MILEY for the Patterson family — TX

Hi! We’re the Pattersons. We’ve been married for 23 years (Wow, time flies!) and currently have five children. Our two oldest are in college, our next two are in high school and our youngest is in fifth grade. Four years ago we adopted our youngest, Joseph. The past four years have been challenging but SO rewarding.

For over 2 years we have wanted to adopt again. We had been in process with another country when the adoption could not move forward. We were heartbroken. We had been praying about who our next child would be and hoping that we could adopt a little girl.

Despite the unknowns, we are ready to plow through the paperwork to bring our little girl home as soon as possible!!  We appreciate your prayers and support so much as we begin this journey.

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MARY for the Nalle family — VA

maryRob and Julia Nalle have been happily married for 24 years, and have two biological sons: 22-year-old Benjamin and 18-year-old Elijah. They brought home their first adopted son, Aaron, in 2010. That first adoption turned out to be as life-changing for Rob and Julia as it was for Aaron; for it opened their eyes to the suffering of institutionalized orphans all over the world. Aaron’s institution was the saddest place Rob and Julia had ever seen, filled with lovable boys who didn’t deserve what was happening to them. The Lost Boys of Aaron’s world had no stimulation of any kind. They wasted their days in gloomy sheds— doing nothing, seeing and hearing nothing, idly waiting for the next meal or snack time to arrive. The sight made Rob and Julia want to help more of them find homes. Since bringing Aaron home, they have done their best to raise awareness and funds for special needs orphans overseas.

Their second adoption came in 2014, when they added John to their family. Though Aaron and John came from different regions and different families, they had the same name (Ivan), similar diagnoses and similar stories of abandonment and loss. Fortunately, John’s institution was far better than Aaron’s. Even so, it was more proof that any orphanage is a hard place to grow up.

After much prayer and consideration, Rob and Julia are adopting again. A little girl has need of a family, and the family with four sons has need of a little sister.

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Fully Funded!


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BELLA and BRANSON for the DiAntonio family — PA

bella_dec-2016Bernie and Marabeth met in 2009 while working together at a helicopter plant. Eighteen months later they were married in a small ceremony surrounded by their five children, Meghan, Nicole, Brian, Joe and Shane. A little bit later Michael, who is blessed with Down Syndrome, came along. Shortly after that came the youngest, Maggie. Adoption was never something they knew much about until 2012 when a family from their church adopted a child through Reece’s Rainbow. After learning, through the other family’s journey, more about orphan situation and seeing the kids listed on Reece’s Rainbow, Marabeth was deeply moved and envisioned someday adopting a child with Down Syndrome. However, at the time she was pregnant, with a one year-old, and there were several seemingly impossible obstacles to overcome.

Still, she prayed over the next few years for God to either open the doors for them to adopt a child with Down Syndrome or else to give her a more practical vision for their lives. Then on November 18th, 2017 she felt an unusual urgency to pray about adopting a child again and this time she asked God to show her the next day in a specific way if they were meant to adopt or else she would drop the idea. Well, the next day mountains started moving out of the way for them as they started seriously investigating the adoption process. On December 27th, 2016 they saw Bella on a friend’s Facebook page and felt would she be a great fit in their family. Her siblings are all very excited to meet her, especially her younger sister Maggie who has been very busy making a giant stack of drawings to give Bella when she gets home, as well as big plans to share bedrooms and ballet classes. Bernie and Marabeth are also anxious to get her home and help her to learn to live as a beloved daughter in their family. They truly appreciate any and all support, prayers and well-wishes as they go through this process to bring their daughter home.

9/18/17—TRIP ONE SEPT 22

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PAULY for the Shea-Dupuis family — CA

paulyBrian Dupuis and Jennifer Shea met through mutual friends and began dating over 12 years ago. They both fell in love with each other’s honesty, humor, and love of life. They were married almost 9 years ago in a beautiful church just down the street from where Jennifer had grown up.

Brian and Jennifer have always realized that they were incredibly blessed with an amazing family and wonderful friends. They always knew that they had a lot to give… the couple had talked about adoption off and on for a few years and had even looked at a few adoption sites over those years, but they had never felt that it was the time to act. However, this past December when Jennifer saw a little boy “Pauly” on the Reece’s Rainbow website, she felt an instant connection. For the next several days she woke up thinking about him, he popped into her head at random times throughout the day, and she went to bed praying that he felt safe and loved- and that he would find a family soon. After sharing her experience with her husband, he agreed that it was time to move forward.

