CHAZZ for the Andrews family — TN

ChazzRobert and Serenity Andrews met while attending a Bible college in 2004. Their backgrounds could not have been more different – Robert was from the Midwest and former US Army soldier, Serenity was a child of a missionary family, who lived all over the US and in several countries including China – but they soon became close friends and were married three years later. Right from the beginning, God put the desire to adopt in their hearts. After having a biological daughter the desire to adopt was still very much there. Through a mutual friend and their adoption of a young special needs boy, Robert and Serenity were introduced to Reece’s Rainbow. Robert began reading the stories of those waiting to be adopted. When the profile for Chazz came across the screen, it was as if at that moment Robert knew that this was his son. He sent the web address to Serenity without saying anything more. Her response was “let’s do it.” God’s hand was definitely in this because when the adoption agency was contacted Robert and Serenity were told that Chazz was spoken for. They were both disappointed and yet happy that this beautiful child was going to a loving home. Days later Serenity was contacted by the adoption agency who explained that if she and Robert were still interested he could be their son. Of course Robert and Serenity said yes and now are on the long journey of meetings, phone calls and paperwork with the ultimate goal of bringing their son home.


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