DAVID & GALEN for the Jast family — OH

 photo fwbutton150.pngDavid smilinggalen-2016-2John is one of 11 kids and loves every minute of being in such a big family! While he never thought he would have a big family of his own, he is certainly warming up to the idea. Kelsey was born to be a mom and if you ask anyone that knows her, it is no surprise she has so many children already! John is analytical and precise while Kelsey tends to be a free spirit which makes them perfect for each other.

We have 4 wild and adventurous children, ranging in age from only 1 year old to 5 years old (there are twins in there)! As you can imagine, our life seems pretty chaotic to most. To us, it is full of grace, joy, and a whole lot of laughter. Our youngest was adopted domestically, and God took us a on a serious journey through that process of learning who He is and what His heart beats for. Before she was ever in our arms, we knew we would adopt again.

We prayed and prayed that God would give us clarity on what He wanted next for us. Kelsey began looking on Reece’s Rainbow and was sure of two things: God wanted us to adopt a child listed on RR, and He wanted us to look in Eastern Europe. When she brought this to John, he was a bit unsure and needed some time to process it and pray. While he knew it was what God wanted, he wrestled with the idea of where the money would come from after such a short time of recovery from our last adoption. We both asked God to put us on the same page. After about only a week, we sat down and talked. We were both sure now that, despite the uncertainties, God was asking us to move forward. He reminded us that He is in control and the single source of all we have, and every blessing we have is from Him.

Back to Reece’s Rainbow we went and prayed about a few different kids. We didn’t yet have a clear “yes” on any kids until one day when we searched “Newly Listed Children.” The very first little boy that popped up, we knew. He was who God had laid on our hearts and told us to pursue.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to be on this journey again and bringing home our son, Billy, soon to be named August! He is already so deeply cherished and loved.

Update!  The Jast family will also be bringing home DAVID.

12/5/16—APPT on JANUARY 31
*** $500 MATCHING GRANT!  When this FSP reaches $9,020, an additional $500 will be donated for this family’s adoption ***

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KAITLYN and KATRINA for the Richardson family — NY

Kaitlyn (2)Katrina_webready

Jaime and Chris married over 10 years ago after meeting each other at church. They started their family immediately, always knowing adoption would be apart of it. Right after their first anniversary, Chris and Jaime started the process to become Foster Parents and over the last 9 years have fostered over 30 children and have adopted 5 through Foster Care. In 2013 they were blessed once again by the birth of their youngest son, whom they adopted as an embryo. (He had been frozen for 8 years!)Richardson

The Richardson’s were greatly blessed to be matched with a 4 year old treasure for an interstate adoption through foster care in 2015. This little boy was very medically fragile and though he had a life limiting diagnosis, no one expected his passing to be imminent. Within weeks of being matched, their son became very ill. After several months of him being in and out of the hospital and the Richardson family living on and off in a Ronald McDonald house 7 hours from home, their son (in their hearts, as the adoption wasn’t yet finalized) passed away and went home to be with Jesus. Six months, to the day, after the passing of their son, the Richardson’s found out about twin girls in Asia, diagnosed with Down Syndrome, who needed a family. They immediately felt that these were their daughters and submitted a request to be matched with the girls.

This large family knows first hand how much the love and security of a family can change the life of a child and they feel doubly blessed to be adopting their princesses.

Thank you for your financial and prayer support in bringing this family together.

Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog at richardsontribe.blogspot.com

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LAURA for the Hadley family — AL

Laura Photo 3 Mar-2015AThe Hadley’s adoption journey is the culmination of a long awaited heart’s desire. Jon and Kari had discussed adopting or fostering multiple times. However, God was clear that the time was never right either through multiple military moves and deployments or Kari’s numerous (4) pregnancies. Then after the birth of their 4th son, Kari began to look for ways to use her love of running to help children in need. It was during the registration for the Walt Disney World Marathon that Kari found RODS (Racing for Orphans with Down Syndrome). Kari has always had a heart and passion for children and adults with Down Syndrome and a longing to maybe one day adopt a special needs child. Partnering with RODS allowed Kari to use her running in advocacy and awareness for children that captured her heart. Kari was glad she was helping a child with Down Syndrome find a forever home. When Kari joined RODS, Laura was not the RODS Orphan. Shortly after joining RODS, Laura became the new RODS Orphan. Kari immediately felt a draw towards Laura but it was a few months before she really began to try to find out more about her. Kari soon began to feel that God was directing her toward Laura but did not know how Jon would feel about an international special needs adoption. Jon was certainly surprised when Kari suggested that they adopt Laura. Jon requested Kari get more information on the process and Laura and from there things just took off. Every question asked was answered in a way that led Jon and Kari to feel that this was what they were called to do. All the information they could find on Laura only confirmed for Kari that she was the daughter God was giving them. Kari and Jon are now trying to bring Laura home in record time to join her four anxiously awaiting brothers.


