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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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Other Angels Girls, 10+

These beautiful older children have already waited so long for a family to call their own!

You are invited to send a check (no Paypal fees) to Reece’s Rainbow, PO Box 4024, Gaithersburg, MD 20885

*Your gift will serve ALL of the children, as 10% of each waiting child donation is shared with our Voice of Hope fund as well!


Gertie Photo 3 Mar-2013Gertie was born in September of 2002 and has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. She receives regular physical therapy and is able to stand and walk with the help of a walker.

Gertie is described as an outgoing, sensitive and friendly girl. She eagerly takes part in group and individual activities and is very engaged in games. She likes to draw, memorizes songs and poems, and gladly completes her homework.

Additional reports and photos are available upon request from the agency.

$9.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


40614170606 Betsy (1) 40614170606 Betsy (2)Girl, born late 2002
Slight mental delay, simple astigmatism

From a family who met her in 2014:

This young lady is very sweet! She is in school and just finished the 3rd level. Betsy likes to color, read, run, swing on the playground, and dance. When we were able to talk to her she seemed slightly shy but very calm and gentle. Betsy is articulate and seems only slightly delayed. She and my daughter hugged and cried when they had to say good-bye. Betsy really wants to come to America. She would be a wonderful addition to any family!

I would love to share more with seriously interested families.

$22.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Mild Cerebral palsy, can walk very well.


Veronica is a lovely young lady.  She is able to walk, stand on her own.


$61.55 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Ariel #237 OD

ArielGirl, 12 years old
mild mental delay, clinically healthy.


Ariel has well developed fine and gross motor skills. She has age-appropriate speech development. She has very good abilities for adaptation. She is mild-tempered, friendly, sensitive, sociable and patient girl who likes completing tasks and being praised. She enjoys taking part in group activities, singing and dancing; According to the orphanage’s experts, the child marks positive development and has the capacity to develop her skills further when placed in a family environment.



Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.


Addie 1Girl, born September 2001
Post-op Spina Bifida

Addie needs to be adopted PRIOR to her birthday in September 2015!

*An agency grant of $5,000 is available*

Addie is dearly favored by one of the adoption officials who desires for her to have a loving family and good future. Addie is very artistic and likes to paint. She is also quite smart! Addie wants a family of her own more than anything!! Although Addie has paraplegia of both lower limbs, both of her hands are very flexible and her mental development is normal. Addie lives with a foster family and she has formed a deep bond with the family. Addie is outgoing, bright, and inquisitive. She has great expressive language and understanding ability and likes to communicate with others and to express herself. She can write, recite a lot of poems and does things seriously. Addie has great receptive ability, likes imitating, and is a sensible child. She likes playing with kids, listening to music, and drawing. She gets along very well with the foster family and her teachers. Everyone likes her a lot.

$4.77 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Ginny #458

Ginny has been diagnosed with mental delay with hyperkinetic manifestations; microcephalus; delayed physical development in terms of weight.

She walks and eats independently; throws and catches a ball; holds a pencil properly; listens to and reproduces parts of children’s songs; follows simple verbal instructions; helps with performing simple everyday activities; sociable; uses words purposefully so as to express her wishes and assumptions.


Mollie (2)Girl, born March 2004
Mental delays

Mollie can sit, stand and walk, jump, run and go up and down stairs independently. She can make movements with teacher’s guidance. Regarding language development, she can communicate with nannies and teachers. She get’s along well with other children and likes to help others. She is able to play with toys, clap hands and dance with music, and participate in outdoor activities.

$41.85 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Polly #35-0 OD

Girl, born August 2000

Polly is a 12-year-old girl with a mild mental delay who has a developmental disorder of speech and language. She is in need of dental care due to some issues with her teeth.

Polly is relatively well-developed physically when compared to the age norms.  The lack of parental care, a mother’s caress and physical and emotional contact in early infancy has affected the child’s psychological development negatively by lowering the quality of her behavioral activity.

There are no significant irregularities as regards Polly’s psychomotor development. She demonstrates satisfactory verbal, non-verbal and eye contact. Her strength is correspondent to her bodily development. The child has normal mobility and well-coordinated movements. She would benefit from active physical activities and sports.   The girl has adapted well to her classmates at school. Her attention is unsteady during the classes; she has limited attention span and low stability of concentration and can easily be distracted.

Additional medical information available.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.


ShirleyGirl, born February 2004
Cerebral Palsy

Shirley is a sweet girl who has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and high muscle tension in her legs. She has had surgery to help with the tension in her tendons. Shirley loves to play dress up with her dolls. She is currently attending a primary school and is learning a lot! Shirley has been living in a foster family since 2006 so that she could get more individualized attention. She go to therapies every day to make her body stronger. Shirley is able to take care of all her personal needs and is very independent. She has been taught about adoption and would like to be adopted!

