Business Card Magnets: 100 for $20.00


Raising awareness and sharing Reece’s Rainbow with others in your local community is a vital part of the success of Reece’s Rainbow. We are dependent upon our group members and adoptive families to share this special opportunity with others you know. These are great fridge magnets too! These can be given to new families you meet who have children with Down syndrome, people who make a fuss over your own children with Down syndrome, and passed out to local businesses and shops. You never know who it is you’re talking to! Proceeds go to our Voice of Hope Fund.

It doesn’t get any easier than having a handful of official business cards in your purse or briefcase to give out to anyone you meet who you think might be interested in learning about our charity.

Another very helpful way to share Reece’s Rainbow is by having our official brochures available for your fundraising events, churches, school groups, etc. Your donation to help with the cost of printing and mailing is much appreciated!
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If you need brochures asap, you CAN download and print our pdf version of it. Click the image on the right and it will open the pdf file of the current brochure!
2016 Cover


balloonsrr Balloons!

Latex balloons with the Reece’s Rainbow logo are sent in a rainbow of colors (purple, red, yellow, green and blue).


Reeces Rainbow Balloons: 15 for $6.00

Reeces Rainbow Wristbands: 50 for $10.00

Our Ways to Help rack cards are an easy way to share some of the many ways you can be a part of Reece’s Rainbow! This year’s cards have our QR Codes for our Angel Tree, Buddy Walks and our main page on one side and a list of Ways to Help on the other! Purchase (50) Ways to Help rack cards for only $15 or (100) for $25, including shipping. 
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And if you’re bold enough to do it, donate for one or more 8 1/2 x 11 size CAR magnets! These are great for your side car doors, and a wonderful way to show your support for Reece’s Rainbow in your local community.Your donation of $25 to the Voice of Hope fund covers the cost of (2) car magnets, including shipping.
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These items are shipped directly to you. Please email Michelle with questions.