MIKALE for the Guarino family — PA

mikale-2016Life turned out to be very different from what Nancy had expected. The beauty of the unexpected brought with it confirmation of the strength of family, regardless of its shape and size. For many years, Nancy’s family consisted of herself and her Down syndrome son, Nicky. Deep down, Nancy always knew her family was not complete. Two and a half years ago, Maria (Margit on RR) joined her family. It was during the process of Maria’s adoption that Nancy was introduced to the dismal reality of life for many special needs children in other parts of the world. Nicky, now 22 years old, is and had always been a happy, joyful child. It was heartbreaking for Nancy to learn about what his life might have been like had he been born in a different part of the world. Maria had lived her life in an institution without having anyone to love her. The reality is harsh and difficult to see. Nancy and Nicky were thrilled to bring Maria into their family and embrace her with love and support. Maria has thrived and is full of joy. She brings joy to everyone she encounters. Nicky has loved taking on the role of big brother and Nancy now knows the blessing of opening your heart and family to a child in need. It really is possible to make a difference. For this reason, Nancy has decided to adopt again. Nancy, Nicky, and Maria are opening their hearts and their family to embrace a new family member. Nicky and Maria are excited to have a new sibling to share in the fun and Nancy eagerly awaits the gift of another child, giving him the love and support to thrive in a foundation of family love.

The Guarino family is very thankful for all types of support as they take on this journey.


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TEMPERANCE for the Sims family — MI

Temperance (2)The humanity in all of us is touched by thoughts of the loneliness experienced by any child waiting for adoption. The story is all the more profound if the child has some special medical need that means his/her passage into adulthood without the love and protection of a family will result in an already desperate prospect having a truly hopeless outlook–most especially when the special need secures little sympathy or help from in-country institutional sources.

This is a story about a little girl called Temperance, and the family she was meant to have.

Temperance has just turned 8. Her prospects of adoption are hugely compromised not only by her age but also and more particularly by her very special need—a chronic blood disorder which is not well understood in her country. She does well in school and is respectful to adults. She is pretty and sweet, but she will not survive under the current circumstances.

The Sims married later in life but faced the prospect of a childless marriage because Dean had the exact same medical condition that Temperance has. Consistent care, persistence, intelligent medical management and the advance of science not only enabled him to manage this condition and live an active, healthy life but it allowed Mary and Dean to have two healthy biological children. This story, if we had space to share the details, would itself leave you watery eyed in terms of its improbability.

Mary and Dean want to try to give something back by way of thanks for their good fortune. Their age now puts them just over the line of ineligibility for many adoption programs, but their preparedness to embrace Temperance into their family and their unique ability to offer medical care and personal experience in successfully managing her condition has opened up an opportunity for them to adopt Temperance.  The cost of this adoption (nearly $60,000) is a harrowing obstacle even after making sacrifices and putting aside other wants and needs as all adoptive parents must do. The high cost is due not only to the extensive in-country fees, but also to the requirement for a six-week stay in country for the whole family.

They are resolved to make it happen. They feel they have to. Without this lifeline, Temperance would seem to have little chance at a full and happy life. In fact, now that she is eight, she may be moved to the school for children with mental challenges, which is where many children with miscellaneous conditions seem to end up. This would be a terrifying prospect even for an adult, but imagine yourself looking through the eyes of a smart and aware, but defenseless, little girl! Even without that, she could find herself suffering extreme prejudice and hardship upon aging out, due to her health condition (if she remains healthy long enough to age out) as well as having spent time in a school for mentally challenged children (of which she was not one). In the arms of her family she would be loved and nurtured and have her condition safely managed so that she could have a full, happy and long life of achievement and strong relationships.

We hope you will join us in bringing this precious child home, and saving a soul worth saving. Maybe in the process, we can begin to break down the bureaucratic paradigms that prevent other children in similar circumstances from finding salvation. But for now—Temperance.


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ISAIAHU for the Klopp family — OR

 photo fwbutton150.pngisaiahDuane & Kimber are not young parents. They have 4 children (10 yrs-31 yrs) & 14 grandchildren (11 months – 17 yrs). On any given day if you were to visit the Klopp house you would find many children at their home. They are not new to the special needs either, as they have twin grandsons with Williams Syndrome. Kimber also has a family member with Cerebral Palsy & her oldest brother was born with several birth defects.

One evening Kimber was on Facebook & saw a post shared from someone who had grown up in the same small town she had. His daughter & her family were working as missionaries in an orphanage. The blog was on Wide-Awake Family titled, “Fighting for my babies.” It was a night with little sleep & lots of tears after reading the blog. Kimber asked to join Wide-Awake Family on their Facebook page where she also learned about Reece’s Rainbows. She tired to hide the feelings she had for one of those precious little boys. She shed many tears over the next several months every time she thought about that little boy she had seen in the pictures & by now she had also seen a few videos with him in them as well. She went to other adoption pages but she found herself always looking for that “one” little boy.

For several months their prayers were for Isaiahu to find his forever family. They’ve shared many posts to family & friends about him & his need for a family. Then on Friday, March 4, 2016 there was another blog written, “Fatherless Friday.” This is when God let them know his family were none other than them.

Kimber & Duane had talked about adoption several times over the years. They decided to investigate the process of adoption & more specifically on this one little boy they feel is “the missing piece” in their family.

Please pray for Isaiahu’s adoption, that all will go smoothly & quickly so that they may bring this little boy home into a family full of love & security. The Klopps know that this little boy is worth it! The family is hoping to raise everything they need to cover adoption expenses between now & the beginning of September. They would be grateful for your support, either financially or through prayer, as they go after their little boy.

Isaiah 1:17 Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed. Defend the cause of orphans. Fight for the rights of widows.

8/2/17 — APPT on SEPT 11

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DabneyBoy, born November 2003
Severe disorders of mental development; agenesis of corpus callosum; rickets




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7/27/2017 — TA RECEIVED

KAITLYN and KATRINA for the Richardson family — NY

Kaitlyn (2)Katrina_webready




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JOY, EVIE and KORA for the Rubenstein family — LA

JoyEvita (2)Korarubenstein-2016China

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SALEENA and POLLY for the Huizinga family — VA

Saleena (2)Polly


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AMOS, DAISY, LEE and VIOLET for the Bloom family — AL

Amos 2015 (1)Daisy-2014lee-2003Violet


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LUCIA for the Grimes family — NY

Mike and Theresa Grimes met in a tiny college town in Emmitsburg Md. We have 8 wonderful sons ranging from 28-8 years old. While there is never a dull moment at our home we know we have lots of love to share. People keep telling us “your plate is full” our answer is “We have a lot of room in our hearts”.

Both Mike and Theresa always wanted a daughter and are thrilled to be getting her through the blessing of adoption.

We are so happy to have found Reeces Rainbow and are thankful for all of the support from this amazing community.

“Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for forgotten by everybody, I think that is much greater poverty than the person that has nothing to eat.”
– Mother Teresa

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