$5.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


40205110952Girl, born August 1999
Turner syndrome

Please help find her family before she ages out (at 16)!

Nella is a good-mannered girl, studies well, reads much. Height 150 cm (4′ 9″) due to Turner syndrome.

$4.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


40205120325Girl, born February 2000


Calista likes to sing and dance.  She is a little shy, very positive.  She studies well, likes English very much.

$4.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


AliceGirl, born December 2003
Developmental Delay

Alice is 9 years old and is very caring and sweet. She is diagnosed as being developmentally delayed, but the volunteer at camp found her to be a very smart girl who loves chatting about everything around her!!

What Alice’s camp counselor had to say:
“I am writing about my girl Alice whom I worked with at camp for a week. Alice is such a great girl! She is 9 years old, loves crafts, singing and dancing in front of people in her own way, and taking care of others. As I watched her, I noticed how kind and sweet she is. Alice is so kind to others, especially children who are with her, or those she lives with at her orphanage.

One of the best moments I had with Alice was when we read our goodbye letters to each other. She seems so tough and tried not to show her emotions to me all week, but when I read my letter to her and she read her letter to me, she started crying. She cried for a very long time, which made me emotional and she turned and looked at me and whispered “I love you.” It broke my heart, but made me so thankful to have this sweet girl in my life that I didn’t realize I needed, until God placed her there.

Alice looks a little small for her age, but has no physical needs. She is very active, talks a lot once she gets to know you, and like I have said before, LOVES kids! It is so neat to see her take care of those around her, make sure they have enough to drink, to eat, and that they are clothed well. Any family would be so blessed to have Alice in their life and I hope you consider adopting her!! She is so amazing and I’m blessed to know her and call her my little sister.”

$18.41 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


SaraGirl, born November 2000 (ages out 11/8/2014)
Poor eyesight, slight inversion of foot


Sweet Sara is described as active and outgoing. She is polite and has to work hard in school (perhaps an eyesight issue?). She likes barbie dolls, playing house with other children and running. Sara is respectful to her elders and loves younger children. She is a a ind child who wins the love of others. This sweet child is waiting for a family to love.

$300.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Girl, Born November 8, 2003

Little Bridget is a beautiful girl, but impacted by many medical complications.  She will so benefit from a loving family who can help her achiever her very best!   She is blessed to still be at a wonderful baby house, but she si facing imminent transfer and will spend the rest of her short life bedridden if she is not adopted.   Please consider Bridget!
From her medical records:  nystagmus, cerebral palsy, convulsive syndrome, severe mental delay, congenital partial atrophy of visual nerves
Donations will be accepted for this child when further information is received.

Josie Lynne

Josie Lynne 2-001

Josie Lynne 3Girl, born September 2001
postoperative varus of feet

Josie Lynne needs a family PRIOR to her birthday in September 2015!

Josie Lynne cares for each person around her and loves to help. She helps her foster mother because she is concerned that her foster mother may get too tired from all the household chores. Her foster brother is blind and she always, on her own initiative, helps him to do things such as preparing toothpaste, getting water, clothes, and shoes, holding his hands and leading him when being outside. When celebrating the National Day they visited the zoo, she would tell her foster brother what was happening and the appearances and living habits of all kinds of animals. They even saw the pandas’ performances. She happily told him how a panda turned a somersault. She happily told him how a panda turned a somersault. He was excited and happily said, “a panda is so cute, Josie, you are very good at telling those things, it seems I see the panda.” Josie Lynne has studied in the Little Sister program for 2 years. She really likes school. Although she has poor ability of understanding, she loves studying with good learning habits and attitude. The teachers love reviewing her homework because she writes down words neatly and formally. Josie Lynne especially loves dancing with beautiful gestures. Josie Lynne is best friends with Elizabeth who is her foster sister.

$112.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Ember #426 OD

Mild developmental delays

Ember was placed in an orphanage due to the parents’ neglect and there is some evidence of abuse in the family. The girl has overcome her past and is now progressing and developing her potential – enjoys going to school and demonstrates the skills she acquired at school with pleasure; she is emotionally stable and her dominant mood is positive. She is usually lively, cheerful and talkative. She communicates well with the children and is taking care of newly placed and younger children by protecting them and comforting them. She has started to more and more explicitly claim a leadership position in the group of children. She has extensive interests and enjoys taking part in creative activities.

The girl has a positive idea of a family and longs to have a family.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.