Although the couple does not currently have any children of their own, they have many amazing nieces, nephews, and godchildren who they adore. And with the most supportive family and friends by their side, they cannot wait to bring their adopted child into their extended family filled with unconditional love!


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LUCY for the Speelman family — OH

 photo fwbutton150.pnglucy speelman-famThis is the Speelman’s second adoption. They have three boys, two biological boys and their third son who was adopted from Asia in 2014. The summer of 2016 they determined they still had a child waiting in Asia and Ginny began looking. She stumbled upon a little girl but due to changes in their family it was not a good time to start an adoption. J.T. started a new job in September and on the first day of his new job they decided to request the paperwork of the little girl who had now been waiting most of the summer. After extensive research on her medical conditions and treatment options they decided the Speelman family was a good fit for this child and began the adoption process a second time around.

Lucy likes to listen to music, gets along well with other children, likes to play outside on swings and slides, prefers to play with other kiddos than alone and is described as a fighter full of spunk. The boys are thrilled to be getting a little sister!  The Speelmans cannot wait to get their little fighter home where she will have a family to fight with her!

The Speelmans request your prayers for Lucy’s health, speedy paperwork process, safe travel, adoption finances, and for Lucy to be prepared for a family.

9/29/17— TRAVELING OCT 12
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KAILA and CONNIE for the Adair family — MN

 photo fwbutton150.pngadair-girlsadair-famJacob and Rebecca are the couple that everyone looks up to and inspires to be because they know each other so well and have the most open communication. Rebecca is very sweet and caring. Jacob is very supportive and understanding. They met online when Rebecca was 18 and Jacob was 19. Instantly there was a strong connection between the two and they got married in 2006. Their relationship grew and they had 4 beautiful girls but felt their family was destined for more as they grew by 3 more girls last year. Jacob and Rebecca’s strengths to support their growing family are through their faith and dedication to God and their family. Their weakness is the same as any family that has seen the inside of an orphanage; that their hearts are forever burdened with the never ending suffering of orphans that will never know the love of a mother and father. They strongly feel led to the ministry of adoption even more now that they have seen first hand how amazing adoption can be when they brought home 3 beautiful sisters from Ukraine in 2016. Overall, they feel their adoption experience has been one of the best as their girls have integrated into their family so easily thanks to the ministry staff and other orphanage staff who did an amazing job preparing them for a life with a family to love and support them forever. This next trip they intend to add two more wonderful girls (biological sisters) into their ever expanding and loving home. Patiently waiting for their days to travel, they need all the help and support possible to bring these girls home and welcome them to a lifetime of family, friendship, and happiness.

7/10/2017–APPT on AUGUST 7

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ANGEL for the Job family — CA

Angel (1)The Job family currently reside in Northern California and are thrilled to be adopting for the first time. Gary and Sasha have been married for nearly seventeen years and have been blessed with four amazing children. Their youngest biological child, Zoey, was born with a congenital heart defect as well as an extra chromosome – she has Down syndrome! Zoey has shown the family not only how strong she is, quickly recovering from open heart surgery at three months old, but also that life with Down syndrome is beautiful. The joy she has brought to their world is contagious and the family knew that one day they would add to their family through adoption … and they knew one thing for sure, they wanted a child with Down syndrome!

In November Sasha saw “Angel” on Reece’s Rainbow. Immediately something grabbed her, she couldn’t look away from “Angel’s” photo. She read her bio and sat there, staring at her sweet little face on the computer screen … she knew she was this little one’s mama! Soon the entire family had fallen in love with her as well. It was becoming clear that they were definitely “Angel’s” family! The financial aspect of adoption being the only thing holding them back, but after much prayer they chose to step out in faith … confidently saying “yes” to this sweet girl!

“Angel” is four years old. She has a congenital heart defect as well as an extra chromosome (Down syndrome). She is perfect and so loved! The family signed with the agency “Angel” is listed with and submitted paperwork in December. They got the best Christmas gift imaginable, pre-approval to proceed in adopting this precious girl. Now officially on their adoption journey, they are doing everything they can to get to her as quickly as possible.

