COLE for the Holliday family — KS

Christiaan and Kayla have been married for 3 years. During this time, they have had 2 beautiful children. Mila is a sweet and sassy 2-year-old. Maks is a cuddly and loving 1-year-old. It was during their years of dating that Christiaan and Kayla discussed their hope to adopt one day. They were unsure of the timing or any of the details. It was this year that they felt God tugging on their heart. He told them that It was time. A few years ago, Kayla stumbled across the Reece’s Rainbow page. It was at this time that her eyes were opened to the reality that orphans with special needs face every day. It was then that their hearts were turned toward special needs adoption. When they stumbled across a picture of Cole, they commented on how sweet his smile was and kept going. Over the next few days, their hearts and minds kept returning to him. They requested more information and prayed about it. They knew that this little boy was their son. Now they are working diligently to bring Cole home to his forever family!

1/30/2018 — USCIS APPROVED

$175.35 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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ANDERSON for the Parker family — KS



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BLAKE for the Woods family — KS


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ERIKA & ILYA for the Parker family (3)–KS

Molly (Lena) 2013

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