30702000250Girl, born March 2003
Moderate mental delays; Microcephaly; Acquired deformity of chest and rib; Scoliosis



$22.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Rhonda #445

RhondaAGE: 11Rhonda update
Diagnosis: Hydrocephalus

Rhonda is VERY alert and aware. In 2012, her head measurement was 71cm. It has not grown since that time. She’s learning to push herself around in a wheelchair. She can control her head and hold it up, but still requires support to sit up. She loves being upright and gets upset when left laying for long periods of time. She sits in a positioning chair and loves it. She manipulate with objects-she puts cubes one on top of the other, puts wide rings on a fixed axis, she inlays 5 cubes with different sizes one into the other. She concentrates for longer time when doing something that is interesting for her. She likes listening to music and will share her toys with other children. She follows simple directions.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.


melody updated picture 1 feb2014Melody 2Girl, born May 2004
Developmental delays, possible mild Thalssemia

Melody is diagnosed with moderate delayed mental development and Hypochromic microcytic anemia- possible thalassemia or iron deficiency anemia. Her file mentions beta thalassemia minor, but it does not appear that she receives regular transfusions at this time. She may have thalassemia intermedia. A prospective family should be prepare for any form of thalassemia. www.choosingthalassemia dot blogspot dot com is an excellent resource to learn more about thalassemia. Melody does not have good motion development and her mental development is delayed. A prospective family should be prepared for mild CP as well, even though that is not on the list of diagnoses. She was admitted to the orphanage at 5 years old. At that time, she could sit, stand, and walk alone. After she got comfortable with her new surroundings, she was polite and could get along well with people. At the age of 6 years, she could go up and down stairs holding onto something and could pick her favorite toys, but her language development was delayed. She could greet adults positively. At the age of 8 years, her motion of both upper limbs was not good and her walking position was not normal. She could wash her hands, could put on and take off her clothes independently, and could button and unbutton. She is now receiving special education in the center, can recognize common colors and shapes, can participate in some simple activities with kids, and can read some short children’s songs with teachers and friends, but she cannot read alone. Melody is gentle and shy, can get along well with others, and is very happy when playing games with children. Occasionally she is obstinate. She likes to share toys and food with the other children.

$8.10 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Molly and Marcey #

Molly MarceyAge: 10
Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy- quadriplegic

The girls were raised by their birth family until they were 3 years old. They both have CP that effects all 4 limbs. Both girls recently had tendon release surgery to extend range of motion in their knees. Both girls suffer from muscle spasms common in children with CP, which impacts their motor skills.

Both girls can independently roll over and sit in a supported seat controlling their head and upper body with proper supports for their legs. Both girls will engage and interact with other children and caregivers by following movement with their eyes/head, reacting with laughter or spontaneous sounds and reaching for toys. Both girls have good hand/eye coordination and can reach for and grasp a toy/object and move it to their mouth. The girls are placed in adaptive chairs in the main group area so that they can observe and interact with other children, which they enjoy. The recommendation for their future care includes physical therapy to address joint contractures and prevent future ones, medication/treatment options to address muscle spasms, speech therapy and exposure to other peer models.


Because we only have these children’s file for a short time, they will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for them.


Isolde2Isolde3-2-croppedGirl, born 1999
Cerebral palsy
Additional information coming soon

Please help find her family before she ages out (at 16)!

Isolde is described as creative and eager.

From someone who met her:  Isolde is lovely. First I thought she couldn’t speak when I was there in the summer, ’cause it took her about 3 weeks before she would even say ‘thank you.’ But then she started to talk more and more. I started to do walking exercises with her. She could hardly stand on her legs by then. I practiced with her everyday and what I noticed is that she is a fighter. She worked so hard. She worked until she was bathing in sweat and totally tired. She wouldn’t stop before her legs couldn’t hold her anymore. Everyday we could walk further. First just one side of the building and in the end we could easily walk 2 rounds around the building. Though she needs quite some support. After the summer they gave her PT and she was walking way better when I was there in November again. She could walk with one hand then, which was totally impossible for her in the summer. And again she was fighting to learn more, but being inside the building all day would limit her. She is pretty smart too, I played games with her. One of the games was creating a ‘picture’ with little pins, just copying the example. The physical part of the game was the hardest. So we trained to pick up the pins, put them in and get them out. She is so wonderful! She smiles so sweet. She just stole my hard. In the beginning of the summer she had hardly any muscles in her leg and she was extremely skinny, but during the summer she got more muscles from exercising and in November she was doing even better. I’m so proud of this girl. If she will get the chance, she will reach so much, because she will fight for it. She would do so well in a family, because a family can give her the chance that she deserves and I know she will make the most of it.

