Girls with Down Syndrome, 10 and older

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Older Child Grant — Down Syndrome

Lana Dec 2015Adam 2014_2jayce-aBeginning May 6, 2016, children age 10 & up are eligible for a $10,000 grant.  Older children with Down syndrome currently have $508,000+ available, which creates **50** $10,000 grants!

**3** of these grants have already been awarded!

Additional information available on the new Older Child Grant policy.

For a list of children who are eligible for these grant funds:  Older Boys with Down Syndrome  and  Older Girls with Down SyndromeBeth

To donate to the Older Child Grants (Down syndrome) and help the grant pool grow:

Your gift will serve ALL of the children, as 10% of each Waiting Child Donation is shared with our Voice of Hope fund, as well!

For more information on how to adopt this child, please visit our Contact Page.

Checks can be mailed to:  Reece’s Rainbow
PO Box 277
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katrina2014Girl, Born December 2001
Down syndrome

Listed:  January 31, 2012

Oh what a miracle, to have an updated photo of Katrina!!!    And there is the light I  knew had to be there!   She doesn’t realize it, but now that she has a profile here on Reece’s Rainbow, Katrina has a CHANCE…a chance for a new life, a family of her own, to get out of these four walls and to have something to smile about.


From her medical records:  Down syndrome, significant cognitive delay (coupled with FAS), flatfoot, partial atrophy of optic nerves, esotropia, secondary cardiomyopathy.

From a missionary who visited in August 2014:   “Katrina is such a clever little munchkin. She mimics lots of different things, massage therapy, diapers changes, hammering in nails. Pulling faces the whole time, she is hilarious!  She loves cuddles and once she has you she doesn’t want to let go.  She still drinks from a bottle.  She can walk.  She cannot talk (yet). She can be a bit rough at times (scratching / hitting / pushing) so would be better in a family with bigger kids. She just wants to be loved. “


From a missionary who visited with her in March 2012: Oh my heart…I so wanted to bring her home!   She is a giggly soft hearted darling…she needs a mama!

From a family who met her, summer 2014:
Katrina was sitting in a stroller both times we saw her but I know she can walk. She seemed very happy to sit and listen to music during a concert for the orphanage, and she looked over at us with curiosity a few times. Her eyes are gorgeous. She was super cute and smiley, also calm and entertained when we saw her.

She was one of the girls selected for the group home, and the individual attention and instruction should really help her transition into a family! Even though she is getting better care right now, she would make even more progress in a real home. She needs a family!

Katrina and Tania can be adopted together if a family is approved and interested.   10 day wait often waived here.  Married couples only, larger families welcome.

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***

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Niamh-smallerGirl, born 2005

Nina is a lovely little girl who has Down Syndrome and a congenital heart defect. Nina has also previously had kidney stones.

Listed November 15, 2012

Nina lives in a foster family and loves to play with her foster sibling from the orphanage. She also enjoys watching cartoons and playing outdoors. Nina is an introverted girl and is very well behaved. She is not receiving any special treatment or rehabilitation, and it is clear that she would greatly benefit from the attention of a loving family.

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***

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AnnaliseGirl, Born August 2003
Annalise Photo 2014 - April 2014Down syndrome, CHD (repaired)

Listed: September 22, 2013

This energy filled and vibrant little girl was born with Down syndrome in August of 2003 and is ready for an active family with lots of structure.  She can understand and speak two languages, including English. She had surgery to repair a heart defect in 2003, but has required no additional treatment.  Annalise is beaming with sunshine and loves cell phones and cameras, like all curious little girls!  She loves to be the center of attention and is very smart!

Updated April 2014:

Annalise is an active, friendly girl who speaks clearly with an extensive vocabulary. She uses short sentences and understands two languages, one of them English. Annalise walks independently, including up and down stairs.  Annalise has great self-help skills. She eats and drinks as well as dresses and undresses without assistance. She can wash her hands and brush her teeth on her own.

Annalise attends school where she has learned to count, recognize 25 letters, cut with scissors and paint. She can re-tell a short story and participates in simple games. Annalise likes to listen to music and dances very well. She would thrive in a loving family.

