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Girl, born June 2006 PRC Congenital Heart Defect Listed:  January 7, 2014 When Mariah was younger she received a two-way Glenn operation and recovered well. She had a complete ASD; double outlets of right ventricle; severe pulmonary artery stenosis(under the valve), VSD(secondary), AO right arch right descending; and a formation of collateral circulation. She may […]



Girl, born August 2007 PRC Down syndrome Listed: Dec 2013 Samantha is a beautiful little girl who is 6 years old. She came into care as an infant, and was found to have Down syndrome. Samantha’s motor skills are good, and she has the typical language delays. She is able to speak, but not always clearly. […]



Girl, born July, 2005 PRC Blind Listed: Oct 2013 Lizzie is blind with light perception and participates in a program that provides high quality care and education for orphans who are blind or visually impaired. Lizzie is a beautiful little girl who has learning needs. She goes to primary school and she is in a […]



Boy, born July 2007 PRC Blind, Autistic Tendencies Rupert is blind and participates in a program that provides high quality care and education for orphans who are blind or visually impaired. Every child has an individual education plan and the goal is to allow them to be independent and live life to the fullest. Rupert […]


Maddie (L)

Girl born March, 2006 Moderate mental delay; congenital heart defect, has had surgery to repair; developmental delays; farsightedness. She is currently receiving speech therapy and physiotherapy. Listed: May 20, 2012 From 2010 report: Maddie is alert and likes to engage. She is helpful, likes to help with the younger children. Her walking in unsteady and […]


Riley (L)

Boy, born Nov 2008 mixed developmental disorder, FAS, light level of hearing disorder, body carriage disorder, hypertrophia, low height. Listed: September 24, 2013 Update as of January 2013:   He has no preferred activity; his play is chaotic and he is easily distracted.   Child can name and show his body parts, recognizes objects in the […]



Boy, born January 2008 PRC Limb different/arm deformity Listed: Sept 2013 Alex can be stubborn at times, but he gets along well with the little children and likes to play games with them. He is a team player and works well the class to do tasks together. Alex is a very smart, lovely and active […]



Boy, born April 2007 PRC Mental developmental delay, postoperative left oblique inguinal hernia Levi is active, social, fond of listening to music and he can get along well with other children. He enjoys musical or movable toys, playing balls, clapping hands and swaying his hips along with music. He is curious about new things and […]



Boy, born April 2005 PRC intracranial hemorrhage; possible epilepsy Listed: August 28, 2013 Miko is active and outgoing with a ready smile. He gets along well with other children and knows how to share. Sometimes, he would be prone to crying but it is very easy to reassure him. Miko likes to ride a tricycle, […]



Boy, born 2004 Hydrocephalus Listed: August 20, 2013 July 2016: NASH HAS BEEN TRANSFERRED TO THE INSTITUTION 🙁   From a volunteer who visited with him in July 2014:  ” Nash is still this very small boy. He has the size of a pre schooler. He is really cute though. He loves to have a man […]


Hunter, Forest and Ridge

  Brothers – they need to be adopted together! They are said to be “very good boys”! Listed: August 11, 2013 Hunter, The oldest, was born in March 2004:  Hyperkinetic disorders/Hyperkinetic conduct disorder; Nonorganic sleep disorder/Emotional sleep disorder; Benign intracranial hypertension; Other specified diseases of gallbladder; Flat foot Hunter likes to eat a lot. He […]

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Boy, born May 2005 PRC Postoperative left inguinal hernia and a cyst of pellucid septal cave Listed: July 30, 2013 Bright eyed Frank is very extroverted and outgoing. He gets along well with others and is active and clever. He is 8 years old and has been diagnosed with postoperative left inguinal hernia and a cyst […]



Boy, born June 2004 PRC Complete hearing loss Listed: July 30, 2013 Heath is a cute 12 year old boy who was abandoned shortly after being born. Heath is still living in the orphanage at this time and gets along well with other children. Heath always has a ready smile! Heath has been diagnosed with […]


Luke Anthony

Boy, born December 2006 PRC Down syndrome Listed: July 2013 Luke is a darling boy who is described as active, playful, coordinated, well-behaved, sensible, and gentle. Luke is so many things, including capable and independent. He can dress himself for the most part, use the bathroom on his own, and attends kindergarten each day, after […]



Boy, born July 2006 PRC Spina Bifida (postoperative meningocele), postoperative right club foot, postoperative hernia (and one leg shorter than the other) Listed: July 8, 2013 Jory was found abandoned beside the road at the age of 3 months. He has had corrective surgery to treat tethered spinal cord syndrome, meningocele and congenital cleft spine […]


Heinrich (L)