They hit the ground running and began fundraising immediately – and they continue to do so. Please keep this family continually in your prayers and if you feel led, please donate toward their adoption to bring “little sister” (as they now affectionately call her) home!

Update: The month of May was full of celebration!! The family had been talking about names from the start and there was one everyone agreed on: Ruby! So they happily shared that Ruby is the name they will give their girl! Sasha & Gary celebrated seventeen years of marriage, woohoo … and then they all celebrated being DTC (dossier sent)!!!

July 24 was a most magical day as they got the biggest news yet: LSC (letter of seeking confirmation, aka “LOA” – letter of approval) … they are officially approved to adopt their sweet girl!

With the travel expenses estimate they’ve been given, they are just about $5000 shy of being fully funded!!! They have come so far and are so appreciative of everyone who has donated and/or participated in fundraisers! Just a little more to go.

10/11/17— TA RECEIVED

$5,613.75 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Angel has received a $162 Waiting Child Grant.

AMELINDA for the Terborg family — IN

amelindaJill is a single mom to two girls adopted from China. Jill always felt that she would adopt someday. She never thought that she would be doing it on her own, but feels incredibly blessed to be their mom. Jill adopted Ella in 2009 and Lexie in 2012. Both girls were adopted through the special needs program. They each have medical needs that require regular follow up but are very manageable now. Jill has found that she’s never really been doing this on her own, after all. God has directed every step and she and her girls are loved by Him as well as a community of family and friends. Her daughters are the joy of her life.

Jill and her daughters hosted Lexie’s best friend from her orphanage in December 2015 with the purpose to find a family for him. He is Reece’s Rainbow’s “Beau.” The two friends were reunited and he was recently adopted by family friends. That was a wonderful experience and Jill agreed to consider hosting again per Ella’s request. Ella wanted to host a little girl this time.

Jill, her daughters, and her mom (who takes care of her daughters when she works) looked at the next list of children available for hosting and were drawn to a 5 year old little girl. They watched her video and couldn’t imagine why she was still waiting for a family. Jill requested her file which had a long list of medical conditions in it that seemed daunting on paper but didn’t seem to fit the little girl in the video. Jill is an RN and felt like they could certainly help her find a family. Selah spent three weeks with them in their home last summer. They quickly fell in love with this sweet, funny, and determined little girl. Though she has challenges and the medical needs in her file proved to be true, it was obvious that they won’t define her. She doesn’t let anything stop her! Jill had a tearful goodbye with Selah at the airport when she went back. While Selah was here, Jill saw how well she fit into their family but hadn’t planned to adopt again and kept telling herself that she couldn’t do this… add a third child with multiple medical needs as a single mom… but she could also feel God saying, “No, you can’t. But I can.” After Selah left, she knew what she needed to do. Four days later, Jill emailed the adoption agency to begin the process to adopt Selah and bring her back to them, forever this time.

Selah has a long list of diagnoses and is in need of medical care and surgeries which may still include open heart surgery. There will be some travel required in the Midwest to provide her with the best options for medical care that will improve her quality of life. Selah is known as “Amelinda” on Reece’s Rainbow.

Jill hopes to travel for Selah’s adoption in the summer. Ella and Lexie are excited to bring their little sister home. They appreciate your prayers for the journey that lies ahead. “Once our eyes are opened, we can’t pretend we don’t know what to do. God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows that we know, and holds us responsible to act.” Proverbs 24:12


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Amelinda has received a $950 Waiting Child Grant.

KORA for the McAuliffe family — OR

 photo fwbutton150.pngKristina has been a natural caregiver her whole life. She is a single mom to three wonderful boys. Her youngest son is blessed with Williams Syndrome. Kristina has been a licensed daycare provider for 15 years. During this time she has cared for many children with sever special needs. She’s taken care of children with Cerebral Palsey, Down Syndrome, Spina Bifida, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, ASD, and of course Williams Syndrome. Kristina has always welcomes these children with open arms when other daycares turn them away. Kristina loves being a daycare provider because she’s earning a living and home for her own children’s needs. It’s the best of both worlds. Kristina knows the love of adoption because her mom was adopted. Most of Kristina’s family has passed away. Losing them so young has left Kristina with a deep passion for family. Kristina always knew she wanted to adopt. After seeing a friend fundraising through Reece’s Rainbow she began asking questions. Her friend introduced her to the profiles on Reece’s Rainbow. Kristina spent weeks reading hundreds of profiles. She knew she wanted to adopt but how? She had little savings, she was single. She just felt it was impossible. God kept whispering you can do it. She prayed about making the best adoption decision for her family. Kristina has no idea how she’s going to raise the money for this adoption. She has already doubled her work hours. She knows it’s going to take hard work. She is truly jumping in on faith.