From a family who met her in March 2015: Annalise is a beautiful young lady with long brown hair and the most adorable freckles.  She is very sweet, but also quite independent.  She came right up to me and sat on my lap. She speaks some English and is very verbal in her native tongue.  The caregivers and other residents at her home speak English, so she has a good understanding of it.  Annalise is adored by the other residents and caregivers in her home.


*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***

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Girl, born Aug 2006
Down syndrome, CHD (post-op)

Listed:  September 12, 2013

Genevieve is a sweet little girl who is 7 years old. She came into care when she was almost 3 years old, and has lived in the orphanage since that day. Genevieve has Down syndrome, and has had surgery to repair the VSD with which she was born. She is HepB positive. She is a delightful little girl, who loves to sing! She can care for her own needs, and is helpful to the nannies. Genevieve is ready for a family!


*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***

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Regina collageGirl, born December 2004
Down syndrome, Congenital heart disease

Listed: April 10, 2013

Regina was abandoned at the Children’s Welfare Institute in 2009, when she was approximately 5 years old.

After admission she adapted to the group life quickly. She likes being praised, can get alone well with caretaker and children, sometimes can care younger brothers and sisters and can manage her life.Regina (2)

In late 2010 she entered preschool class. We design and make some projects for her. We find she is interested with colorful paper, she takes the colorful paper to roll and unfold repeatedly. She learns to use scissor to cut paper. She likes painting, use colorful pens to draw circles on balloon. She can put the toy blocks of the same color together which makes her can recognize color and make her fingers more flexible. Regina has had a great change in the preschool class, from an autistic child she grows up into a polite and helpful child.

After training (blow the balloon, tongue exercise and read Pinyin), she can speak “wo, wawa, mama, yao, buyao, hao”, can write some numbers and simple characters. Her limb ability is improved, she can ride a bike, can swing, can sit on the seesaw, recently he loves riding children’s bike. Once upon a time, they are singing together, she feel the student near her does not sing well and tells to stop singing. At the same time she is helpful boy, she can do what she can, can help the teacher to clean the classroom and pick up the toys together; in the dormitory she can help to fold the clothes. In the picnic, she can pull child’s hand positively and can have a bag with food on her back. Through picnic and community activity, she broads her vision and improves her sociability.

She is confident, optimistic, polite, loving and sunshine child. She can perform actively when some guests visit the institute.   MORE PHOTOS AVAILABLE.

There is a special $5,000 agency grant for Regina, from the adoption agency that currently holds her file.

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***

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megan2013Girl, Born October 2002

Listed: May 1, 2011

Praise God for a new photo!  Isn’t she BEAUTIFUL!?   This beautiful girl is waiting for her forever family.   She has blonde hair and blue eyes.

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***

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Jill L22

photogirlGirl, Born January 2002
Down syndrome

Listed October 8, 2012

Jill is a beautiful young lady who needs a loving, experienced family.   She is considered profoundly delayed.  She does attend a school for children with special needs, and she does recv therapy and specialized care in her orphanage.  She is growing well (size-wise), but she needs full care.  She tries to walk but gets tired easily.  She has some autistic/institutional behaviors, and craves sensory input.

Full medical and social history available.  Wonderful program with a great agency partner.  Older parents, large families, and single moms welcome.  Families should be experienced with international adoption and the challenges of older children with special needs.   Photos available.

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***

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emmalyn-2015Girl, born May 2001
Down syndrome

Listed: May 25, 2012

UPDATE December 2015:  Emmalyn is a beauty, with her shy smile!  Emmalyn likes having her picture taken and is a friendly and happy young lady!

Emmalyn (along with Kinley) are in a facility for older disabled children.

Such a gift to be able to advocate for these older girls.  Large families welcome!

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***

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updated yvonne2YvonneYvonne-ChinaGirl, born July 2005
Down syndrome

Listed: May 1, 2013


Yvonne is a polite and friendly girl. “She likes to be tidy and beautiful,” said a visiting social worker. “So many times I saw her combing her hair.”

