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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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Our Android, iPhone (iPad/iPod) and Windows apps!


Download FREE Android app Download iPhone/iPad/iPod app $0.99 Download Windows app $0.99


 The Reece’s Rainbow app!

Android, iPhone/iPad/iPod, & Windows

FREE for Android

Just $0.99 for iPhone & Windows!


Our Android App


Click Image or search ‘Reece’s’ in The Market





If you have an Android phone you can grab our FREE Reece’s Rainbow app right now!

CLICK HERE to install or search ‘Reece’s’ from the Android Market.








Our iPhone, iPod and iPad app


Here are some screen shots:

The iphone/ipad app is $0.99 and all but apple’s portion goes to the Voice of Hope fund!


You can download it from itunes HERE.



Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later






Our Windows app


Here are some screen shots:

The Windows app is $0.99 and all but Window’s portion goes to the Voice of Hope fund!


You can download it from Windows HERE.

Requirements: Windows phone 7 or higher.

Here are some features worthy of mention…

  • Out of our three apps, Android, iPhone/iPad and Windows, it quite possibly runs the smoothest on the Windows app.
  • The pictures show up brilliantly and there is a refresh button on the main screen so every time the app gets updated, it’s instantly updated on the users phone .
  • There is an option inside the app under settings that allows the user to take screen shots within the app. So, if the user wants to share something on our blog or site, they can take a screen shot of what they are viewing and save it to the phone to be added in a message or email or whichever method the user is using to send it.
  • Also, Reece’s is the only adoption app in the market!



We have been so blessed to have a wonderful app developer come alongside us. We are more than impressed with his work on our behalf!

TeamCaz, has another great iphone app for parents of kids with Down syndrome, Graci’s World!  CLICK HERE for iphone CLICK HERE! for Android