From Lydia’s Mom… 






“My daughter, Lydia, has a goal to raise $50,000.00 for Reece’s Rainbow. That money will go to help fund the adoption of 5 International orphans who have special needs. If Lydia’s YouTube video gets 700,000 hits, she’ll earn that money.

The video, “All For You”, is an original song written by Lydia and me. It is about Lydia’s siblings, Hope and Charlie, who have Down syndrome. Would you help us by clicking on the video link below and spreading the word? If all of my Facebook friends play the video 10 times today, that will equal 12,000 views. We will then be well on our way with plenty of YouTube attention!

Three years ago, Lydia successfully raised more than $26,000.00 for Reece’s Rainbow by asking for donations. That money went to bring two little girls who have Down syndrome to their forever families where they are thriving. Being a part of this new effort is free, but the outcome will be huge for 5 lives!”

CLICK HERE to watch on YouTube

…for Hope & Charlie

Help Lydia raise $50,000 to benefit the five children on the left!

Thank you in advance for joining us on this wonderful new journey! Lydia will be releasing another video in the next few days called “Upside Down”. Please keep checking back as we try to raise money for such an incredible cause!