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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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Love Notes for Valentine’s Day

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Send a Love Note this Valentine's Day!


Love Notes are a wonderful way for your children or family and friends to learn about Reece's Rainbow and our waiting children this Valentine's Day.

Love Notes are to benefit our Other Angels

Love Notes ::  Scroll Down to Purchase

You will receive a printable Love Note

How Love Notes work:

1. You purchase your Love Notes using the form below.

You will enter the amount you wish and will be taken to paypal to complete your donation. CLICK ON ‘Return to Reece’s Rainbow’ .

2. Your LN number and printable Love Note will be immediately emailed to you.

If you’ve lost your LN number or did not receive your email, please check your spam folder and if it isn’t there, please Please include the amount of the donation and the email address/name on the paypal account.

3. The recipient will then select the child they wish the LN Donation to go to and ‘redeem’ it below.

All of the LN Donations will be added manually as they are able to be. Any unclaimed donations will be applied to the Voice of Hope Fund on 7 March, 2014. They can also mail the Love Notes if they prefer to Reece’s Rainbow • PO Box 277 • Monrovia, MD 21770.

**To give multiple Love Notes, make your donation for the TOTAL AMOUNT and write the SAME LN number on each of the Love Notes you print.  Only the total amount will be added to the children the recipients receive so please be sure to correctly write the amounts for each so that all totalled they will not exceed the total donation amount. Questions, please email

Love Notes are perfect to add to a Valentine’s day card for your family, friends, children, work colleagues, church…

To redeem your Love Notes:

1. Choose which of the children on the Other Angel pages you'd like the donation to be applied to.

** Love Notes may only be redeemed for the children below.

The children are here:

2. Enter the LN number located on your Love Notes in the field marked LN number, the donation amount, and the names (including numbers following their names) in the box marked 'Apply this donation to'.

If you select more than one child the amount will be divided evenly between the names you select. $5 is the lowest amount that can be given per child.

3. Click on submit! That is it, your donation will be applied manually as soon as possible.