Isolde’s best friend is Duane; who is also listed for adoption.

MORE PHOTOS AVAILABLE.  Married couples only, no parent age or family size restrictions, travel required.

$474.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Girl, born January 2002
She has moderate mental delays


What a beautiful smile!

Currently Tatumn lives in school orphanage. She is very friendly and easy-going.

$754.75 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Even if you can't adopt,

you can be a guardian angel for an orphan with special needs!

The Guardian Angel Program is part of our Prayer Warrior Ministry. To find out more about being a Guardian Angel, please CLICK HERE


photogirlGirl, born October 26, 2000
Spina Bifida, Requires walking frame and wheelchair for mobility
Twyla needs to be adopted PRIOR to her birthday in October!

Photo available for interested families.

Twyla is a spirited 13 year-old girl who is chatty and sociable. She is very adaptable and adjusts well to changes. Twyla enjoys playing on the computer, reading novels and doing handicraft work. She is now learning to do cross-stitch.

Twyla is intelligent and bright and recently completed her primary school education. She will start junior high school in September 2013. Twyla has an inclination towards learning languages but also enjoys mathematics. Twyla’s dream is to enter college.

Twyla was in foster care from 2004 and stayed with a wonderful foster family. Her foster family provided her with very good support and care during her growing years. However due to her foster mother’s deteriorating heart condition, the family is no longer able to provide full-time foster care and Twyla was returned to the institution recently. The family still maintains weekend contact with Twyla and continues to help her in her adjustment.

Twyla has expressed that she would really like to have a family of her own that is permanent, she would like to be adopted and can be provided with good preparation for adoption.

$2,949.32 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


BaileyGirl, born Jan 2003
Hypophrenia, muscular tension of upper limbs is low


Bailey is 10 years old. She dresses neatly and likes to be beautiful. She is shy but gets along well with other children. She listens well in class but has some difficulty understanding. She has some difficulty writing and with some personal care such as combing her hair, due to the low muscle tension in her upper limbs.
Additional pictures available.


$77.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Eva and Ella

girlgirlTwin sisters, born 2003
hard mental difficulties


Eva and Ella are twin sisters, and reside in a state care home. The agency will be able to request pictures for serious inquiries.


$15.80 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Girl, born July 2003
Diagnosis: hydrocephaly, mental delays


She likes to play, tries to walk alone, but needs assistance. She doesn’t speak, but understands much.

From someone who met her in 2012:
When I walked into the room packed with children, her smile and wave and joy stood out more than all the chaos and heartbreak and noise. She was a darling and I just know she would be amazing to have as a daughter.

$75.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


DOB: 12/27/02
SN: mild humpback

In Asia, many people believe it’s important to welcome the new year with new clothes. Eight-year-old Winnie is so proud of her new coat and is ready to bring in the Year of the Rabbit!

Winnie is a very sweet girl.  She is always smiling and is very outgoing. The nannies love her because she is an excellent helper! Cleaning the table, mopping the floor, making beds, folding clothes and feeding babies are all fun and games for Winnie. She has a little humpback (a frontward curving of the spine that causes a bowing of the back), but it is said to not be too serious. Winnie walks very well, although occasionally she is a little unsteady. She expresses herself well but has difficulty articulating some of her words.

$123.30 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Girl, Born December 2003

ABITaiHsu–Epilepsy, moderate cognitive delay

This BEAUTIFUL 8 year old girl needs a forever family of her own.   Heather is presently residing in an orphanage.

Health Condition: Heather has been diagnosed with Epilepsy.   She is currently on medication for this condition and reports state that she has not displayed any effects of Epilepsy since April 2009.   Heather has also been diagnosed with Moderate intellectual deficiency. According to reports, she had a brain injury caused by the suspected abuse from her birth father. Her psychological assessments show that she has a delay in cognitive and motor development. Heather has also been diagnosed with congenital myopia, astigmatism and mild strabismus. She currently wears glasses for myopia and astigmatism. The doctor related that astigmatism is mild so it is not necessary for her to have a surgery.


Likes & Dislikes: Heather’s favorite foods are rice with meat sauce, tapioca milk tea, chocolate, pudding, cookies, yakult, and candy. She dislikes carrots, noodles, vegetables, bean curd, and steamed buns. Her favorite activities are playing house, fishing, doing puzzles, drawing, and any active games. Y-W does not enjoy thunder, dogs, being alone, the dark, strangers, or caregivers having raised/angry voices. Heather very much enjoys school, especially singing and dancing. She gets along very well with her school peers.