Boy, born 2009 Down syndrome, specific mixed developmental disorder, features of autism, farsightedness, atopic dermatitis, functional heart murmur, hydrocephalus. Due to a difficult birth, he was born with pneumonia, and intubated for a few days. Listed: July 7, 2013 From a family who met him in 2015:  “Heinrich ran right up to me and asked […]



Boy, born January 2010 H-C Cerebral palsy Zeke cannot sit and generally has very little control of his head, although he will lift it up occasionally. His overall muscle tone is low, but this has improved with therapy. Zeke cannot yet roll over, but can often be seen wiggling around and trying to accomplish this – if […]



Boy, born Feb 2006 Birth defect of central nervous system, hydrocephalus, mental delays, manifest deviation, cardipathy and protein-calorie deficiency Listed: June 21, 2013 Elijah needs a family asap, because he needs constant care, and at the orphanage he doesn’t receive it. They fed him with wheat cream only and how he is feeling sick all […]



Girl, born November 2007 PRC Grace has been diagnosed with Postoperative ASD (CHD). Grace has recovered well after her operation from 2010. Listed April 2013 Grace is outgoing, smiles often, and likes playing with other children. She is a beautiful girl and is curious about the outside world. When intrigued by new objects, she will […]



Boy, born June 2010 PRC Jacob’s test suggest Down Syndrome. An ultrasound dictation in his file also hints that he looks to have congenital heart disease and an Interventricular septum membrane department tumor and defect. His heart has normal cardiac function.   This little guy needs a mommy and some good nutrition! He is not […]



Boy, born July 2006 PRC atelencephalia; anemia Listed: May 2013 At admission he was very weak and was delayed. As time goes by, he has less differences than normal children. At present, he could reach the same level of physical motor skills of normal children. He mainly has language development delay. He often speaks single […]


Blog for Reece’s Rainbow

B l o g  A b o u t  R R We love our Reece’s Rainbow advocates! Blogging is one of the most effective ways to raise orphan awareness. Hundreds of Reece’s Rainbow advocates have amazing blogs that tell the heart breaking – and heart warming – stories of these special children. Below is a list of advocate blogs that you might […]



Girl, born  January 2010 PRC Down syndrome, possible hearing issues Listed: May 2013 This precious little girl loves to be tickled. She came into care at approximately 20 days old based on her physical status. Her caregivers report that she enjoys playing with her stuffed animals and throwing and chasing balls. She has been diagnosed […]



Girl, born August 2007 PRC Tuberos Sclerosis — Congenital Bourneville-Pringle Syndrome Listed: April 2013 Amelia likes to dance, listen to stories, read picture books, and play hide-and-seek. She came into care around 8 months of age and was sponsored by Half the Sky Foundation’s nurturing program for infants. At 9 months, she could sit steadily alone […]



Girl, born September 2007 Cerebral palsy Listed: April 1, 2013 Update from a family who met her in late 2013:  Lydia is the sweetest little girl! Our kids were in the same groupa, so we got to see Lydia everyday we were in country. She is a joy! Lydia spends her days sitting in a […]



Boy, born July 2008 PRC Zach is an adorable boy diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy. His limb, intelligence, and language development is delayed compared to peers. Zach had some new medical testing done and the results indicate that it may be likely that he has Progressive Muscular Dystrophy and not Cerebral Palsy.  A family should […]



Boy, born August 2008 PRC Listed: Feb 22, 2013 Colby is a precious boy who has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome and Patent Ductus Arteriosus (Congenital Heart Defect). From observation, the heart condition has no obvious affect on daily life. Colby is active, extroverted, and smiles often. When Colby hears music on the radio, he […]



Girl, born Sept 2010 PRC Down syndrome Carol  loves sitting and rocking on her hobby horse!  She is enjoys listening to music and rocking on her horse.  She can sit on the bed steadily and can stand with hands holding onto the bed rails.  Sometimes when she sees other children take her favorite toy she […]



Girl, born June 2007 PRC Abnormality of the head, hyperdactylia (extra digit) of left hand and left foot UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2015:  “A friend and I met her in September. She has a syndrome of some sort with a facial deformity and extra fingers and toes (6 on each). It doesn’t appear to affect her beyond […]



Boy, born 2004 HIV, hydrocephalus Listed: January 30, 2013 Adam is a sweet, easy to please little cuddle bug. He is very much like a cuddly, curious little toddler. When I first met him he did not seem interested in me at all, but as time went by he began to want affection, and would […]



Boy, born Oct 2011 congenital internal hydrocephalus operated;  anemia;  protein-energy deficiency Listed: Jan 2013 Ezra has had a shunt placed, and is doing better.  His adoption may necessitate consultations with medical personnel, to safely transport him home. From someone who met Ezra in 2013:    Ezra is absolutely precious! He is sweet and adorable and […]



