2015_Bulgaria_Zuelsdorf NicolaiRichard and Ella have committed their lives to adopting and raising children to be godly men and women. They have thirteen wonderful children and are returning to Bulgaria to adopt three more. Richard and Ella consider adoption to be their ministry. Their goal is to show the world that all children deserve a mom and dad, and that special needs children in particular bestow a special blessing from God. What better way is there to show that all people are created in God’s image and worthy of honor and respect than adopting a special needs child? What better way is there to teach us patience and perseverance, and to step outside our comfort zone? In pursuit of this goal, Richard Familyand Ella have purchased a large foreclosed home on 11.5 acres of land. They are filling the home with children. They believe children are happy and healthy when able to work and play outdoors. And there is plenty of opportunity. They have chickens, ducks, cats, and a dog, as well as a very large garden and an orchard. There is enough to do that everyone is involved. No job is too small! What started out as a ministry of Richard and Ella has now become the family ministry. All the kids are involved in the upcoming adoption and are excited to have new brothers and a sister.

Everyone is extremely happy to have found three wonderful children. Catherine and Mark are an older brother and sister pair who are very happy to be adopted together. Richard and Ella are also excited about adopting Nicolai, a two-year old boy with Down Syndrome. They have wanted to adopt a child with Down Syndrome for several years. The last time they went to Bulgaria, they were blessed to adopt a child with Noonan Syndrome. Now they have a chance to show the world that children with Down Syndrome are a blessing to all.


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Eden (2)Paul and Emily Jarrell are parents to two sweet babies who were born to them and one precious girl who was born to another.

Emily has always known she wanted to adopt. After meeting Paul, they were quickly married and quickly having kids. After the birth of their second child, Emily felt she should take a break from having more biological children (a feeling she didn’t expect). Within a few months, she was thinking about adoption for the first time since she was married. So, she began searching the internet for information. A few years earlier, she had spent five months in Eastern Europe; part of her time spent in orphanages. She began her search there.

She came across “waiting children”- terminology she wasn’t familiar with. She began reading and showing the profiles to Paul. “Eden” was one of the first profiles she found. She kept going back to it, despite the fact that she had never considered the adoption of an older child. So, she asked Paul what he thought about inquiring further. He said, “Go for it.” Before they knew it, they were raising funds and filling out paperwork trying to get to the little girl God had been holding for them for the past eight years.

Paul and Emily believe adoption is a picture of the gospel, of God’s grace to us. We are adopted into his family and given full rights as children, not because of anything we have to offer but because of his great love for us. Will you help them live this out?


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ZhenyaAdam and Heather met in University, where both vowed they would not start dating within their first month there, but knew each other was too special to stay apart! They were married fresh out of University and have been together for almost 13 years. They spent much of their married life traveling the world, embracing culture through study and teaching, until they settled down in a small city in Canada where they could start growing their family.

They knew that adoption was always something that they wanted to pursue, but aimed to start their family biologically first, only to have the unfortunate experience of 4 miscarriages and infertility. But God used their experiences of loss to bring them the most beautiful gift they could ever have received: their son Pierce, through adoption.

NO child should be orphaned. Every child deserves to be embraced wholeheartedly by family, to be loved unconditionally and to never go without warm hugs. And because they know this to be true, they knew that adopting another child, particularly one that may not be considered by another family, was what they wanted to do.

After watching a documentary called “Ukraine’s Forgotten Children” and through a process of many google searches about the plight of so many children with special needs in Eastern Europe, they were brought to Reece’s Rainbow. It didn’t take long before they came across a boy who pulled strongly on their heart strings; he was their son, a brother to Pierce, made in the image of God, His masterpiece.

Already there are so many friends and family who can hardly wait to wrap this boy up in love and adoration, even though they don’t know him yet. We cannot wait to get him home and give him everything he needs to experience the fullness of life and the love of God.

Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog at

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Mark & Virginia Miner met at church as teenagers, fell in love, and married when Mark graduated from college. God has given us three (soon to be four, then five) children: Ivan (4 yrs) loves music, drawing, stories, and is excited for another brother or two; Gibbs (2 yrs) loves to help out with dishes, yard work, and anything physically demanding or crazy; Ana (14 yrs) came home to us from Bulgaria in 2015, and her smile and giggle have been a delight to us all. We are looking forward to our new baby boy (April 2016), and excited to bring “Owen” home to join all the jolly brothers. We are thankful for our local church family and for all those people of God who are a blessing to orphans.

Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog at iamtheresurrectionandthelife.blogspot.com

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Mike and Theresa Grimes met in a tiny college town in Emmitsburg Md. We have 8 wonderful sons ranging from 28-8 years old. While there is never a dull moment at our home we know we have lots of love to share. People keep telling us “your plate is full” our answer is “We have a lot of room in our hearts”.

Both Mike and Theresa always wanted a daughter and are thrilled to be getting her through the blessing of adoption.

We are so happy to have found Reeces Rainbow and are thankful for all of the support from this amazing community.

“Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for forgotten by everybody, I think that is much greater poverty than the person that has nothing to eat.”
– Mother Teresa

Please pray for our family and follow our journey on our blog:  www.bowties2bows.com


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 photo fwbutton150.pngsabine-2015jessie1The Heirigs family is back. After thinking they were done building their family. God had other plans.

They brought home their oldest daughter from Russia in 2010. Which during court they found out she had an older brother still in an orphanage. After coming home they hired a Russian attorney to help get permission to adopt him. Months went by before they got the green light to start his adoption. Only to have the region freeze adoptions for investigations on past cases. This went on for months where there was a green light to continue. With all their paperwork in country, Bam! The region stopped again. During this process they reached out to the boy, sending him care packages and letters.

While Anne was doing research on the web she found Reece’s Rainbow. There she found a little girl that stole her heart. They prayed about this little one and starting her adoption. After submitting their paperwork to the country the next day new laws went into effect and the child had to be 5 years of age. The Heirigs decided to wait for her until she turned 5 in a few months. During that time a priest in country opened up his own children’s home and she was no longer available.

Heartbroken they just waiting for God’s direction. After a few months there was a beautiful little girl with the same need as the one they lost only back in Russia. So they started her adoption. During the end of their 2nd daughter’s adoption (2012) they were given the green light to continue the brother’s adoption again. A week after being home, Russia banned all adoptions to American citizens. The Heirigs were again heartbroken. They still keep in contact with him by talking on the phone and sending out care packages.

Now the Heirigs have been blessed with 2 little Russian princesses and are planning on adding 2 more little princesses to their family.

They ask for prayers to see these adoptions through. If you can donate to their adoption fund they would be so grateful and appreciated. Most of all they ask you to please advocate for all these beautiful children. No child should have to go without a family.

Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog at mykiddosandcrazylife.blogspot.com

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Skippy updated photo

JessikaWhen God calls, answer, say YES, and watch HIM work! Our journey up to this very day, our adoption of TWO children from China was planted in our hearts years ago.  I always dreamed of adopting children. Steve, too, has always had a heart for orphaned children. God reminded us of what He says in His word about “the least of these”, the orphans and the widows. We asked God to break our hearts for what breaks His. He led us to Skippy, who will soon be named Patrick: Our son. We said YES when we began to pray for him. We said YES when we were approached to host him. We said YES when God said “Adopt him. He is yours.” Then the fun began! God is orchestrating and conducting the most beautiful experience of our lives. Things happened quickly, money showed up at our front door, the perfect amount at the perfect time.

We were incredibly blessed to have Patrick with us for the month of December.  It was the most incredible month of our lives. This boy, our son, was here! Four weeks flew by too quickly. It ripped our hearts out to have to send him back to China. But we knew that God was in this and Patrick would be coming back to our family forever. That is the confidence and hope that we have.

All that Steve and I really have had any control over in the whole adoption process is prayer. We pray unceasingly and fervently for God’s grace and His will to be done. God knows our hearts and our fears. Finances are always at the forefront of those things, but HE has gone before us and paved the way thus far. HE is faithful and we know that all things work for the good of those who are called according to HIS purpose. We said YES, He said “Now watch me work.” We gave Him “God Space” to move in our lives. And He is.