  • Full medical and social info available
  • EASY travel (both parents for 4-7 days)
  • Relatively low cost
  • No more than 5 children at home
  • Married couples only, must be married 5 years
  • Parents should be 30-50 years of age and in good health
$118.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Girl, born February 1999
Affection of the central nervous system, spastic low paraparesis, myopia, hip dysplasia, mental delays


What a lovely young lady — she’s waited far too long for a family.

Please help find her family before she ages out (at 16)!

Additional photos available.  Married couples only; travel required.

$100.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


VanessaGirl, born Feb 2003

Vanessa is a quiet and active girl who has been diagnosed with albinism. She is a 10 year old girl who always has a ready smile. Vanessa likes jumping on the trampoline and playing with dolls. Vanessa first came to the orphanage at 6 months old. Now, she is 10 years old and has normal physical and cognitive development. Due to her albinism, she does not like to play in the light. Vanessa can move freely in the institute and likes to play with the other children. Vanessa enjoys watching comics and can communicate well with others. Vanessa can put on her clothing without help and can understand easy things such as the answers to “why should you wash your hands before meals”, and “the purpose of a cup”. Vanessa likes to listen to music and play with the other children. She is very close with her caretakers.

$57.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Mara (1) Mara (2)Girl, born 2003

Diagnoses: Mild mental delays, Hydrocephalus, cleft palate, Anomaly (congenital) (unspecified type) of pupil function


She was so sweet! She was playing nice with all the kids. Very lovable. She came up to ask if I was her mama? It broke my heart. She loved to be held.

She followed the care givers directions & was very well behaved!! With love & patience she would fit right into a family.


Married couples only, large families welcome.

$285.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Ivy #379 OD

379_PhotoGirl, born May 2003

This girl is almost 10 years old and her neuropsychological development is delayed as a result of her congenital condition – hydrocephalus. She is small for her age. She seeks other people’s closeness and responds with a smile when meeting unfamiliar adult. Her speech is underdeveloped and she doesn’t use language as a means of communications. She tries to imitate sounds and says the word “mama”…. She studies a special educational program at school. She sleep good and wakes up calm and joyful. She likes to play alone or observe the other children playing.


Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.


DaniGirl, born Feb 2003dina


Danielle is a sweet 10 year old girl who came to the institution at 5 years of age. She tends to have an episode when the weather suddenly turns cold. She will usually start to feel better after lying down for half an hour. Danielle is a very polite and sensible little girl. Usually, when she has nothing to do, she likes to help the nannies with whatever she is able to help with. She enjoys playing games with other children and really loves to talk. She is lively and open, and is well liked by everyone.

Danielle has become an active little girl. She likes to go jogging in the morning with the other kids and can run 400-500m. She did not attend school due to flare-ups of her condition, and because she has not been attending school, her intelligence is a bit lower compared to her peers. However, she has good language ability and can communicate with others normally. She enjoys singing songs and can recite some poetry. She can also write numbers. Danielle is also very hospitable. When guests come, she will warmly greet them, ask if they would like to sit down, and will shake their hand to say goodbye when the guests are leaving. She also considers herself as the Big Sister and will take care of the younger children.

Dani’s caregivers say that she is very hospitable, kind, and helpful. She likes to help clean up after the younger kids in the orphanage. Her favorite thing to do is SING!

$137.40 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!



Julia1 Julia3Girl, born 2002

FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome), probable secondary CP

Julia has such happy, giant brown eyes and a smile that lights up a room!


From a family who met her in December 2013:  “I have to shout for this precious girl for a moment…we are here now and we see her everyday at the orphanage. The pictures don’t do this dear one justice at all; she is gorgeous and so very sweet!!! She can’t walk on her own (she can if she is assisted!) but she is still quick! She comes over to me everyday and wants in my lap, to shake my hand, or give me a hug. She has SO much potential and I can just see the hunger for love and a Mothers touch in her eyes. She has been overlooked long enough!!! She is darling….truly!! ”

From someone who met her:   Julia is a girl that I know as the girl with the big smile.  Somehow she just seem to smile almost always. She’s a little monkey. Whenever somebody enters her group she would crawl up to that person and just start to climb on him/her. She doesn’t even need you to give her a hand, she’ll just climb up without any help and then she hangs on your neck, looking around, proud, as if she wants to say ‘Did you see that? Do you see where I am?’

Guardian AngelHer favorite toy is a doll. She plays with it as if it is a baby. Keeping the doll up straight, putting her down carefully. She feeds and clothes the doll. One of the nurses showed her how she should put a cotton diaper on the doll, she totally loved it. She even sings lullabies for the doll and she’ll ask visitors to do the same. She also loves to play with long hair. She really tries to make ponytails or braids.

