AMELINDA for the Terborg family — IN

amelindaJill is a single mom to two girls adopted from China. Jill always felt that she would adopt someday. She never thought that she would be doing it on her own, but feels incredibly blessed to be their mom. Jill adopted Ella in 2009 and Lexie in 2012. Both girls were adopted through the special needs program. They each have medical needs that require regular follow up but are very manageable now. Jill has found that she’s never really been doing this on her own, after all. God has directed every step and she and her girls are loved by Him as well as a community of family and friends. Her daughters are the joy of her life.

Jill and her daughters hosted Lexie’s best friend from her orphanage in December 2015 with the purpose to find a family for him. He is Reece’s Rainbow’s “Beau.” The two friends were reunited and he was recently adopted by family friends. That was a wonderful experience and Jill agreed to consider hosting again per Ella’s request. Ella wanted to host a little girl this time.

Jill, her daughters, and her mom (who takes care of her daughters when she works) looked at the next list of children available for hosting and were drawn to a 5 year old little girl. They watched her video and couldn’t imagine why she was still waiting for a family. Jill requested her file which had a long list of medical conditions in it that seemed daunting on paper but didn’t seem to fit the little girl in the video. Jill is an RN and felt like they could certainly help her find a family. Selah spent three weeks with them in their home last summer. They quickly fell in love with this sweet, funny, and determined little girl. Though she has challenges and the medical needs in her file proved to be true, it was obvious that they won’t define her. She doesn’t let anything stop her! Jill had a tearful goodbye with Selah at the airport when she went back. While Selah was here, Jill saw how well she fit into their family but hadn’t planned to adopt again and kept telling herself that she couldn’t do this… add a third child with multiple medical needs as a single mom… but she could also feel God saying, “No, you can’t. But I can.” After Selah left, she knew what she needed to do. Four days later, Jill emailed the adoption agency to begin the process to adopt Selah and bring her back to them, forever this time.

Selah has a long list of diagnoses and is in need of medical care and surgeries which may still include open heart surgery. There will be some travel required in the Midwest to provide her with the best options for medical care that will improve her quality of life. Selah is known as “Amelinda” on Reece’s Rainbow.

Jill hopes to travel for Selah’s adoption in the summer. Ella and Lexie are excited to bring their little sister home. They appreciate your prayers for the journey that lies ahead. “Once our eyes are opened, we can’t pretend we don’t know what to do. God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows that we know, and holds us responsible to act.” Proverbs 24:12


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BRIDGET for the Townsend family — IN

Bridget (2)Ben and Amber have been blessed with a blended family that includes 5 children: two teenaged girls and three teenaged boys. They have been praying for a few years about expanding their family via adoption however they knew it had to be in God’s timing and not theirs.

Ben’s cousin who has adopted six children from overseas advocates for different children and happened to one day share a post about a girl from Asia who was best friends with their newly adopted daughter. Immediately Ben was overcome with a feeling that this was their daughter and called Amber to talk about this beautiful little girl. Within days they had contacted an agency and shortly afterwards received pre-approval to adopt “Bridget” — soon to be named Emmalee.

The entire family is excited to be adding another child to the mix. They know when we wait on God that amazing things happen. It is only through his grace and mercy that Ben and Amber will be able to go through this process and hopefully soon bring their daughter home.


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MALLORY for the Bowman family — IN

Mallory Photo 1 May 2016 - May 2016The Bowman family is excited to be adopting for the 1st time. Angie and Tim met while in college and have been blessed with 4 biological children. Their oldest daughter Allison graduated with a biology degree, and she lives in the same city as Angie and Tim. Their second daughter Brittany is currently working on her doctorate degree in physical therapy. Joshua, their third child, is studying fire science, as he wants to pursue a career as a firefighter. Their youngest son Jacob is still in high school and is an avid runner. Angie and Tim have always been committed to children in a variety of ways. Angie is a Kindergarten teacher, but ran an in-home daycare while her children were young. Tim works in management for Simon Property Group but has always been a coach and referee of youth soccer, football, and basketball.