Girl, born Dec 2008 PRC Listed: Jan 2013 Helen was born with encephalocele, which is type of neural tube defect that occurs very early in fetal life where the embryo’s cells that form the skull do not come together to close over the brain. The result is a defect in the bones of the skull, […]


Robert #34-9

Boy, born December 2002 Down syndrome Listed: November 29, 2012 Robert is a handsome young man.  His general development is delayed.  He has good gross motor skills, and his fine motor skills need a bit of assistance; he likes to color.  He enjoys listening to music, and dancing.  He vocalizes, but his expressive speech is […]



Girl, born 2005 PRC Nina is a lovely little girl who has Down Syndrome and a congenital heart defect. Nina has also previously had kidney stones. Listed November 15, 2012 Nina lives in a foster family and loves to play with her foster sibling from the orphanage. She also enjoys watching cartoons and playing outdoors. […]


Christian L11

Boy, Born May 2004 Down syndrome Listed: October 9, 2012 Christian has positive reactions towards the adults with whom he is familiar.   Has interest about what surrounds him, though not very big and also not very sustainable.   Makes unarticulated sounds.   He sleeps well, but has difficulties to fall asleep. Christian attends school and gets good references from […]


Thomas Quincy

Boy, born Oct 2008 PRC Cerebral palsy, decline in upper left muscle strength Listed: Sept 2012 Currently, Thomas is attending preschool.  He can draw simple pictures and sing nursery rhymes. He also likes to play with the other children, and enjoys playing outdoors. Thomas can go up and down stairs without help, and catches a ball […]



Boy, born 2009 CO-1 Listed Aug 25, 2012 Dysgenesis of the corpus callosum, congenital cervical scoliosis, and hypoplasia of the first finger of the right hand Phillip was given up for adoption shortly after birth.  He is constantly smiling.  He is very social and frequently seeks to have company.  His weight and height are lower […]



Girl, born January 2005 Anophthalmos (absence of eyes) Listed: August 13, 2012 What a sweet little girl!  She is walking independently. Married couples only, large families welcome! Update June 2013: Don’t let Cambria’s pictures fool you. She is happy and full of life. Usually, she is stuck in bed for her own safety, as the […]



  “It Makes a Difference to This One” is our newest awareness campaign!     Please let the world know that it DOES matter, each child, each adoption, each family, each CHANCE to be found….matters.   Grab our buttons & other graphics from the blog!    Click Here to put our ‘It Makes a Difference’ […]


Tyler #4-5

Boy, born 2002 Down syndrome Listed: June 24, 2012 NEW PHOTO NOVEMBER 2016 Tyler has waited 14 years for the opportunity to have a family and he is now FINALLY registered for adoption. He needs a family that will look past his age and see all that this little boy can be under the guidance […]



Boy, born 2008 Congenital hydrocephalus; Coloboma of optic disc; Other paralytic syndromes (CP); Disorder of brain, unspecified; Dislocation of shoulder joint; Atrioventricular block, first degree Listed: June 12, 2012 Quinn is 8 years old — let’s help him find his family.   Every child deserves a loving family to call their own. From a missionary who knows him:  ” I loved […]


Niles (L)

Boy, born March 2003 Listed:  May 22, 2012 Diagnoses: specific mixed development delay, arthropathy (as the result of rickets), congenital flatfootedness, delay in intellectual development, specific cognitive delay, emotional, behavioral and social development delays, physical and motor delays, deviation of muscle tone Niles was born from first pregnancy and delivery and was born at 38 weeks, his weight […]


Zeke (L)

Boy, born March 2009 FAS; complex developmental disorder and autism features, CP ataxic form; mixed developmental disorder, low height, hypermetropic astigmatism, functional heart murmur Listed: May 21, 2012 From a family who met him in 2015: “Zeke is seriously one smart cookie!! He is walking GREAT now and was even jumping from a play mattress to […]



Boy, born December 2009 Developmental Delays, feeding issues, failure to thrive, left congenital ptosis, laryngomalacia and supraglotoplasty T-GLAD   Talbot entered foster care as a result of being removed from his home due to his parent’s inability to provide a safe and stable, loving home for him.  He has resided with a foster family since […]


Isabel 25HA

  Girl, born April 2010 Hazel eyes The nature of periods of sleep and wakefulness correspond to the age norm. Down syndrome   Feb 2011: Calm and active. Not sitting, it is not necessary, turns in all directions. Shifts the toy from hand to hand. Interested in other children. Babbles. Update from a family who […]