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OWEN for the Miner family — AZ

Mark & Virginia Miner met at church as teenagers, fell in love, and married when Mark graduated from college. Virginia is a musician and artist at heart and an extraordinary mama for the kiddos. Mark works at the local university as an engineer & instructor, and is very thankful for flexible hours. God has given us four children: Ivan (b.2011) loves music, drawing, stories, and is excited for another brother; Gibbs (b.2013) loves to help out with dishes, yard work, and anything physically demanding or crazy; Ana (b.2002) came home to us from Bulgaria in 2015, and her smile and giggle have been a delight to us all; Evangeline (b.2016) is a jolly, crawly, little lady who loves to play with her brothers and sister. We are all excited to bring “Owen” home to our family and the blue skies of Arizona. We are thankful for our local church family and for all those people of God who are a blessing to orphans. Thank you for reading, and we appreciate your support!

12/20/16—FIRST TRIP JAN 14
Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog at iamtheresurrectionandthelife.blogspot.com

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LYNNE for the Grimes family — NY

Mike and Theresa Grimes met in a tiny college town in Emmitsburg Md. We have 8 wonderful sons ranging from 28-8 years old. While there is never a dull moment at our home we know we have lots of love to share. People keep telling us “your plate is full” our answer is “We have a lot of room in our hearts”.

Both Mike and Theresa always wanted a daughter and are thrilled to be getting her through the blessing of adoption.

We are so happy to have found Reeces Rainbow and are thankful for all of the support from this amazing community.

“Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for forgotten by everybody, I think that is much greater poverty than the person that has nothing to eat.”
– Mother Teresa

Please pray for our family and follow our journey on our blog:  www.bowties2bows.com


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ESTEBAN for the Boyer family — FL

esteban1Dennis & Cindy have been married 38 years and have raised 8 biological children ages 36 to 19 and 7 beautiful grandchildren. They started their journey of adoption 4 years ago with their little girl Adalyn in Russia, just 5 days after they returned home the ban became law. For a year with the other Russians parent they tried to bring her home and through the journey were open to children God would bring before them. They still Believe, Trust and Stand on Faith and Hope for the orphanage Gates in Russia to reopen for their little girl and all the other orphans that are caught in the ban. On Jan. 7, 2014 they stepped out to adopt their two little ones, Abraham and Sarah, biological siblings from Ukraine. Then the war broke out and Abraham and Sarah were in an orphanage in one of the 3 cities where the war was, but they still continued.

On May 7 their dossier was submitted and on June 7 they got travel dates. But joy soon turned to wait, it was unsafe to travel to their children because of the war. But they stood Believing in Faith against everything that was reported , because God continued to speak to Cindy, guiding her in each step, with clear messages of Hope and Promises. In July they found out Russia came in and tried to kidnap their children and the other 60 children in the orphanage but they were stopped. The next day the children were evacuated North to a safe region. For 6 weeks they heard nothing. Then in August God gave Cindy a date Sept. 27 and He also told her they would be home by CHRISTmas. On September 26 Cindy missed Nancy’s phone call and didn’t know it till 3 hours later. When she called Nancy, she was told the team thinks they have found a way be prepared to travel anytime. Cindy knew something was going to happen soon because of the 27 but it was still the 26, then Nancy told her it was the 27th in Ukraine!  If Cindy had gotten the phone call 3 hours earlier it would not of been. Our Father is Amazing…

On Oct. 4 Cindy got the call to book her flight. She booked it for Oct. 11 and had 1 week to raise the rest of the funds because she couldn’t say anything until now and she couldn’t fundraise before because no one believed she would travel because of the war. Long story short God did provide all the funds on her 2nd trip. On her first trip she found out that their little girl had open heart surgery a week before, and was still in the hospital. After being in country 10 days their 21 year old son was in an air crash with 4 fractures in his back. She flew home for 7 days and then returned knowing her son would recover but healing would take some time.

On December 4, 2014, just like God said, Abraham and Sarah came home with their mommy and daddy. It has been a year filled with Miracles,Blessings and also some of the most difficult times they have ever gone through. Helping little ones heal from being in a war, with bombing, is heartbreaking; seeing their little girl who was neither walking or talking, who is now running and never stops talking. Hearing their little son now leading and Praying over his little sister in Prayer.

Now God is calling us to step out again for our little boy. God gave Cindy the name Ayden Samuel awhile ago and now we know who our little Ayden Samuel is. Once again God keeps speaking and confirming. So they are stepping out in Faith again, Trusting their Father in the journey. Little Ayden had a family committed who sadly had to release him and Cindy has been in contact with his first momma. God has a perfect plan for each of our lives and our children, His children and His timing is Perfect. We can’t always understand nor do we always have answers but in all of this we can Trust Him as He leads and guides us. They are Blessed that Ayden has large fsp, but they will still need to raise the rest of the funds. So they are stepping with joy into another journey to bring another little boy into their family and will be so humbly grateful to any help given for their little boy.


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MICKEY for the OBrien family — OH

OBrienWe arrived home with Adhu from India on July 17, 2015 after a long, faith-shaking process. We thought we were done – our family was complete.

Big sister, new little brother, father and mother were settling into our new normal. We were bonding and getting ready to live our lives as a family of four.

But God had plans that we could not forsee. Plans bigger than us, plans for another child in need – of a family, of a future. Please pray for our family as we step out in faith once again.

Big sister, Big brother – waiting for “Mickey”.


Follow the family’s adoption journey at http://and-now-there-is-a-third.blogspot.com


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SALLY, LUCY and PATTY for the Adair family — MN


Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog at adairfamilyadoption.com





March 2016