!

Psalm 127:3-5


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Susana has received a $500 Older Child Grant.


TALI for the Jarvis Family — NC

Jeff and Angel Jarvis have been married for 34 years. They have one grown son. They met at church where Angel was the organist.  Most of their life has been dedicated to the needs of others, and raising their son Matthew. They have been blessed to live in several states where they spend a great deal of time outside enjoying tennis and walking to stay fit.

Angel has been a member of the Reece’s Rainbow group for 3 years, and has been actively helping other families raise funds to get their kids home the whole time through advocating.  Both Angel and Jeff are active members in their community and are always eager to lend a helping hand wherever they are needed. In either mowing a neighbors lawn or transporting someone to a doctors appointment. Angel knew in her heart that their family was intended for more than just advocacy and shared this is Jeff. Initially he felt advocacy was all he felt led to do. So Angel continued to pray that God would lead them to his perfect will.

Jeff and Angel had an opportunity to host a small child last year and it was then, when that child had left that Jeff knew God had much more in store for their family. As they began to look at faces of orphaned children, they prayed for God to show them the face of their daughter or son.  When they saw the face of “Tali”, they knew she was the daughter God would use to grow their family. Tali has the special need of CP ( cerebral Palsy), but her greatest need is the love of a forever family.

They have begun the task of working, Marching in Faith to bring this precious little girl home. wont be without bumps or bruises, delays and trials, but they are determined to do whatever it takes to bring her home. Home to family and Love


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BRUCE and LILYA for the Ramirez family — NC

Robert and Louisa have been married for twenty-three years. They are the parents of five children, all through the blessings of adoption.

While traveling to Russia, Guatemala and Ukraine,  Robert and Louisa saw the unforgettable faces of children in orphanages they had to leave behind. They witnessed the heartache and misery that comes from growing up without the care of loving parents and living in austere conditions.   As Roman Catholics, they believe in the sanctity of every human life.

It was through Reece’s Rainbow they learned about children with special needs needing families. In 2013, they welcomed home a baby girl with Down Syndrome.  Being older parents, they thought their family was complete.  But, God helped them to trust in His plan.  One day, a little boy caught their eye.  Something about him spoke to their hearts.  He was three-years old and still waiting for his forever family.  They knew right away they wanted him.  After many prayers they decided to say, “Yes!”

Robert and Louisa want to thank their family and friends that have loved and supported them over the years. Most of all, they want to thank Jesus Christ for His sacrifice on the cross.  It would mean so much if you would pray for Bruce and the Ramirez Family. Reece’s Rainbow is so worthy of any support you can give.


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Bruce has received a $1986.69 Waiting Child Grant.

LAYLA for the Adams family — NC

Layla3_July 2016The Adams adoption adventure actually spans several years. It was a desire Diane had since she was young. Diane always loved children and raised a wonderful son (Nick). However, with pay equivalent to a teacher and single, it took several years to actually be in a position to be able to afford adoption. Diane saved over the years, but hadn’t quite gathered the entire amount needed to cover the expenses. There were garage sales and she grew a garden and canned the vegetables to save money here and there. Slowly her nest egg grew. Then sadly, her brother passed away after a long illness. Her brother was aware of her desire to adopt, and Diane was surprised to learn he provided a small sum of money to jump start the process. He would have been so happy to know that he had a part in her adventure.

In 2009, after what seemed forever, Diane began her first adoption. The referral was an incredibly small, sickly little girl in Eastern Europe. At the time of the first visit this little one-year-old was not able to sit independently, crawl, stand or support herself. She had digestive problems and was not able to absorb food adequately. It was felt she possibly has celiac disease or some other digestive disorder. She was failure to thrive, and the international adoption medical specialist said she had severe global delays. On the first visit, this little one looked up at Diane when she held her and just smiled. Diane knew that this little girl belonged with her. The adoption was complete in 2010. It was later learned that this little one was hearing impaired. Today, Makenzie is thriving in every way. While she wears bilateral hearing aids and does have celiac’s disease, her daughter reads in the top of her class and does equally as well in math. She enjoys gymnastics and is beautiful, loving and amazing in every way. She adores having a big brother, and he adores her.

In 2014, Diane began to feel that tug to add to her family again and pursue another adoption. She started having garage sales and her co-workers helped by donating items. She had a pastry fund raiser and even posted a go fund me page. Makenzie helped by selling homemade brownies at the garage sale. One day, in 2016, while Diane was looking on a web site that posts profiles of orphans with special needs, she saw a picture of a sweet little girl (Layla), in Eastern Europe. Layla had a rough start with club feet (now corrected), microcephaly and a genetic eye defect. She also had developmental delays, but she seemed to be a perfect fit for the Adams growing family. The Adams family is excited to add this sweet little girl to their family but still has a few financial hurdles before they can get there. We hope that others will want to make the difference in the life of this special little girl as well.


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MARTIN for the Cotner family — NC

 photo fwbutton150.pngcotnerWilliam and Lee-Ann Cotner had a whirlwind romance that has set the tone for their adventurous, fun loving family. William is an Active Duty Military Police officer. Lee-Ann is currently a stay at home mom but, with a background in education, which is where her heart completely fell in love with her students blessed by Down Syndrome. They always knew they wanted to adopt but, always dreamed it was when their four biological kiddos were older. One day in 2015, sitting at the breakfast table and scrolling Facebook, they came across the profile of little boy on Reece’s Rainbow and they immediately knew he was to be their son. In 2016 Harvey became an official member of the family. Harvey has been such an amazing blessing to their family. He is rocking his Down Syndrome and brings such joy to everyone his smile meets.