Girl, Born December 2003 T-A Epilepsy, moderate cognitive delay Listed: November 12, 2011 This BEAUTIFUL girl needs a forever family of her own.   Heather is presently residing in an orphanage. Health Condition: Heather has been diagnosed with Epilepsy.   She is currently on medication for this condition and reports state that she has not displayed any effects […]



Boy, born December 2003 George is HIV+   Such beautiful hazel eyes this boy has! More photos available. From an adoptive family who met him:“Keep in mind we met him in Summer/Fall 2012, and he is now in an internat that is very hard and difficult. When we met “George” he was such a sweet […]


Madden #61-1

DOB: 2004 Down syndrome Listed: October 9, 2011 Madden is doing very well!  He is physically healthy and has never had any medical concerns. Like most children with Down syndrome, he’s physically small for his age. He weighed 34 pounds on his 7th birthday. Developmentally, Madden is delayed. He can walk and has good gross motor […]


Dexter 26HA

  95xy-26HA Boy, born May 2007 Diagnosis: Down syndrome Dexter is gentle and affectionate. He enjoys interacting with adults. He can walk with one-hand support, but will take a couple steps independently and can stand for a while without assistance. He vocalizes; rolls a ball; put in and get out small objects, opens and closes, […]


Mikey 15H

Boy, born May 2008 Blue eyes Tranquil character Mikey likely has hydrocephalus.  He does have vision problems — very likely related to his hydrocephalus. From an adoptive family who met Mikey in August 2011:   Mikey is very active despite the weight of his head and his vision problems.  He played in the sand box […]


Ulysess #46-2

DOB: February 2004 Diagnosis: Down syndrome, Chronic pyelonephritis, hydronephrosis first degree to the left kidney Listed: June 17, 2011 Ulysess is considered significantly delayed. As of March 2011, he was not independently walking. He can pull to a stand, walk while holding someone’s hand, walks behind push toys and climb in and out of his crib […]



Boy, born December 2007 H-C Cerebral palsy, sickle cell anemia, kerion Photos available. From someone who works with him: Resiliency only begins to describe Peter! This young boy has gone through so much medically, yet still finds the strength to smile through it all. No matter what, rubbing his head will produce a sweet smile […]


Elden 14G

Boy, born February 2007 Eyes: Brown Hair: Dark Character: calm Diagnosis: Down syndrome From a missionary who visited with him recently:  Elden is very lively, joyful and playful boy. He loves games and jokes. He is the favorite of kids and personnel at the orphanage. Elden is a special kid. Before he was weak but due to attention […]


Cora Lynne 3G

Date of Birth: May 2006 Gender: Female Nature: Calm Diagnosis: Down syndrome Cora Lynne is already 6 and facing the institution.  She looks like such a baby, but she should be in kindergarten, not a mental institution!    Cora Lynne is a beautiful, active girl with blonde/strawberry hair.   She has much to live for, and much joy to […]


Kolya 15H

Boy, Born July 2000 6e1n-15H Kolya is 15 years old, and has been waiting for such a long time! From his advocates and friends:   Kolya – very delicate and sensitive child who catches every touch, every word or a smile. He may long to sit next to a nice man and just hold hands, enjoying the […]


Marty #6-7

Boy, born June 2002 Down syndrome Listed: June 23, 2010 UPDATE MAY 2016:  He easily relates to both children and staff. He likes to play with the children from his group. He responds when addressed by name and enjoys receiving attention.. He shows interest in all kinds of toys, but his top favorites are the […]



Girl, Born March 5, 2005 Listed: prior to 2010 Cleft palate, possible FAS From a volunteer who visited with her in August 2016:  Irina’s update from last year is still very accurate. Her introvert and shy behaviors got more though. She prefers not to interact at all. It took me half of our trip to […]


Adoption Process

This information is provided to potential adoptive families/individuals at no cost to you. Your adoption agency will also help you with this, but some people like to know ahead of time exactly what to expect. Families applying with Reece’s Rainbow must already be in contact with a licensed home study social worker to complete their […]


BARBARA (Chrissie) for the Patterson Family

SERBIA Chrissie is doing GREAT!  I cannot even explain what a joy she is.  I have never met a child who is as vibrant and joyful and funny as Miss Chrissie!!!  She is excited about life, and she is just so full of love that it amazes me into speechlessness!!!  They were able to get […]


SAM for the Harding Family

HONG KONG We brought “Sam” home from Hong Kong on April 23rd, 2009.  He has been an absolute joy from the moment we took custody of him overseas, and keeps us hopping every day. He eats like a champ (he averages 3 bananas each morning for breakfast!), understands everything we say to him (even though […]