For the past year, Yvonne has lived in a group home in Hebei, China, where she gets to experience family life in the care of a foster mother and father. Although Yvonne has Down syndrome, she is described as “high functioning” for her condition. In the group home, she has taken on a big sister role and often helps her foster mom care for the younger children. Now 8 years old, she can read over 50 Chinese characters and count and write from 1 to 10.

Yvonne loves to perform and has natural grace. She was chosen to be the dance leader at her orphanage preschool. When she completes a project, she loves sharing it with her foster mom, and basking in her praise. Although she can be stubborn at times, Yvonne mostly listens and follows directions well.

Update Oct 2014:
Yvonne is outgoing and sensible. In her foster family, she is like an elder sister who takes care of her younger siblings. Whenever there are conflics between her siblings, she will do mediation for them. She acts like a little judge who is amiable but dignified. Therefore, her siblings all have faith in her. Yvonne loved on all the kids at the SWI too. She tucked them all in and told the visitors all about them.

Yvonne is also a good assistant of her parents in the foster family. When her foster parents are cooking, she always helps them with trimming vegetables, washing dishes or sweeping the floor. She does all these things as good as an adult. When her foster parents need to go out, she can take good care of her siblings so that let her parents don’t need to worry about them. She does so many things that her parents always praise her and love her so much.

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***

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Paige #68

Paige 568Paige is a sweet 14 year old girl who has Down syndrome, severe mental delay and hydrocephalus.

Listed July 26, 2015

She is calm and timid; often smiles; rejoices when receiving attention; demonstrates her attachment to staff members; produces sounds and she is visibly happy when someone hugs her; loves listening to music, watching TV and moving around in her positioning walker; loves it when someone reads fairy-tales to her; responds to other people’s speech; establishes contact easily; makes eye contact; engages in school work with the help of her resource teacher; looks at the pictures in children’s books.

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***

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Crystal L25

photogirlGirl, Born November 2001
Down syndrome

Listed October 8, 2012

Crystal is so pretty!  Dark hair and brown eyes.   She does have Down syndrome, but also has many facial features of FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome) as well.   Crystal has tremendous potential.  She has been significantly impacted by very poor vision and hearing, and that has resulted in lower cognition and physical abilities.  Imagine how her world could open up with medical treatment, glasses, and hearing aids!

Crystal can be assertive sometimes, so a family with older children is recommended.  Full medical and behavioral info available.  Older parents, large families, and single moms welcome.

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***

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40720103944 ElsbethGirl, born August 27, 2000

Down syndrome, mental delays

Listed:  July 22, 2014


Such a lovely young lady — she’s been waiting so long for a family of her own.

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***

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Dawn #17-1

Girl, born 2001

Down syndrome

Listed: September 2010

Update May 2012:
Dawn lived in an orphanage until she was three, when they moved her to an institution.

She just started walking a couple of months ago. She enjoys interacting with adults and playing with toys. Her favorite activities and toys revolve around music. She understands what is said to her but does not have any meaningful speech at this time. She reacts very positively to attention, smiles and cheers when adults interact with her. She attends a class at the institution, but does not go to school outside of the institution. She has not had the opportunity to experience many of the ordinary activities that other children her age are naturally exposed to due to the length of time she’s been institutionalized. She doesn’t have any medical or behavioral concerns. She just needs a family willing to look past her age to see her potential!

$10,204.30 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Your gift will serve ALL of the children, as 10% of each Waiting Child Donation is shared with our Voice of Hope fund, as well!

For more information on how to adopt this child, please visit our Contact Page.

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tania-2014Girl, born August 2002.

Listed:  May 13, 2011

She is said to be independent and active, and she especially loves to swing.  She is shy with other children, and seeks attention from adults, cuddling up when hugs and affection are available.

From her medical records:  Down syndrome, esotropia, flatfoot, secondary  cardiomyopathy.

From a missionary who visited in August 2014: ” she is full of energy, she’ll keep you on your toes. She eats very well and can feed herself. She can walk, run and jump. She doesn’t talk but she makes sounds. She is very boisterous and on the go, she needs big brothers in her life!

