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MikoBoy, born April 2005
intracranial hemorrhage; possible epilepsy

Miko is active and outgoing with a ready smile. He gets along well with other children and knows how to share. Sometimes, he would be prone to crying but it is very easy to reassure him. Miko likes to ride a tricycle, sit on the teeter-totter and play on the slide. He likes to do daily exercises to music. He has normal mental and physical development and is making continual progress at school. He is a favorite of the caregivers to take to visit parks, shops and other places. He loves to go on adventures! He also enjoys participating on the dance team and shares his ideas with others. This little adventurer is waiting for his greatest adventure of all, a family to call his own.

A $5,000 agency grant is available, and his orphanage donation has been reduced and could possibly be waived completely.

$5.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Brilynn (2)Brilynn (1)Girl, born March 2002
cerebral palsy, anemia

Brilynn is one smart cookie! She is an excellent student and loves to learn. She is fond of drawing, listening to music, playing puzzles, watching cartoons and reading. Her favorite toys are Barbie dolls. Brilynn gets along with other children well, and is happy to share toys. She likes to laugh and make others laugh. Brilynn is adored by her caretakers. She is the perfect princess just waiting for her royal family to find her.

A $5,000 agency grant is available, and her orphanage donation has been reduced and could possibly be waived completely.

$1,259.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Saul updated picture2 feb2014OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABoy, born December 2002
Nephritic syndrome, post-op cleft lip and palate

Saul is a very happy boy. He was eager to catch our attention and say hello to everyone. His caregivers state that he is outgoing and gets along well with his peers. They also stated that he acts out at times. Solomon was part of the Non-profit run Preschool/Kindergarten program and now attends the Special Education school in the orphanage. He loved the fishing activity at the park because his favorite animal is a fish! He was very determined to catch as many fish as he could. Who is ready to take him fishing and watch him reel them in?

A $5,000 agency grant is available, and his orphanage donation has been reduced and could possibly be waived completely.

$5.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


jonny updated picture feb 2014JonnyBoy, born August 2003

Crossed eye, repaired club feet, Bell’s palsy

Jonny is outgoing, clever and lovely. He is getting along with others well and can get along well with other children. His favorite activity is bouncing the ball and his favorite toy is Ultra-Man toy. When someone plays on the seesaw and slide he is happy. He is fond of listening to music. With the guidance of his teacher, he can do morning exercise following the music, and do some simple dance movements. He is happy to help others and knows to care about others; he is willing to help others. Under the care and loving of everyone, he grows healthily and happily. Everyone expects he will have loving parents soon.

Jonny has a $5,000 agency grant and his orphanage donation will be reduced, possibly even waived completely.

$50.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


HuanBoy, born November 9, 2002
Congenital deformity of both external ears and congenital bilateral atresia of urethra

Huan is clever, lovely, gets along well with others, but is not talkative. He sometimes need others to communicate with him proactively. He likes to go for a walk outdoors led by teachers. He also likes to play the seesaw and slide with other kids. He has good self-care ability in his life, and is willing to help others do some things he can do. All of the caretakers like to spend time with him, and praise him as a bright and sensible and good child.

Huan has a $5,000 agency grant and his orphanage donation will be reduced, possibly even waived completely.

$27.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Erickson #415 OD

415_Photo2_Aug13Erickson 415Boy, 8 years old
severe mental delays, agenesis of the left kidney

Erickson has a stable health condition and hasn’t been ill in the last year. He has significantly delayed neuropsychological development. He walks independently. He has good prehensile skills and responds to being called by name. He takes notice of his surroundings and makes attempts to interact and communicate with other children. A positive trend in his development has been observed over time.


Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

Trudie #416 OD

OGirl, 8-years-old
cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, hypotrophy, severe aphasia, severe mental delay

She responds positively to stimulation and contact. This girl has a good emotional tone. She is sociable and calm. She can reaches for, holds and manipulates with toys.
She cooperates with her caregivers.


Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.


RussBoy, born March 2001
Cerebral Palsy

Russ is a clever, active and quick-mined little boy. He enjoys school and works very hard to complete his homework. He pays attention to control his movements, but his hands sometimes tremble. He insists on using chopsticks to pick up beans, rice and soy beans. He practices turning pages of books, tearing newspaper, and writing Chinese characters to train the fine motor development of his hands. He is a happy child who has many friends. He likes to play chess and enjoys remote control toys.

Russ also enjoys sports and singing. He gets along well with teachers in his institute. Russ has stated that he wants to have a family of his own and live in another country. When people come to the orphanage to visit, he is friendly and asks them to take photos with him. Are you the family who will add him to their family photo?

Russ has an additional grant of $1000 available from the agency.

$5.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


AntonioBoy, born Dec 2005

Antonio is outgoing, active and lovely. Sometimes he will get upset, but after some teasing and reassuring, he is fine. Usually he is optimistic, likes to take part in the games to play different roles, and can feel happy with everyone in the games. He likes watching cartoons, and in particular when he watches the funny picture, he will laugh happily. His caretakers love him and he is growing up healthily and happily.