Julia is able to walk, but her legs are really crooked, and she needs help to keep standing or to walk.  Julia is described as curious and enthusiastic.

$104.95 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!



Girl, born April 2002
Developmentally Delayed
Felicity is described as a very adorable girl. Her caretakers state that she is very quiet and introverted. She has good communication skills with familiar people and when with her friends and teachers/caretakers she is active, outgoing and likes to smile and talk. Her caretakers state that Felicity is shy when meeting strangers, but once comfortable she can express her thoughts well. She has made great improvements in studying. She can discuss and debate with friends, count, do addition and subtraction and read and write. Felicity is said to respect her teachers and get along with her classmates. She is healthy and participates in many sports. She helps out with younger kids and likes to watch TV, listen to music, ride her bike outside and put on beautiful clothes. She is not a picky eater and her favorite food is apples.

$22.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Serene #427

SereneGirl, age 12


Serene has been diagnosed with epilepsy in 2013. She is sociable and has established habits. She loves going to school – she attends a mainstream school and demonstrates specific interest in Maths.

The agency has videos available; she introduces herself, tells where she lives and studies; that she likes watching movies and traveling; write; answers positively when asked if she would like to be adopted and live with a family.



Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGirl, born February 2004
Chronic Hepatitis B


Tadee is a lovely young girl, hoping for a family of her own!  Her hair is adorable, with the multiple braids.


$101.70 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


The Reece’s Rainbow Prayer Warrior Ministry was created with three goals in mind:

  1. To lift the daily needs of each waiting child up in prayer
  2. To lift Reece’s Rainbow up in prayer
  3. To lift the families whom God is preparing for each waiting child up in prayer


Aurora (L)

AuroraGirl, born April 2002
General delays of speech & development; cerebral paralysis atonic-astatic form; wears glasses for convergent squint and farsightedness


Aurora has been in the orphanage since 2005.  She is being prepared to go to school. Special educator, speech therapist work with her intensively. The girl is active, willingly participates in group and in individual activity. Communicates with all the children. Wishes to be a leader, creates hers own rules. Is interested in puzzles, mosaics. Plays with dolls willingly. Likes thumbing and coloring books. Actively participates in games. Is able and likes ranging toys. Prosecutes orders willingly. She keeps to tasks consciously. Understands everyday vocabulary well, performs simple daily orders. Especially likes drawing classes. She recognizes main colors. When she gets angry, she persists, keeps silence and does not speak. Self-clean and hygiene skills formed. Orients in closest environment well. The girl is lovely, kind and smiling.

UPDATE November 2013:
Aurora attends a specialized secondary school for children who have speech development problems. She is in the 4th grade now. She likes to go to school, but still her motivation for learning is low. She is taught at the general level. The girl is confident in her self and very active. Independent, but is easy to distract her and she is impulsive. If there is enough stimulation – she will always perform well and will take care of herself. She chooses people with whom she is friendly, but with some persons she may be not polite.

Among the children of her age tries to get a leader‘s position. Sometimes she may pick on other children. When she is in her good mood she would play with all children and especially boys. Her hygienic skills are in place. Can take care of her own body. Is able and can take care of her room, can wash dishes, and wash her clothes. She helps other girls to do their hair. She knows the time, has very good orientation in the environment. She understands the value of money, but she goes to the shop with an adult. She knows how to work in a team. Aurora very much likes to paint and color, play with the computer. The top achievement – started to read book and she reads fairy tails. She participates in the dancing group.

$50.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Evelyn (1) Evelyn (2)Girl, born August 2003
Developmental delays


Evelyn is a pretty little girl who was abandoned at age 5 in a rural area. She had received no education and therefore is now a 10 year old trying to catch up with her peers. She is one of the favorites at the center. Several nannies take her home with them so she can experience family life. In the center she is in a room with 4 girls and 1 nanny. She is very shy especially around strangers. Evelyn attends the special class at school and is now able to count to 100 and on her own told me “thank you” although they say she does not understand many words in English. Her writing is excellent. She also loves to sing and is very talented.

Evelyn’s favorite foods are apples and chicken wings. Her favorite color is pink. She truly wants to be adopted and go to America….QUICKLY! (as stated in her own words!)

