COLE for the Holliday family — KS

Christiaan and Kayla have been married for 3 years. During this time, they have had 2 beautiful children. Mila is a sweet and sassy 2-year-old. Maks is a cuddly and loving 1-year-old. It was during their years of dating that Christiaan and Kayla discussed their hope to adopt one day. They were unsure of the timing or any of the details. It was this year that they felt God tugging on their heart. He told them that It was time. A few years ago, Kayla stumbled across the Reece’s Rainbow page. It was at this time that her eyes were opened to the reality that orphans with special needs face every day. It was then that their hearts were turned toward special needs adoption. When they stumbled across a picture of Cole, they commented on how sweet his smile was and kept going. Over the next few days, their hearts and minds kept returning to him. They requested more information and prayed about it. They knew that this little boy was their son. Now they are working diligently to bring Cole home to his forever family!


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ZOEY for the Means family — KS

Antigone is the mother of eight incredible children, who just wasn’t ready for an empty nest as her oldest near adulthood. No stranger to adoption, Antigone and her two biological children first decided to grow their family through adoption in 2005, when they were 4 and 6 years old. Their new sister was almost 3, a waiting child from China with arthrogryposis, who could not walk due to club feet and a congenitally dislocated hip (that same sister is now a competitive dancer). In 2006, the family opened their hearts again and brought home a two year old sister from China, a spunky little girl with albinism and visual impairment. Antigone’s one son begged and begged for a brother, so in 2007, he traveled to Ethiopia with her to bring home an 8-½ year old brother.

After some time for adjustment, Antigone and her family felt that their hearts and home were big enough for more, so two more siblings, age 7 and 9, joined the family through domestic foster care adoption in 2011. The family connected through church, dance, hiking, cooking, art, music, gardening, caring for pets, and other activities that they could do together to build connection and joy.

When the last of Antigone’s children entered middle school, the family discussed and all agreed that it would be wonderful to have a younger sibling that all could get to know before they left for college, and Antigone was happy with the idea of not having an empty nest just yet. In 2015, Antigone brought home a 4 year old boy from China, who was diagnosed with albinism, visual impairment, and autism. He readily bonded to the family and, although he is nonverbal, he is thriving and is very interactive and strongly attached to mother and siblings. Over time, all of the siblings agreed that it seemed unfair that they grew up with the benefit of similarly aged siblings (they are now 18, 18, 17, 15, 15, 13, and 13), while he is so much younger (6).

Antigone returned to the advocacy lists and noticed an adorable little girl with visual impairment. The little girl caught her eye, but she was undecided until an update was posted, showing that this little girl was not thriving. She had not grown between ages 2 and 3, and had lost a pound. In the videos, she showed behaviors very similar to Antigone’s youngest son- social and curious, though quite delayed. Antigone showed the video to the kids and it was unanimous- that’s our girl and she can thrive here! Antigone contacted the agency for information and the paperchase began!

Being a large, single income family, Antigone is grateful that her daughter has some grant funding available through Reece’s Rainbow. She is incredibly thankful for all who have donated to the fund to help bring her daughter home.

5/5/2017 — LOA RECEIVED

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Zoey has received a $553 Waiting Child Grant.

BLAKE for the Woods family — KS


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ERIKA & ILYA for the Parker family (3)–KS

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