Which brings us to another YES moment…not only did we pray for Patrick, but Jessika was on our hearts as well. Steve particularly fell for this angel. Her smile and her dimples snatched Steve’s heart, (and mine). God spoke to us about Jessika, quietly but incessantly. As we were preparing our fundraising events, we got a phone call. Jessika is available, and now is the time to go and bring her home. We said YES! (Surprised?) Again, we didn’t know how, but we knew who and why: Because HE is GOD and HE called us.

The journey has been nuts! Piles of paperwork, passports, reports, documents, exams, all the fun stuff that goes with the adoption process has been worth every minute, even the money factor. Who but God can speak to people and place them at your doorstep, literally, with your exact need and at the exact moment?  Who but God? Not one. Sure, it sometimes feels overwhelming, but each step gives us affirmation that we are that much closer to bringing Patrick and Jessika home. He designed this for us, He wrote our story. We are obeying and living our each chapter at a time with His loving direction. He wrote Patrick and Jessika’s stories, and we are blessed to be part of their book of life. We are their family and they are ours.

It does take a village, as we have often heard. Our village is full of incredible supporters, friends, family, and believers that pray daily for our family. Give your Father “God Space” in your life.


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esteban1Dennis & Cindy have been married 38 years and have raised 8 biological children ages 36 to 19 and 7 beautiful grandchildren. They started their journey of adoption 4 years ago with their little girl Adalyn in Russia, just 5 days after they returned home the ban became law. For a year with the other Russians parent they tried to bring her home and through the journey were open to children God would bring before them. They still Believe, Trust and Stand on Faith and Hope for the orphanage Gates in Russia to reopen for their little girl and all the other orphans that are caught in the ban. On Jan. 7, 2014 they stepped out to adopt their two little ones, Abraham and Sarah, biological siblings from Ukraine. Then the war broke out and Abraham and Sarah were in an orphanage in one of the 3 cities where the war was, but they still continued.

On May 7 their dossier was submitted and on June 7 they got travel dates. But joy soon turned to wait, it was unsafe to travel to their children because of the war. But they stood Believing in Faith against everything that was reported , because God continued to speak to Cindy, guiding her in each step, with clear messages of Hope and Promises. In July they found out Russia came in and tried to kidnap their children and the other 60 children in the orphanage but they were stopped. The next day the children were evacuated North to a safe region. For 6 weeks they heard nothing. Then in August God gave Cindy a date Sept. 27 and He also told her they would be home by CHRISTmas. On September 26 Cindy missed Nancy’s phone call and didn’t know it till 3 hours later. When she called Nancy, she was told the team thinks they have found a way be prepared to travel anytime. Cindy knew something was going to happen soon because of the 27 but it was still the 26, then Nancy told her it was the 27th in Ukraine!  If Cindy had gotten the phone call 3 hours earlier it would not of been. Our Father is Amazing…

On Oct. 4 Cindy got the call to book her flight. She booked it for Oct. 11 and had 1 week to raise the rest of the funds because she couldn’t say anything until now and she couldn’t fundraise before because no one believed she would travel because of the war. Long story short God did provide all the funds on her 2nd trip. On her first trip she found out that their little girl had open heart surgery a week before, and was still in the hospital. After being in country 10 days their 21 year old son was in an air crash with 4 fractures in his back. She flew home for 7 days and then returned knowing her son would recover but healing would take some time.

On December 4, 2014, just like God said, Abraham and Sarah came home with their mommy and daddy. It has been a year filled with Miracles,Blessings and also some of the most difficult times they have ever gone through. Helping little ones heal from being in a war, with bombing, is heartbreaking; seeing their little girl who was neither walking or talking, who is now running and never stops talking. Hearing their little son now leading and Praying over his little sister in Prayer.

Now God is calling us to step out again for our little boy. God gave Cindy the name Ayden Samuel awhile ago and now we know who our little Ayden Samuel is. Once again God keeps speaking and confirming. So they are stepping out in Faith again, Trusting their Father in the journey. Little Ayden had a family committed who sadly had to release him and Cindy has been in contact with his first momma. God has a perfect plan for each of our lives and our children, His children and His timing is Perfect. We can’t always understand nor do we always have answers but in all of this we can Trust Him as He leads and guides us. They are Blessed that Ayden has large fsp, but they will still need to raise the rest of the funds. So they are stepping with joy into another journey to bring another little boy into their family and will be so humbly grateful to any help given for their little boy.


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