Evelyn has a $1,000 Special Focus agency grant

$27.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


JoyGirl, born August 2002
Mild dysgnosia


Her paperwork is old, from 2009 and it states:
For her better growth, we sent her into foster family. During this period, she become more outgoing, and will not afraid of people, and can call people. In kindergarten, nannies teach her dance, she study seriously, nannies and children all liked her very much.  She is a beautiful girl.
From a volunteer who met her:
Joy is getting better and better since coming [here]. With enough teaching and training we hope Joy will be able to live independently eventually. Joy was hit when she was little. We only spent several hours with her, but she wasn’t aggressive when we were there. She actually was quite caring. She can cook and do everything for herself. School is very hard for her and when she can’t do her school work it makes her very sad. Joy only lived with [the volunteer] for a few months, but she had improved greatly in that time. Her behavior was much better. She isn’t sure about her being able to live independently.

Additional pictures available.

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30702001143Girl, born July 2003
Moderate mental delays; Acquired deformity of chest and rib; Epilepsy


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Brilynn (2)Brilynn (1)Girl, born March 2002
cerebral palsy, anemia

Brilynn is one smart cookie! She is an excellent student and loves to learn. She is fond of drawing, listening to music, playing puzzles, watching cartoons and reading. Her favorite toys are Barbie dolls. Brilynn gets along with other children well, and is happy to share toys. She likes to laugh and make others laugh. Brilynn is adored by her caretakers. She is the perfect princess just waiting for her royal family to find her.

A $5,000 agency grant is available, and her orphanage donation has been reduced and could possibly be waived completely.

$1,259.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Carmen #1-9

DOB: 2002
Diagnosis: delays in all aspects of development

Carmen has spent most of her life in a family environment. She was raised by her birth mother until she was 3 years old. At that time, she was placed in a mental institution where the children are generally well cared for. At the age of 5, she was placed with a foster family. The family is missionaries and she lived with them for over 2 years, at which point they had to return to their home country. She moved from their home to another foster home, where she lived for over a year. At the age of 8, she was placed in a group home style orphanage, where she lives today. She was placed in the group home because her foster mother moved to a different town and could not take Carmen with her. The foster mother still visits her when she is able and takes her for weekend trips. She is well loved by therapists and others who’ve been involved in her care over the years and they’ve advocated for her to help her find a forever family.

Carmen is considered delayed in all aspects of her development. She feeds herself and drinks from an open cup. She walks and can go up and down steps independently. She cooperates with all self-help skills such as dressing and undressing. She maintains eye contact and responds to her name. Her speech is delayed, but she understands what is said to her. When she sees something she likes or wants, she will smile and clap. She interacts with the other children and participates in games and group activities. She is making progress in all aspects of her development. Her report has not been updated in over a year, so we are working to get information on her current developmental progress.

Holly Rose

Holly Rose (2)Girl, born Nov 6, 2000
Moderate mental delays

Holly was at a foster home, and they had to return her to the orphanage.  She will age out in November, and become unadoptable, when she is 14 :(

She likes to tell the people around her that “I love you”, if see the stranger, she will take initiative to greet “Hello”. Every day aunt taught her to paint, sing, play game and learn the Chinese words one by one. The effort of aunt made her improve quickly in each aspect, she can handle daily life, count from 1 to 30, especially make a big progress in painting, she likes painting, and tell her friends and teacher what she painted, she likes to have classes. She has colorful imagination, and often builds out various blocks shapes, if she builds up a house, she will be glad and want the aunt to praise her.

Holly is outgoing, kind, active girl, she likes to talk and laugh, can speak the sentences with 5 to 10 words in it, often ask some simple questions and good at communication. Usually she likes to watch TV with her friends, if see the picture she loved, she will be very excited and point the TV and tell everyone the name of the person and the meaning of the picture. She can handle her daily life basically, can use chopsticks, knifes and forks, can put on her clothes and shoes, brush her teeth and go to the toilet by herself. She is sympathetic and ready to help. She is clever, sensitive and popular girl.

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Emily (1)

Girl, born Feb 2002
Williams syndrome
perforate in the right tympanum

Emily (2)

Emily is believed to have a diagnosis of Williams syndrome, but her records reportedly say Down syndrome.  An adoptive family should be prepared (and approved) for either.

She can walk alone, run and jump, can communicate with other kids, watch TV or play toys together, she can put on clothes and shoes alone and can go to the toilet, she has normal diet, likes to eat sweet food and meat, likes to play games and study with others, can count 50 numbers, knows colors, big and small and picture shapes and so on, she is lovely and cute.

$10.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Tera #26-5

Tera_June 2013Age: 12
Diagnosis: dysplasia of right pelvic joint – condition after surgery. 50 % degree of disability without others’ help, was determined

Tera is 12 years old. She just completed 5th grade and is doing very well in all aspects of her development. She has age appropriate gross motor skills. She sings, recites rhymes and says her favorite subjects are math, drawing (crafts) and physical exercise. She can read and write well.