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LAYLA for the Adams family — NC

Layla3_July 2016The Adams adoption adventure actually spans several years. It was a desire Diane had since she was young. Diane always loved children and raised a wonderful son (Nick). However, with pay equivalent to a teacher and single, it took several years to actually be in a position to be able to afford adoption. Diane saved over the years, but hadn’t quite gathered the entire amount needed to cover the expenses. There were garage sales and she grew a garden and canned the vegetables to save money here and there. Slowly her nest egg grew. Then sadly, her brother passed away after a long illness. Her brother was aware of her desire to adopt, and Diane was surprised to learn he provided a small sum of money to jump start the process. He would have been so happy to know that he had a part in her adventure.

In 2009, after what seemed forever, Diane began her first adoption. The referral was an incredibly small, sickly little girl in Eastern Europe. At the time of the first visit this little one-year-old was not able to sit independently, crawl, stand or support herself. She had digestive problems and was not able to absorb food adequately. It was felt she possibly has celiac disease or some other digestive disorder. She was failure to thrive, and the international adoption medical specialist said she had severe global delays. On the first visit, this little one looked up at Diane when she held her and just smiled. Diane knew that this little girl belonged with her. The adoption was complete in 2010. It was later learned that this little one was hearing impaired. Today, Makenzie is thriving in every way. While she wears bilateral hearing aids and does have celiac’s disease, her daughter reads in the top of her class and does equally as well in math. She enjoys gymnastics and is beautiful, loving and amazing in every way. She adores having a big brother, and he adores her.

In 2014, Diane began to feel that tug to add to her family again and pursue another adoption. She started having garage sales and her co-workers helped by donating items. She had a pastry fund raiser and even posted a go fund me page. Makenzie helped by selling homemade brownies at the garage sale. One day, in 2016, while Diane was looking on a web site that posts profiles of orphans with special needs, she saw a picture of a sweet little girl (Layla), in Eastern Europe. Layla had a rough start with club feet (now corrected), microcephaly and a genetic eye defect. She also had developmental delays, but she seemed to be a perfect fit for the Adams growing family. The Adams family is excited to add this sweet little girl to their family but still has a few financial hurdles before they can get there. We hope that others will want to make the difference in the life of this special little girl as well.


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MARTIN for the Cotner family — NC

 photo fwbutton150.pngcotnerWilliam and Lee-Ann Cotner had a whirlwind romance that has set the tone for their adventurous, fun loving family. William is an Active Duty Military Police officer. Lee-Ann is currently a stay at home mom but, with a background in education, which is where her heart completely fell in love with her students blessed by Down Syndrome. They always knew they wanted to adopt but, always dreamed it was when their four biological kiddos were older. One day in 2015, sitting at the breakfast table and scrolling Facebook, they came across the profile of little boy on Reece’s Rainbow and they immediately knew he was to be their son. In 2016 Harvey became an official member of the family. Harvey has been such an amazing blessing to their family. He is rocking his Down Syndrome and brings such joy to everyone his smile meets.

The Cotner children IMMEDIATELY began asking for another brother or sister. But, so soon after Harvey’s adoption financially, William and Lee-Ann knew it would be best to wait. Lee-Ann came across Martin’s profile and felt that tug. She kept going back to his profile reading it over and over for several days. She made the inquiry to the agency and saw the most precious little boy’s face. Three year old Charlotte walked over the computer… looked at the picture and said “Oh THERE’S my baby brother”… and that was the sign of all signs that he in fact was meant to be their son. They live by that saying that there is ALWAYS a way…you just have to believe and remember God bless the broken road.

William, Lee-Ann and their five children, Peyton, Parker, Charlotte, Quinn and Harvey are so overjoyed to have you as part of the adventure bringing Martin home. They are grateful for those that show their support both financially and spiritually. Every donation will leave a lasting impact on their hearts and helping bring Martin home into his forever family, where we will be a cherished and welcomed member of the family, who they can’t wait to see shine!