From a missionary who visited with her in March 2012:  One time the care giver made her sit with other children she was so desperate for me all to herself shecried! she really didnt want to share me.   This is seriously one child who wants a Mama!   She seemed so bright, there is so much potential here being wasted.   She whacked the other children to keep them away from me but I could tell she was not an aggressive child.  Tania is fiesty and able and just desperate for love!  I loved her!!!   I wanted to bring her and Katarina home.  Tania is always active and she loves playing with her swing set, unlike the other kids who rather just play with their toys. The child is a bit shy around the children of her age.  However, she is very brave and courageous when dealing with new visitors.  The girl suffers from a lack of motherly care and gentleness, so she is attracted to everyone who is nice and kind to her.   She hides her lonely soul behind the wall of her active and independent lifestyle.   But as soon as she receives a warm hug and a little love, the mischievous girl suddenly becomes docile and calm.

Larger families, older parents welcome. This region does often waive the 10-day waiting period!

From a family who met her, summer 2014:
Tania is such a tiny little cutie! I can’t believe she is still waiting! She was also a good friend of one of our boys. Every time he sees her picture he will call out her name.We saw her with the other kids from her home at a concert at the orphanage. She was watching everything and danced to a few of the songs. She was the size of a petite five year old, but proportionally small, not too skinny. Her hair is just starting to grow out and is so pretty. She waved and smiled at us a couple times while we were there with our sons. When everyone walked back to the homes after the concert, she got mixed in with our group as her caregivers were pushing wheelchairs and going more slowly. When our group pointed back to where her group was, she turned and walked back very agreeably. She had no trouble walking the fifteen minutes in each direction. We didn’t hear her talk, but she did seem to understand what the caregivers were saying.

She would do so well in a family. The home she is in now is more of a family setting with fewer children and more individual attention, but it is not the same as a real family and they can’t stay there forever. It will give her a great head start to transitioning to a family though!

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***

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kinley-2015Girl, born April 2001
Down syndrome

Listed: May 25, 2012
UPDATE December 2015: “This is Kinley. She is a great girl who loves attention. She tries everything the other girls are doing. She is nonverbal and makes her needs known by gestures. She understands staff. Kinley is inquisitive and very interested in what is going on around her. She is affectionate and a real cutie pie!! “


FINALLY!  A better picture of Kinley!  She is running out of time!  Sweet Kinley, she’s never has really had her picture taken before, but she’s trying!  It’s apparent she’s in need of dental work, and either glasses or surgery to help her vision.  Kinley could be adopted with  Emmalyn.  She’s already waited so long, let’s find Kinley her mama!


*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***

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JennieJennie sm
Girl, born August 2003
Down syndrome, malnutrition

Listed: April 7, 2013

The information we have for Jennie is very outdated.  We know she is walking, and as of age 8 she wasn’t talking.

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***

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SusanGirl, born March 2006
Down syndrome

Listed: October 29, 2015

Susan is active and outgoing. She needs some time to be familiar with strangers and will interact with you if you are familiar. She gets along with others very well. She can communicate with others basically. She would help others to get utensils out. She can walk; go up and down stairs alone. She could stack blocks. She is very helpful to other kids. She will carry chairs, clean rooms and pick up garbage on the floor.

Additional photos available from the agency.

From her host family, February 2016:
Suzy has adjusted well to being in our home.  She initially had some anxiety during travel in our vehicle. This seems to have subsided after the first couple of day trips. We believe it may be related to not being certain where we were going and if she would be returning to our home. At this point, after six days with our family, she seems comfortable with our outings, and seems to understand that we will end up back at our house by the end of the day. This comfort seems to help her. She does get sleepy while riding in the car, if traveling over 45 minutes at a time. She naps, and then readily wakes up when we stop, with no problems.

Suzy is staying in the bedroom with two of our girls, ages 11 and 8. She remembers our 8-year old, who was a close friend in China! She has bonded well to both girls, looking to the older one as a constant guide/helper/playmate, and enjoys playing with the younger one, too. The girls are often holding hands when we’re walking about during our outings. Suzy is very sweet to our youngest daughter, age 6, who is wheelchair-bound and cannot speak. She also gets along well with our two boys, ages 15 and 13. Suzy is an obedient child, and listens to what we ask her to do. She also does a good job with our hand gestures, use of English, and demonstrations with the other kids to let her know what we are asking of her. She is a good-natured child, and has a very pleasant personality. She often giggles and laughs, and is now saying “hello” to people we pass by in the stores. She also says “bye” to people readily. She is seeming to understand us better each day, picking up on what we are saying (in English) and motioning.

