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Miracle of Adoption Christmas Campaign

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Miracle Money for the 2021

Reece’s Rainbow Miracle of Adoption Christmas Campaign 

Miracle Money is a wonderful way for your children or family and friends to get involved and learn about Reece’s Rainbow and the waiting children of our Miracle of Adoption Christmas Campaign.

• Give these to your children as stocking stuffers 

• Include in Christmas cards for family or friends 

• Give to your children’s friends from school 

• Give to your children’s teachers/therapists 

• Work colleagues

• Pastors and others from your church 

• Anyone!

How they work:

1. Purchase your Miracle Money on the RIGHT. You can select the amount you want to spend then checkout.

You can divide up the amount on as many of the printed Give Certificates as you want. For example, if you have $100 to donate and want to give to ten people, you can donate that amount, then print out the GIVE CERTIFICATE ten times and write in $10 on each one.

2. Your Receipt and printable Miracle Money will be immediately emailed to you. Print your Miracle Money, write your receipt number on them and give them away! 

If you’ve lost your receipt or did not receive your email, please check your spam folder and if it isn’t there, you can sign into your account to download your Miracle Money. Or, you can email lucille@reecesrainbow.org to have them re-sent. Please include the email address/name on the paypal account.

3. The recipient will then select the child they wish the Miracle Money to go to and ‘redeem’ it below.

All of the MACC Miracle Money donations will be added manually as they are able to be. Any unclaimed donations will be applied to the Voice of Hope Fund on 31 January 2021. They can also mail the Miracle of Adoption Christmas Miracle Money if they prefer 

Questions, please email lucille@reecesrainbow.org.


Purchase Here:

How to redeem your Miracle Money:

1. Choose which of the children on the Miracle of Adoption Christmas Campaign you’d like the donation to be applied to.

** Miracle Money may only be redeemed for the children on the Miracle of Adoption Christmas Campaign.

The children are here: https://reecesrainbow.org/availability/macc-2021

2. Enter the  Receipt Number  located on your Miracle of Adoption Christmas Campaign GIVE Certificate in the box marked Receipt Number, the donation amount , and the names (including numbers following their names) in the box marked “Apply this donation to”. Select their name in the drop down menu. 3. Click on submit!
That is it, your donation will be applied manually as soon as possible.
If you select more than one child the amount will be divided evenly between the names you select. $1 is the lowest amount that can be given per child.




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