6/21/2017–TRAVELING JULY 7

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Martin has received a $36 Waiting Child Grant.

DEACON and PAULINE for the Newby family — NC

 photo fwbutton150.pngOur family was blessed with a miracle in 2014 when we learned after seventeen years of infertility we were expecting a baby. This little miracle would bring along an extra special combination of chromosomes aka Down syndrome. We couldn’t imagine the joy we had in store when he joined our family. Every milestone has been a celebration and we’ve learned to appreciate every moment.

When our family began to discuss adoption we knew we wanted to give a child with Down syndrome a home where they would know love and acceptance. We wanted to offer a home where they could thrive, grow, and know the love of a family.

After looking into the adoption process, we came across Reece’s Rainbow. After researching international adoption and learning the living conditions of children in orphanages our hearts were led to adopt via this route. We felt this was the way God was directing our path.

We are so excited to be welcoming a new child home! Our journey is set before us and we are ready for the joys and challenges.


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NOELANI for the Holt family — TX

noelani-1Jacob and Sarah had that “love at first sight” moment 13 years ago at Dallas Baptist University and never stopped living the fairy tale. Jacob is a Vice President at Alliant Insurance Services and Sarah is a fitness bootcamp instructor / stay at home mom with their 6 children ages 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 10. After the adoption of #6, they knew they had room in their hearts and home for one more and started looking at Reece’s Rainbow for the perfect child with “something extra.” The whole family is so excited to welcome their new sister, soon to be named “Noelle”!

Follow the family’s adoption journey at:

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Noelani has received a $360.95 Waiting Child Grant.


WILKIE and OLIVIA for the Ellison family — UT

wilkie-2OliviaAlmost 3 years ago while preparing his file for families to review, adoption worker Stefani Ellison first saw the chubby little face of an endearing toddler boy. His special need was Down Syndrome and he had an extra tiny thumb protruding from his right thumb. That should have been her first clue. He was giving her the “thumbs up” sign no matter what direction she looked at him from. He needed a privacy name and she named him WILKIE.

Months, then years passed, no family came for him. His file left her agency and was assigned to multiple agencies. Still, no family came. His file again returned to her agency and he was included in an Advocacy Camp in November 2016. Stefani was assigned to be one of the traveling staff and her teenaged daughters Alexa and Jaeya were lucky get to go help too.

Alexa has had an extra special place in her heart for Wilkie. She has watched him for years as he waited. She wanted to be assigned as his advocate SO BADLY and in the end she was. She did a fundraiser to earn her plane ticket. They went to camp and needless to say, Wilkie was amazing, utterly ready for them to be friends. While in Asia, Stefani made repeated online posts and plead for someone to find their son Wilkie. Why was his prospective mother not listening?

Camp ended and they said their heartbreaking goodbyes and watched him taken into the elevator with his caregiver. The doors shut on that bright face. Sob. They made the arduous journey home missing Wilkie with their whole hearts.

A few days after returning home, Stefani’s husband Stephen called her from work. He declared, “I need to sell my truck”. To ever see Stephen with that Dodge Mega Cab 350 truck was to know that the beauty was his baby. Stefani wondered what on earth must be broken with it and steeled herself for what was coming next. What she didn’t prepare for was the answer to her question why when Stephen replied, “I need to sell my truck because I think I am supposed to be Wilkie’s dad.” Simply that and hearts were turned and future’s changed.

They have received pre-approval, Stephen’s truck sold and other tender mercies have been shown to them. There is no doubt today that Wilkie is an Ellison son and brother. His time waiting for a family to know he was theirs had finally ended.

The Ellison’s have blended a family, adopted 12 children, been foster parents, and have stepped up many times to help kids from very hard places. It has been painful and sometimes utterly challenging but they are certain they need to step up one more time and bring Wilkie home.

So, they walk towards Wilkie. They enfold him. They will do battle for him. They will sign every piece of unending paperwork with joy in their hearts that they get to be part of this blessing. Please walk with them. Be a partner in their journey. Together be awestruck by what Wilkie will bring into our lives and in what he will give the world.


$5,200.86 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Wilkie has received a $2,119.50 Waiting Child Grant.
Olivia has received a $15,000 Older Child Grant.

