Reece's Rainbow is a  registered 501(c)3 charity which advocates and fundraises for the international adoption and rescue of children with Down syndrome specifically.    We are not an adoption agency, we are only a connecting point for these children to their "forever families".   Reece's Rainbow serves as a VOICE OF HOPE for these children who are languishing in orphanages and mental institutions around the world, when there are literally hundreds of families here in the US and Canada who would rescue them if only the funds were available to do so!!

Grant funds from individual donations make the cost of adopting these beautiful children affordable for interested families.  In less than five years, we have found adoptive families for (400+) children in (32) countries around the world.  We still have over (350) waiting children on our site who are in need of adoptive families. 

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*** If you are considering the international adoption of a child with Down syndrome or other special needs, PLEASE VISIT THIS LINK FIRST ***