fspwarrior2The Family Warrior Program is a new effort to increase awareness and raise additional grant donations for our adopting families, from new commitments to traveling now, the goal is for each family to have a warrior helping them until their child is HOME!   Warrioring for one of our families is a way to help with the financial burden of their adoption journey. The average international adoption costs $25,000+.   This is a small price to pay for the life of a child, but a huge sum of money for most families to come up with. Having a warrior to help them promote their fundraisers or just sharing their need through social media and blogging can be an enormous help and will give our families a sense of shared burden to bring their child/ren home!

Our Reece’s Rainbow families have committed a tremendous amount of money, time, energy, and love to rescue one or more of these waiting children from mental institutions, and to give them the life and loving family they deserve.  Every penny helps these families and these children!

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Choosing to become a Family Warrior in no way is a commitment to give financially to the family you would warrior for. It is simply to help them share their fundraisers and their need through social media or blogs and through prayer. You are welcome to give financially if you are able but it is in no way a requirement of becoming a Family Warrior.

Even if you are not in a position to adopt, Reece’s Rainbow provides a very personal, meaningful, and powerful way to change the course of a child’s life!

Prayer Warrior 

The Reece’s Rainbow Prayer Warrior Ministry was created with three goals in mind:

  1. To lift the daily needs of each waiting child up in prayer
  2. To lift Reece’s Rainbow up in prayer
  3. To lift the families whom God is preparing for each waiting child up in prayer

Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel Project effort is to increase awareness and raise additional grant donations Other Angels“, those children with other special needs (not Down syndrome) who are also waiting for their forever families to find them.  

There many “Other Angels” on our website in need of grant donations and adoptive families.

Family Warrior


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The Family Warrior Program is the newest member of the Warrior Family!

For any questions about ANY of the Warrior Programs, please Contact Laurie Rhoades, our Warrior Ministry Coordinator.

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