CHIARA for the Simmons family — TN

Mark and Brenda Simmons have been married for twenty years and have five biological children ages ranging from 3 to sixteen. They have always had a heart for children and although having a large family had always been part of their plan, they had not considered that adoption was part of their life story. God was constructing other plans though, and had been working in their lives for many years preparing their hearts to love and care for others in need. They initially pursued helping children in need through the foster care system. After completing their last foster care class though, they came across the Reece’s Rainbow website quite by accident. They immediately felt as if they were being led in the direction of special needs adoption.

Mark and Brenda are blessed to be surrounded by family and friends who love and support their values and their desire to grow their family through adoption. God has always guided with love and faithfulness. Mark and Brenda and their children are so excited to be a part of Gods leading in this wonderful journey of adoption. Please help them bring a new child home to their family!


$1,526.96 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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STAR for the Gagnon family — AZ

star-10Adopting their youngest son from Eastern Europe, Stacey swore she could never go back. After seeing firsthand the children she had only ever read about, she stepped off the plane back home and wanted to put it all behind her. She didn’t want to remember the silence of the orphanage, the smell of tooth decay and urine, and the babies lying for hours on end in their metal cribs. They had rescued their son, Israel, and perhaps there were other ways that God would use them to help the other children.

But God had other plans and they learned of a little girl that was laying in another crib on the other side of the orphanage, the same orphanage they had carried their son out of. They learned about the horrible medical procedures the baby had endured and her need for a family. This sweet girl had an amputated left arm and right foot, and she needed a mommy and daddy who could help her grow into a strong, confident woman. She needed siblings who could challenge her to walk and run, in spite of her limb differences. This little one needed a home, and the Gagnons knew that they could make room for one more.

The Gagnon’s are excited to welcome home there “Room for One More”, named Star. And as they travel this journey, they would like to invite you to come along and support them in prayer.

Once upon a time, there was an old man who used to go to the ocean to do his writing. He had a habit of walking on the beach every morning before he began his work. Early one morning, he was walking along the shore after a big storm had passed and found the vast beach littered with starfish as far as the eye could see, stretching in both directions.

Off in the distance, the old man noticed a small boy approaching. As the boy walked, he paused every so often and as he grew closer, the man could see that he was occasionally bending down to pick up an object and throw it into the sea. The boy came closer still and the man called out, “Good morning! May I ask what it is that you are doing?”
The young boy paused, looked up, and replied “Throwing starfish into the ocean. The tide has washed them up onto the beach and they can’t return to the sea by themselves,” the youth replied. “When the sun gets high, they will die, unless I throw them back into the water.”

The old man replied, “But there must be tens of thousands of starfish on this beach. I’m afraid you won’t really be able to make much of a difference.”

The boy bent down, picked up yet another starfish and threw it as far as he could into the ocean. Then he turned, smiled and said, “It made a difference to that one!”

You can follow their journey at as they make a difference to this one; their little “Star”fish.

$20,365.52 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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ANNA and DOLLY for the Graham family — TX

 photo fwbutton150.pnganna-2016dolly-2017Hi there! We are Chris and Elizabeth Graham. Newlyweds. Mama and Daddy to Worth. Adoption advocates. Chipotle lovers. A musician and an artist.

In early 2015, I (Elizabeth) was living the single lady life when I had the craziest dream. In my dream, I was marrying the love of my life, and there right next to us was my precious, adopted child. It was breathtaking and vividly real.

By mid-2015, I was home study approved and eagerly learning the world of international adoption. After setback and heartbreak, I finally met my son, Worth, in May 2016, and he was in my arms forever on October 17, 2016.

Somewhere in the middle of that beautiful chaos, I met Chris and immediately knew he was the man of my dreams. Chris asked me to be his wife right before we traveled together to pick up my son, now our son. Loving Worth together has been the greatest joy of our lives. Some days are hard and messy and full of tears, but every day is overflowing with love.

Our prayer as a couple is that our love be so abundant that we have plenty to share with the world; now is the time to share our love with two daughters, two sisters for Worth. After months of praying and advocating for “Anna,” it became clear that she was supposed to join our family. Right now, she is locked away in a mental institution for adult men. Soon, she will be ours, forever home in our family.

With all signs and dreams pointing to adopting two girls, our hearts were led to “Dolly.” Without a doubt, she is our missing piece! “Anna” and “Dolly” are already in our hearts. Now we just need to get them home!

Thank you for being a part of this beautiful story. I can’t wait to see how it unfolds.