Additional photos and videos from June 2013 are available for interested families.


Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.


Y1999reign-2014Girl, born December 1999guardianangel



New current photo of Reign.  Nearly 15 years old and left in a crib to die slowly.  Imagine the transformation in her life if she had a loving family of her own!


Cerebral palsy, deep mental handicap

Bedridden and quiet, so heartbreakingly alone.
10 day wait often waived here.  Married couples only, larger families welcome.

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Girl, born May 2003

Bilateral hearing loss, right-sided hemiparesis, cognitive delays

What an adorable young lady!


Large families welcome, travel required.


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Girl, born February 2002
Mental delay, HIV

Creative, eager

Devora is a real sweetie pie! She loves to have her head rubbed, and enjoys being tickled. Her smiles and giggles are absolutely heart melting! She does not talk, stand, or walk as far as I could tell. Her idea of mischief is to kick off a shoe or hide her arm inside of her sweatshirt, and she’d giggle as these things were corrected.

She seemed to find it very amusing when I would ask her where her hand was, then say “There it is” as I removed it from inside of her shirt. This became a game, and she would giggle as she hid her arm again as soon as I removed it from inside of her shirt. She is a very content little girl, and something as simple as a spiky ball could put a big grin on her face. I never saw her upset as long as she was allowed to play in either her bed or her chair, but she would become upset if I tried to move her to a more unfamiliar area to play.

$1,396.70 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Audrey #478

AudreyGirl, 11 years old
Epilepsy (for which she is undergoing anticonvulsant therapy), and mild mental delay

She joins everyday activities and has good leadership skills. Following her placement at the foster family (in April 2013) a positive change is seen in terms of enriching her passive vocabulary.

She uses simple sentences and makes up a logical text with them. A positive change is seen in the girl’s process of thinking. Apart from visual-figurative thinking, she is building skills for thinking aimed at problem solving and coming up with ideas and strategies. During her almost 1-year stay at a foster family environment, she has gradually been provided with options and strategies for solving problems.

This girl has built self-service habits. She is keeping her clothes clean, combing her hair, keeping her belongings in order and helping with laying and cleaning the table. She can make a sandwich for herself if she is hungry.

She is very empathetic and has a heart for weak, hurt or abandoned animals. She has started manifesting this character trait of hers after her placement in the foster family. The foster family has successfully provided emotional comfort, a feeling of safety and support to the child.
Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.


Laura LLGirl, born August 2004
Cerebral Palsy

Beautiful Laura is said to like to read and play with toys. From her file.. “When meeting a stranger she shows timid facial expressions initially, but as long as the stranger smiles kindly to her and play toys with her, she will accept and share her joy with the stranger gradually. In a word she is an adorable and good child.” Laura’s lower limbs are impacted and she needs to use a walker to help her stand up and to walk. She can communicate with others with simple words, but does not speak loudly. Laura is quite independent and can feed and dress herself. At times she needs reminders to use the bathroom. This sweet girl has been waiting a long time for a family. Are you the family she waits for?

$59.49 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


yanakrem-3Girl, Born June 19, 2004


Yasmine is walking sunshine!  What a glorious smile and a personality to match!  Yasmine was born with CP.  She has congeinital hydrocephaly as well.   Her feet/ankles are turned in, but she is able to pull to a stand and tries so hard to get around!   Surgery and therapy can make a world of difference for this darling little girl.
She is already 8 and facing the institution soon.    She is blessed to still be at the baby house.
Let’s find a family for her FAST!!!
More photos available, please inquire.  Older parents and large families welcome.  MARRIED COUPLES ONLY.  Travel required.
$2,347.10 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Girl, Born February 2004

SIGNIFICANT RISK, PLEASE ADOPT ME SOON!!  Valerie has been transferred.

Isn’t Valerie cute??  She is diagnosed with hypothyroidism.  She also has strabismus (crossed/lazy eyes).    She is diagnosed with developmental delay, and shows many of the facial characteristics of a child with FAS (Fetal Alcohol syndrome).  But she is a darling girl, very active, loving and affectionate!   She is facing the institution soon.  I hope a family is out there waiting just for her!

If you are unfamiliar with FAS, please spend some time researching this condition.  Just as with Down syndrome, FAS and FAE have a wide variation of effects on each child, both medically, physically, and cognitively.   This is typically dependent on how long during the pregnancy the mother consumed alcohol, and of course, how much.   There is no way to know this ahead of time.


Donations will be accepted for this child when further information is received.