Antonio is a lovable boy who likes dancing and performing. He can get frustrated because he has difficulty communicating, which is normal for a deaf child with no formal means of language. Just think how his world could open up when he learns sign language. Will you be the one to help expand his world?  His caretakers are hoping he finds a family soon.

Antonio also has an additional grant of $5000 available from the agency.

$45.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


riley7Girl, born Oct. 2008
Congenital Heart Defect

Look at this cutie! Ryleigh is a sweet 4 year old girl. She is a quiet girl who is doing well with her foster family. She attends school and gets along well with other children.

Ryleigh makes friends easily and everyone hopes to find a forever family to love her! Are you ready to scoop her up?

Ryleigh also has an additional grant of $2000 available from the agency.

$18.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


photogirlGirl, born October 26, 2000
Spina Bifida, Requires walking frame and wheelchair for mobility
Twyla needs to be adopted PRIOR to her birthday in October!

Photo available for interested families.

Twyla is a spirited 13 year-old girl who is chatty and sociable. She is very adaptable and adjusts well to changes. Twyla enjoys playing on the computer, reading novels and doing handicraft work. She is now learning to do cross-stitch.

Twyla is intelligent and bright and recently completed her primary school education. She will start junior high school in September 2013. Twyla has an inclination towards learning languages but also enjoys mathematics. Twyla’s dream is to enter college.

Twyla was in foster care from 2004 and stayed with a wonderful foster family. Her foster family provided her with very good support and care during her growing years. However due to her foster mother’s deteriorating heart condition, the family is no longer able to provide full-time foster care and Twyla was returned to the institution recently. The family still maintains weekend contact with Twyla and continues to help her in her adjustment.

Twyla has expressed that she would really like to have a family of her own that is permanent, she would like to be adopted and can be provided with good preparation for adoption.

$2,949.32 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Trever #4-08 OD

Trever 408  (1) Trever 408  (2)This almost 8-year-old boy has moderate mental delay, cystic hydrocele and convergent concomitant strabismus.


He has built self-service skills (eats, dresses and undresses independently, potty-trained). He has marked progress in his speech development and tries to use more words and connect them in sentences. He interacts with children, albeit he prefers the company of adults.


Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

Silas #4-12 OD

Silas 412Silas 412 2010This 7-year-old boy has congenital deformity of the lower limbs (club left foot – after surgical correction; flat feet; wears orthopedic shoes); moderate mental delay; congenital internal hydrocephalus (slight, not progressive, no surgical treatment is necessary); some disturbances in behavior.

He doesn’t often get ill. He vocalizes and follows simple commands. As a result of the extra attention he has been getting in the last several months, he has demonstrated a good rate of compensating his delays and there has been a slight increase in the intensity of his psychological activity – he wants to go out, he demonstrates how much he enjoys going for a walk, he waits and gets annoyed when he is not taken outside at the regular time. He plays with toys. He helps the orphanage staff. He loves physical contact and initiates physical closeness with familiar adults. He likes getting individual attention.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.


Kendra (2)Girl, born July 2007
Cerebral palsy


Adorable little Kendra is receiving physical therapy and needs a dedicated family who can continue her treatment and help her to have a successful future! Update received from the orphanage in March 2013 reports that Kendra is doing very well with the physical therapy. She is not talking yet and is timid. She can walk, run, jump. She is still in diapers. She can follow instructions from adults and can get the attention of her caretakers when she needs or wants something.

Additional information and photos available for inquiring families.

$32.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Alec April 2014Alec RRBoy, born May 2011
anophthalmia, developmental delays

Alec is a beautiful darling little boy.

Alec was born with one missing eye, a condition typically corrected with a prosthetic eye. He has good vision in his one eye and does not appear to have hearing loss. Alec has developmental delays that may be due to brain damage or brain malformation, in addition to lack of stimulation in his first year of life. Alec was in the care of An Orphan’s Wish for over a year and then was transferred to Little Flower. In the care of these loving organizations he has made some progress in his physical strength and development, but he is still severely delayed. Alec can sit up and can make eye contact, but he is not interested in toys. Alec loves being held and responds to tickles and cuddles. He currently does not attempt to communicate verbally but he laughs and coos. Alec also has feeding issues. Alec needs the unconditional love of a family devoted to give him access to all the therapies and early intervention services that he needs to reach his full potential. These services are not available for him in China. He needs to come home to a family who will see the value of this little boy and shower him with the love that he deserves.

For more information, photos, or questions about Alec, please contact Nathalie.

$81.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Harvey HarveyBoy, born Aug 2008
Repaired cleft lip and palate, ptosis and corneal white spot on right eye, subarachnoid hemorrhage

Harvey is postoperative for clef lip and clef palate, which healed well. His intellectual and body development are reported as normal. He attends the preschool program at the orphanage and the last report at the age of 3 years and a half states that he can is toilet trained and has strong self-care ability. He is outgoing and gets along with others well. He likes to play and study with his classmates, especially on the slide, seesaw, and riding tricycles. Harvey has rhythm, and loves to dance. He is waiting to dance into his forever families heart.