In January 2016, Angie and Brittany were reading a Facebook story, which led them to Reece’s Rainbow. The whole family felt such empathy and compassion for the many children in need of homes, but they were particularly drawn to one beautiful little girl. Mallory is two years old and has Down syndrome. For months, Mallory’s picture and story kept tugging at their hearts until they finally said, “YES,” in May. The entire family jumped on board as the family discussed, prayed, and planned for the addition of another child to become a part of their lives. There were so many signs from God that this was what He had clearly planned for them.

The Bowman family is ecstatic to welcome Mallory into their home, and the Bowman children are thrilled to have a little sister on whom to dote. The Bowman’s cannot wait to bring Mallory home and to hold and cuddle her. They are looking forward to providing her with experiences such as zoo trips, time spent at the Children’s Museum, dance lessons, and religious education. They are also excited to celebrate holidays, read books, and play soccer and other games with her. They are currently trying to raise the adoption funds and appreciate your prayers as well as any financial support to help them bring Mallory home as soon as possible. There are no words to express how much they already love her, and they pray for her every day as they anxiously await the arrival of their newest family member.


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JOSEPH for the Graves family — IN

 photo fwbutton150.png41130120852 JosephGraves (2)Jared and Michelle Graves have been happily married for 11 memorable years.  They have been fortunate enough to have 3 biological sons, Andrew (16), Evan (12), and Jake (9).  They are hoping to add just one more boy to their family, Joseph.  Michelle comes from a large family of four sisters, two brothers, and nine nieces and nephews.  Jared on the other hand not as big, he had one sister.  Both families are waiting opened arms for Joseph to make his way ho me.  When Michelle first started researching the idea of adoption, which they have considered for many years, Joseph caught her heart and she instantly knew that he was going to be her son and the newest addition to their family.  Joseph is seven years old and has Down syndrome, but that is exactly what Michelle and her family wanted and needs.  Their youngest son, Jake, also has Down syndrome and has changed their lives in unimaginable ways.  The Graves family is fighting with everything they have to adopt Joseph.  The family has raised money and collected hundreds of shoes for a fundraiser that helps those in need.  They want more than ever to bring Joseph into their lives and nourish him with love and affection, because that is what every child deserves.


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POPPY MAE for the Roman family — IN

poppymaeWe were not pursuing adoption… at all. We were so, very happy with the life we already have! And we only just adopted our littlest last year!

But God began to stir our unexpecting hearts when a friend found her on a China Advocacy Site. As she researched Poppy’s diagnosis, she recognized the connection to our son’s. Slowly God showed us how little faith we were displaying… and that God could do this… even if she was in China! We prayerfully decided to take a step… and then another… and God just kept letting us through the doors!

MPS disorders occur when there is a missing enzyme that breaks down cellular waste. That waste gathers in all the systems in their bodies, and as it accumulates, it starts to impede their function. As the child gets older, the symptoms only get worse.

Sly Syndrome has an enzyme replacement in trial right now that we are hopeful Poppy Mae will be able to benefit from soon. In China, she would have no such chance, as the medicine, even once it is approved, will be very expensive. This enzyme replacement will not cure her, but it should help to slow down the progression of the disease on her little body.

Because of our 5 year old’s involvement in the clinical trial, we have gotten to know some of the best of the best doctors who treat this disease. They have seen Poppy Mae’s file, are open and available, and are very excited to meet our little girl, too!

Because we are kind of doing all of this backwards, we are compiling our dossier at the same time that we are completing our home study. We are trusting that God will provide every penny for her adoption quickly so that we can bring her home SOON!!!From bilateral club feet, tendon release, heart surgery, and scoliosis surgery, casting, and bracing, our little flower has had it rough in her short 3 years. But these are the kinds of things we expect with MPS. MPS VII, or Sly Syndrome, is extremely rare, even among the MPS disorders. We’ve been part of that world for about 5 years, since we adopted our son who has a different form of MPS.

11/14/16—LOA RECVD

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SUTTER and ARIEL for the Smith family — IN


Sarah (Ariel)  2015

Sarah (Ariel) 2015

Sasha (Sutter) 2015

Sasha (Sutter) 2015


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