$17,472.45 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Anna has received a $1054.95 Waiting Child Grant.
Dolly has received a $344.16 Waiting Child Grant.

LANA for the Rice family — MI

 photo fwbutton150.pngKathy lives in West Michigan, where she was born and raised. Kathy was introduced to adoption – especially international adoption, and Reece’s Rainbow, when her daughter decided to adopt a little girl with Down syndrome from Eastern Europe. Her daughter and granddaughter returned home in December 2015. While following her daughter’s adoption and the year since, Kathy has helped as many families as she could, financially and prayerfully. She has also advocated for many children in need of families. Reading story after story about the life altering effects of adoption – for the child and parents – has been an inspiration to her.

After reading about the conditions children who have aged out face, and knowing those children would never know the love of a family, she knew she needed to do more. For the last few months Kathy has been contemplating and praying on what more she could do to help these children. So she is excited to announce that she is going to bring ‘Lana’ home before she ages out and loses the chance to live happily ever after knowing the love and joy of having a family!

Kathy raised her daughter as a single parent and knows the struggles it involves and the additional work it requires, but she decided that now is a good time to adopt an older child who is also from the same country where her granddaughter is from. Like her granddaughter, Lana rocks that awesome extra chromosome!

Any prayers and support, financially or emotionally, are greatly appreciated during her adoption process!

9/10/17 —FIRST TRIP 9/17
Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog at

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VIVIAN for the Morse family — TN

 photo fwbutton150.pngvivian-2016-1Priscilla and Dave are experienced parents and adopters who have had their eyes opened once again to a precious child in need. They are pushing full steam ahead to bring their newest blessing home, and would love your support and prayers as they work as hard as they can to bring her home where she can know love, family, support and get the medical care she desperately needs. She will be joining her three older brothers and older sister who can’t wait to have her home to dote on. Please join the Morse family in their journey across the ocean once more, to gently gather their sweet baby girl into their arms and shepherd her home.


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SYDNEY and ROGER for the Branscum family — WA

From as far back as Brianna can remember she has been inspired to adopt because of her sister. Her sister was adopted from Korea back in the 70’s. So, when Brianna and Josh got married it wasn’t a question that at some point they would adopt. They have almost been married 13 years and now have 7 biological boys ranging from 1 to 10 years old. The discussion has always been very open with their boys about adopting, but they have always said down the road. Maybe 10 years. Their 8-year-old is already making plans to adopt teenagers from foster care when he grows up. He talks constantly about adoption and ask every question under the sun. Adopting a special needs child hadn’t always been the plan though. Brianna has always been drawn to Down Syndrome kids and has looked through Reece’s Rainbow numerous times over the years. She’d always show kids to Josh, but they knew it wasn’t the right time. Special needs kids made him nervous. Then a little over a year ago he had a change of heart. He was completely on board with adopting a special needs child. Brianna continued to read blogs about other families adopting. One family in particular that was adopting 4 kids lead her to this specific country, so all she would look at was kids from there. One day though she pulled open 4 kids pages and when Josh got home she showed him. One adorable, little boy they closed instantly because there wasn’t a ton of information and it scared them. They both agreed to pray about the other 3 kids. Ultimately, they didn’t feel like God was telling them to adopt any of these 3 kids. A month or so later one of the pages Brianna follows on Facebook shared a blog by Wide Awake International. The little boy in the preview photo oddly looked familiar so she opened it up. And there right in front of her was that little boy that they had closed the webpage instantly on! It was love at first sight. His giggle and smile stole her heart. When Josh got home he couldn’t believe it. They both agreed to pray about this little boy, but already could tell God was speaking to them about him. A few days later as Brianna was carrying their youngest to the changing table after he had cried in the middle of the night she felt an overwhelming feeling that the little boy was meant to be there son. She texted Josh at work instantly and he agreed! They gave it fully to God to help them figure out the funds to commit to this little boy by Thanksgiving and He came through instantly. All their other boys are so excited! They had always begged for a sister, but the mention of a new brother brought no request for a sister and just the question of how fast can he be their brother. So now we are praying and doing whatever it takes to get him home and make him Branscum Boy #8!

Due to family circumstances that have changed they will not be able to bring the sweet boy home as planned, but a family leaving very soon is adding him to their adoption. Instead they will be adding their first two daughters!