Suzy is eating well. She usually eats a small breakfast, medium size lunch, has snacks during the day, and a larger dinner. This is by her own choosing, as we let her eat what she needs. She enjoys the Chinese food that we’ve made or purchased. We have also had Chick-fil-A and made taco salad, which she liked. She favors rice, meat, and some vegetables. We had ice cream this afternoon, which she thoroughly enjoyed!

We have gone to the park on a couple of occasions, to the pet store, and gone shopping. We also went to church and to an evening kids program. We have invited people over to our house to visit as well. She really does well in stores, and does not reach out to touch a lot of things. She stays with us in the stores very well. She liked riding in the cart for a little while.

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***

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Lisa-2002Girl, born 2002
Down syndrome

Listed: May 25, 2015

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***

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Phoebe (2)Phoebe (1)Girl, born Sept 2005
Down syndrome, congenital heart defect, congenital trichiasis

Listed: May 10, 2013

At the time of abandonment she was 3 years old, still could not walk and speak. She is a child with Down syndrome from her appearance and still has mild CHD and trichiasis after test. At the beginning, her health was not good and often had a cold and fever. Now she can walk and her physical condition is good, just can not speak.

She is a little girl, but she likes playing with older children. She is restless and obstinate, likes doing anything.

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***

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RebeccaGirl, born summer 2003
Down syndrome

Listed: July 14, 2015

A family hosted her two summers ago and would love to see her find her forever family. They’d be happy to talk to inquiring families.  Comments from her host mother:

She is spunky, lively, funny. She had SUCH personality. She responded to love, to being held. She was strong-willed. Very much a “mommy”, too. But, if you had to tell her she did something she shouldn’t, she would break down and cry. So, I would hold her on my lap and she would curl up, close her eyes, and fake being asleep. She just wanted to be loved. She was funny, and LOVED to help. She loved sweeping and cleaning.Rebecca feeding baby

When here, we got her glasses but she didn’t like to wear them. She even hid them once. I would try to get her to wear them, but I didn’t want a “battle of wills” to develop. I let it go, and she would occasionally put them on. She had nystagmus, her eyes shook, and her head would shake a bit, too. It was very endearing to me. When she would insist on something she would stomp her foot, cross her arms, and give me a serious look. It made me smile. She can be bossy!Rebecca at pool

She LOVED swimming! The picture in the purple shirt and sunglasses is at the pool. Every day she would put her swimsuit on, waiting to go swimming, all ready to go in case we went! She blossomed so much! When she first came, she would not let me hug her, or touch her. I kept at it, she eventually curled up in my lap when upset. I would rock her to sleep.

She had the BEST laugh! I mean, with her entire heart and soul!! I. Loved. It!

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***

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BethGirl, born April 2005
Down syndrome, congenital preauricular fistula

Listed: April 22, 2015

Beth’s caretakers describe her as cute and obedient. She loves music class and creating dances to songs. Beth can write some characters in her native language. She does not have good expressive skills but is able to convey her needs through body language and simple words. She loves to learn new things and loves going to her class. Beth also loves playing games with other kids and helping out her caretakers.She has been waiting for a long time for a family of her own.

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***

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Paige June 2013 (3)Girl, born 2004
Mental delays. Down syndrome, cardiopathia. Umbilical hernia. Convergent squint.

Listed:  October 4, 2012

Paige had previously been living with her mother until she lost her rights.

She can sit independently and can crawl! Her speech is not well developed but she can partially understand what you are saying.  She has a very short attention span.

Update June 2013:
Lovely Paige has hair now!  She broke my heart.  She was just sitting on the couch rocking back and forth and didn’t respond at all when I came over to her. Poor, sweet thing!! The nannys love her, but she needs more than they can give. I am not sure if the move was hard on her or what but she just rocked and rocked.