The Cotner children IMMEDIATELY began asking for another brother or sister. But, so soon after Harvey’s adoption financially, William and Lee-Ann knew it would be best to wait. Lee-Ann came across Martin’s profile and felt that tug. She kept going back to his profile reading it over and over for several days. She made the inquiry to the agency and saw the most precious little boy’s face. Three year old Charlotte walked over the computer… looked at the picture and said “Oh THERE’S my baby brother”… and that was the sign of all signs that he in fact was meant to be their son. They live by that saying that there is ALWAYS a way…you just have to believe and remember God bless the broken road.

William, Lee-Ann and their five children, Peyton, Parker, Charlotte, Quinn and Harvey are so overjoyed to have you as part of the adventure bringing Martin home. They are grateful for those that show their support both financially and spiritually. Every donation will leave a lasting impact on their hearts and helping bring Martin home into his forever family, where we will be a cherished and welcomed member of the family, who they can’t wait to see shine!

6/21/2017–TRAVELING JULY 7

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Martin has received a $36 Waiting Child Grant.

DEACON and PAULINE for the Newby family — NC

 photo fwbutton150.pngOur family was blessed with a miracle in 2014 when we learned after seventeen years of infertility we were expecting a baby. This little miracle would bring along an extra special combination of chromosomes aka Down syndrome. We couldn’t imagine the joy we had in store when he joined our family. Every milestone has been a celebration and we’ve learned to appreciate every moment.

When our family began to discuss adoption we knew we wanted to give a child with Down syndrome a home where they would know love and acceptance. We wanted to offer a home where they could thrive, grow, and know the love of a family.

After looking into the adoption process, we came across Reece’s Rainbow. After researching international adoption and learning the living conditions of children in orphanages our hearts were led to adopt via this route. We felt this was the way God was directing our path.

We are so excited to be welcoming a new child home! Our journey is set before us and we are ready for the joys and challenges.


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STEPHAN for the Johnston family — NC

StephanThe Johnston family is excited to be adopting for the second time. Chris and Julianna have been married for almost 10 years. Chris works for an international relief organization, and Julianna works at home, educating and caring for their 5 children.

One day, the couple read Stephen’s story through Wide-Awake’s post, and after learning more about him, they knew they would go as far as God would take them in bringing Stephen into their family. God graciously introduced them to the blessing of special needs when their son Isaac was born in 2010, and they have since welcomed their daughter Providence with Down syndrome into the family through adoption two years ago.

The Johnstons are uniquely blessed with a community of friends and family who support, celebrate, and value life. They are grateful for others they continue to meet through organizations like Reece’s Rainbow.

8/5/17 — COURT PASSED!!

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Stephan has received a $10,000 Older Child Grant.

MARK for the Evans family — NC

mark1Martha and Mike live on a family farm in North Carolina. They have 2 children, one of whom they found on Reece’s Rainbow way back in 2009. Their daughter was completely deaf when adopted and now hears with the aid of Cochlear Implants. They knew their adoption story was not over but had not heard clearly the call of the Lord again until 2 years ago. They hosted a boy who lived in the same country from which they adopted their daughter. The hosting did not go well, and they were unsure about how to proceed. They prayed for this child when he went back to the orphanage and helped a wonderful local family with his needs that were not being met in the orphanage. During this past winter, the Evans family visited his orphanage to provide supplies and gifts.

Then they did something they never thought they would do…. they hosted the same boy, now a teenager, again. This time, the once scared, angry boy had seen and felt unconditional love. He knew people prayed for him and believed in him. He finally knew someone cared about him. His hosting experience went MUCH better!

When he left to return to his country, the Evans family prayed about whether they were supposed to move forward to adopt him. A few months later, the answer was a YES from the Lord. This young man was to be added to the Evans family!

Mike and Martha understand the challenges to be faced by adding an older child to the family and will do all they can to equip this boy to become a man of God. He knows he is already loved by God, and the Evanses long to show him the love of a family!

6/8/2017—APPT on JULY 24
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Mark has also received a $10,000 Older Child Grant.


ANTHONY, KRISTJAN and HANNAH for the Dewberry family — NC

30728131651Dewberry 2Ukraine


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DANNY and RILEY for the Wojcik family — NC

Danny_close upRileyBULGARIA


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Rumyana (Riley) 2014

Rumyana (Riley) 2014

Doychin (Danny) 2014

Doychin (Danny) 2014

LILIANA, WILL, BUTLER & PAM for the Brown family — NC








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MASHA & CHRISTOPHER for the Rowe family — NC


Atticus (Christopher) 2014

Atticus (Christopher) 2014



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DANIL for the Maddex family–NC


Zeke (Danil) 2014

Zeke (Danil) 2014



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NADIA for the Ferguson family–Raleigh, NC






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VALERIE for the Phillips family – NC

Varsha (Valerie) 2014

Varsha (Valerie) 2014



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ARTYOM, NASTYA, & MAXIM for the Brown family–NC



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ANASTASIA for the Williams family–NC




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