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LAYLA for the Manuel Family — LA

layla-1Michael and Katie Manuel are proud parents to 5 (almost 6) amazing children. They started their family about 12 years ago when they welcomed home their first baby girl. Through the years they continued to have 2 more biological children. As they grew their family they never thought having 6 children, both through biology and adoption, was the journey they would take. But they knew all along they would adopt one day. Katie, has always had adoption on her heart even as a young girl. Both Michael and Katie share a heart for children with special needs and adopted their son, who was born with Down syndrome and a heart defect through domestic adoption. They continued to grow their family through adoption and welcomed home another son from Asia a few years later. Feeling like their family was complete, but still desiring to make a difference in the lives of orphans, the Manuel family decided to host a special 12 yr old girl over the Christmas holidays. Katie states “We saw her picture and knew she was special, we had no idea why we chose this specific girl, but we knew we were supposed to”. This amazing girl is known as “Layla” on Reece’s Rainbow. She is 12 years old and rocks an extra chromosome! Knowing her country has an aging out rule, they knew how important it would be to advocate for this sweet girl to find a family before she turned 14. She had a ticking clock on her future. The Manuel’s completely stepped into this process with Advocate only intentions. They have a special place in their heart for children with down syndrome and telling the world how amazing these kids can be. They had a plan to share her story daily so that the world could see how amazing she is, and she could find a forever family during her time in the U.S. Little did they know, she would steal their hearts. From day one, both the family and this sweet girl made a life changing connection. She filled their home with love and laughter every single day. Through much prayer and discussion, they knew what the right decision would be. Sweet girl was their daughter! This girl is a treasure! They could not imagine her fate if she was to remain in her birth country. Although it is apparent that she is well loved, because of her special needs, she would go to a special needs home at the age of 18. They also found out that she would be the very first child with Down syndrome to be adopted from this orphanage! They are so excited that a life in America is so bright and beautiful and full of opportunity for this sweet girl despite her needs. The Manuel family was so sad for their 4 weeks together to come to an end, but have great hope they will see each other again soon. They now have their daughter’s picture hanging on the wall. 3 sons and 3 daughters take their place in the frames of their home.

Michael and Katie are trusting the Lord for provision to bring their daughter back home. Funding another adoption was not the game plan for this family, but they know the Lord will provide through overtime, fundraising, and grants. Any support through prayer or monetary donation is highly appreciated.


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Chelsea Qi for the Regan family — MD

Chelsea Qi (3)Shannon lives in Maryland with her 14 year old son Alex. Alex is her pride and joy. After four miscarriages, and divorce, she still knew more children were meant for her family. She has been drawn to adoption since she was a little girl. Shannon grew up with physical disability in her family and knows first hand the difference love and support and good care can make in someone’s life. When she saw Chelsea-Qi’s profile, there was no doubt it was time to get the house ready for a little sister for Alex. Shannon is anxious and ready to meet Chelsea and show her all of the wonderful things Annapolis has to offer. God has called Shannon to adopt and specifically children with special needs. Waiting now is no different than the nine months she waited for her son to be born. Chelsea will be so loved and cared for and encouraged to live this beautiful life in the way she dreams. The Regan family (including Chelsea) is forever grateful for all prayer and donations in support of this adoption.


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JOHN, JAKE, and JARED for the Clements family — TX

We are Robert and Jennifer Clements. We live in Texas and have been married for almost four years. We both have a special love for children and a heart for serving our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We have each been involved in our nephews and nieces lives growing up and have served in children’s ministry at our church as well as doing VBS with kids on mission trips to South Texas, Cuba, South Carolina, Guatemala to name a few places across the world. We have been unable to conceive children naturally, yet both have a strong desire to grow our family. Adoption is prevalent on both sides of our immediate families and something we talked about while dating. We were introduced to an orphan hosting organization through Robert’s older sister and about a year ago we learned the story of 4 precious boys in need of a family. They had been living in an orphanage in Eastern Europe for over 6 years. We hosted the 3 younger boys (the oldest has been adopted by another family) for 5 weeks last summer and they captured our hearts. We were told a story about the youngest a couple of Christmases ago who all he wanted was “joy”, “love”, and “peace”. He told us our family gave him joy, love, and peace. We have felt God’s hand orchestrating the entire process of Him choosing us to give these sweet, active boys a family they deserve and to love them unconditionally as He loves us.


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