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***

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Lana Dec 2015Lana Photo 5 May-2013Lana was born in June 2002 and has Down Syndrome.

Listed September 12, 2014

Lana is described as a very sweet, quiet girl with a beautiful smile. She is shy and does not speak, but she understands what is said to her and in her way answers questions. Lana can also carry out simple requests. Lana is obedient with her caretakers. She participates in games as well as group and individual activities. Her self-help skills are good. Lana loves to dance, likes everything pink, and is a very girly girl. She would thrive in a devoted family.

Update October 2014: Lana is a good girl who attends school where she participates in class and completes the tasks given to her. She is a very organized child and follows instructions. Additional photos and personal information available upon request from the agency.

Update December 2015: Lana’s caretakers are very happy with her. She understands everything that is said to her and even speaks several words now. She gladly goes to school and knows that she is in fourth grade. She continues to have a very sweet personality.  New video is available from the agency.

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***

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eva-2014Girl, Born September 2004
Eva Photo 2 rec. 1-21-13-croppedDown syndrome

Listed September 22, 2013
Sweet Eva was born in September of 2004.     She is described as an active, joyful girl who likes toys and to play games.   She is also very friendly and likes to communicate with people.

Update October 2014: Eva is described as an easy child who understands instructions and partially takes care of her own daily needs. She attends third grade.

Additional information is available from the agency, upon request.

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***

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Addison Photo 7 rec. 1-21-13Girl, Born May 2003

Listed:  September 22, 2013

Sweet Addison was born in May of 2003.   She has been diagnosed with Down syndrome.   She is described as extremely active, joyful and friendly.   She does not speak, but is able to let you know what she wants and when you ask her questions she answers by gestures and making sounds.   She loves toys, especially blocks.  She communicates with other children very well.

Update October 2014: Addison attends third grade and is described as a good girl. Even though she is still nonverbal, she appears to understand at least some of what is said to her and responds in her own ways.

Additional information available upon request from the agency.

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***

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pollypolly1Girl, born Jan. 2004
Down syndrome, Severe mental delays, Congenital malformation of heart, unspecified; Kyphosis and lordosis (curved spine); malnutrition

Listed: July 7, 2013

NEW PHOTO JULY 2016!!!  

Aislinn is in urgent need of an adoptive family.  She is already in an institution.  Please share her need!

Married couples only.  Large families and older parents welcome.

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***

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TrudyGirl, born April 2004
Down syndrome, Hep B

Listed December 9, 2013

Trudy has normal limb development and delayed mental development compared to other children. Upon admission, she was 1 year old and she was careful in her new surroundings. At the age of 2 years, she could walk alone, was curious about new things, her hand-eye coordination was improved, and she could express her emotion. At the age of 4 years, she could have eat and drink independently and could recognize people, places and objects, but her expression was poor. At the age of 6 years, she was receiving the special education in the institute. Her self-management was improved under the guidance of the teacher, but her accepting ability was not good compared to other kids of her age. At the age of 8 years, she could speak simple numbers and words, could draw, could finish some simple jigsaw puzzles, and could play with the toy blocks. Now she can wave her body along with the rhythm of the music, can read simple children’s songs and words, and can count 1-10, but her expression is still poor. Trudy is open, likes music, can get along well with other kids, likes helping people, and wants to be praised. She is happy when watching cartoons and walking outside.

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***

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Isabelle #2-2

Isabelle Sept 2013 (1)Girl, Born February 2002
Down syndrome

Listed: September 27, 2010

From her medical records:   The child is in a very good general condition. Elementary thinking processes are observed. She can’t speak but pronounces sounds and combinations of sounds: ba-ba, etc. that are completely random. She knows her name and reacts when called. She carries out elementary orders. She is not oriented for place and time. Her attention is unstable, her memory is mechanic.

In emotional aspect the child is calm, merry and playful. She enjoys the attention that she is paid and actively seeks it. She easily enters into interaction with the children and the adults in the orphanage. She has friends among the children and prefers to play with them. She reacts actively in musical classes – makes rhythmical movements, but almost doesn’t play with toys and prefers to put them in her mouth or toss them.

The child walks independently and carries out the orders of the physical therapist – crouches, stands up. She already eats by herself. She doesn’t signal about her physiological needs and is taken care of entirely by the personnel of the orphanage.

The child is being taught to put her clothes on and take them off on her own. The training for gaining life skills continues.

Single moms and large families welcome, easy travel!

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***

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Bryannah #8-3

Bryannahbryannah-2016DOB: June 2001

Diagnosis: Down syndrome

Listed: April 23, 2013

New pic June 2016!  Bryannah has been in a mental institution since 2011. She has been in orphanages her entire life, but was just recently registered for adoption in 2013. She has waited 12 years for a chance to find a family! She walks, plays with toys, responds to her name and attends a special needs school each day. She is not talking and still requires help with daily self-help skills.

The agency also has a video available.

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Amelia #2-1

Ameliaameliafromtoni-croppedGirl, Born August 2001
Down syndrome

Listed September 27, 2010

Amelia was born with a Congenital cardiac malformation – Fallot’s tetralogy. Surgery was performed in 2005 and her heart condition was completely corrected. Amelia is currently living in a mental institution. She is delayed in all aspects of her development but does receive therapy. She also participates in the granny/grandchild program at the institution. She walks with support. Her speech is developing. She is making sounds and can say “no” and attempts to say the word for granny. She responds to her name, follows basic directions, and plays with toys. She drinks from a cup and eats independently. She enjoys affection, responds well to being cuddled, and is a very happy child.

Photo and medical report were updated in 2014. SINGLE MOMS, OLDER PARENTS, & LARGE FAMILIES WELCOME, EASY TRAVEL

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Charlene (2)Girl, born July 2003
Down Syndrome

Listed:  November 4, 2014

This lovely little girl has Down syndrome. She is quiet, polite and likes to be tidy. In 2006 we sent her to a foster family for better care. She had great changes during the period in the family. She has built deep relationship the foster family and knows to care for her parents and people.

At the aspect of language, she can communicate with people. Sometimes she is slow in reaction, but she can express her needs.  At the aspect of cognition, her intelligence is the best among the children with this disease. She can recognize the things and objects in the daily life and knows how to do. She has no problems in study after repeat practice. At the aspect of sociability, she studies in the team, likes music and dancing, often joins the performance. She also helps other children and cooperates the teacher’s teaching. She is beautiful and lovely. We all like her.

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The Reece’s Rainbow Prayer Warrior Ministry was created with three goals in mind:

  1. To lift the daily needs of each waiting child up in prayer
  2. To lift Reece’s Rainbow up in prayer
  3. To lift the families whom God is preparing for each waiting child up in prayer


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Chessa2Girl, born 2005
Down syndrome, repaired heart condition

Listed: August 16, 2016

Chessa is a rule follower, very verbal, easily able to answer questions and express herself. Her favorite animals are a dog, cat and giraffe. She is mobile and able to walk and run. Although she needs instruction when showering, she is able to dress herself and is toilet trained. Her nannies reported that she eats very slowly. She told us that her favorite foods are watermelon, eggplant and oranges.

Her personality is described as outgoing, active, interactive with a good attention span. She is a very sweet young lady who loves singing and dancing. Chessa attends a special education class within the orphanage and her academic performance was described as pretty good. Her gross and fine motor skills are good. She is not able to read or write but enjoys drawing and coloring. Her language is easy to understand.

We are hopeful that a family will give her a chance!

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Guiliana (3)Guiliana (2)Girl, born January 2004
Down syndrome

Listed: May 20, 2016

Guiliana came into care when she was about two and a half years old. She has Down Syndrome and has been living in a foster family since 2007. In 2015, Guiliana can do self-care skills including putting on clothes, bathing and toileting skills and she attends school. At home, Guiliana helps take care of younger siblings and holds their hands firmly when going outdoors. There is a younger sister, who just joined the foster family who is scared of strangers and refused to be fed by foster parents. So Guiliana tried to feed her and surprisingly she allowed Guiliana to feed her. She is a helper at home and sweeps the floor after meals. Guiliana has good appetite and eats well.

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