From an adoptive mama that met him July 2013:
Harvey has a lot of personality and is very alert. He is very communicative and has no delays there at all.  He loves to help other students in the classroom and his gross motor skills are very good.

$5.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Robert-AsiaBoy, born September 2003
Complex CHD

Robert is a shy and quiet boy who is 9 years old. He has been diagnosed with complex CHD: cardianastrophe; left atrium structure in both sides; ASD; moderate back flow of common valve, double exit of right ventricle, pulmonary artery stenosis, and A-P fistula or window. Due to the severity of the condition for this little boy, he has not been able to receive treatment at this time. The severity of his condition does impact his daily life as he is not able to partake in intense actions. In 2009 Robert studied in the preschool and had normal development. His caregivers note that he is very cute and clever and gets along well with other children. He enjoys reading and playing games with friends.

$5.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Franklin-AsiaBoy, born May 2005
Postoperative left inguinal hernia and a cyst of pellucid septal cave

Bright eyed Frank is very extroverted and outgoing. He gets along well with others and is active and clever. He is 8 years old and has been diagnosed with postoperative left inguinal hernia and a cyst of pellucid septal cave. Frank has had no symptoms or discomfort so no treatment has been done for his cyst. Frank has been doing very well and has been living with a foster family since 2006. Under the care of his foster family, he has grown up healthily. Frank has a good appetite and likes to eat meat. He also loves apples, bananas, potato chips, and candy. He is not afraid of strangers and can say hello to strangers on his own initiative. Frank likes to spend time with his friends and loves cartoons. When he sees an exciting scene in the cartoon he will jump about joyfully. His favorite activity is riding bikes and going for outdoor walks in the summer.

$5.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Heath-AsiaBoy, born June 2004
Complete hearing loss

Heath is a cute 9 year old boy who was abandoned shortly after being born. Heath is still living in the orphanage at this time and gets along well with other children. Heath always has a ready smile! Heath has been diagnosed with complete hearing loss. At this time, Heath is wearing hearing aides and has normal intellectual development. He is very active, talkative and energetic. He can walk alone and go up and down stairs without help. Heath can hold a pen and imitate drawing. He understands big and small, pick out toys from the toy box, and can build 4 blocks. Heath enjoys playing games and likes listening to music. His favorite toy is a rubber ball and he is closest with his classmates.

$14.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


MilesBoy, born January 2002
hydrocele, mild mental delays
Miles is a tender and shy boy who needs encouragement when he is in a new place. He is quiet until you get to know him, but then you will find he is very clever! He is gifted at drawing, and he is very curious to learn new things. Miles gets along well with other children and is able to develope close relationships with his caretakers. He needs a family to call his very own.

A $5,000 agency grant is available, and his orphanage donation has been reduced and could possibly be waived completely.

$23.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Luke Anthony

Luke-4Boy, born December 2006Luke-1
Down syndrome


Luke is a darling, six-year-old boy who is described as active, playful, coordinated, well-behaved, sensible, and gentle.

Luke is so many things, including capable and independent. He can dress himself for the most part, use the bathroom on his own, and attends kindergarten each day, after which he spends the afternoons with his foster grandparents and tells them all about what happened at school.

Luke has learned some counting, likes to draw simple shapes, gets along well with his classmates, and remembers most of what his teacher tells him. He loves music and dancing, and spending time with his foster family. Luke enjoys playing with toy cars and bikes, as well as bouncing a basketball around the neighborhood. He is a busy boy!

Thanks to the foster care sponsors, Luke has truly thrived in his community and has developed a strong emotional foundation. He is very much loved by his foster family, and their greatest wish is that Luke finds a permanent, loving home.

$572.90 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Huey (1)

Huey (2)Boy, born May 2008
low weight baby when born, HIE with regional cerebral hemorrhage of the right side


Huey was found at the newborn department of the hospital when he was 2 ½ weeks old. He was diagnosed as low birth weight and HIE (hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy) with a cerebral hemorrhage on the right side. He has normal intellectual and body development, but currently he does show delayed language skills.

Huey is shy, compliant and quiet. He loves when someone plays with him and always laughs when playing with others. He can move his body to music and wave his little hands. He enjoys when others clap for him. Just think of the joy he would have with a supportive family clapping and cheering him on!

$22.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Zephanzephan updated picture2 feb2014Boy, born January 2005
Delayed Mental Development


Zephan was found at the hospital when he was 1 month old. He has delayed mental development and some lower limb weakness. Zephan is active, warm and generous, and has a ready smile. He likes to help other children on his own initiative. He likes to participate in classroom activities and he has good independence. Zephan is very interested and skilled in puzzle games. He will try new things. He likes to ride children bike with three wheels, play on the slide, and climb and play on the seesaw.

Zephan is a darling boy just waiting for his family to come and for it to be his turn to go home.

$25.65 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Willie (1)

Willie (2)Boy, born Feb 2008
Congenital symphalangism of both hands and feet, congenital left diaphragmatic hernia, bronchial asthma


Willie has characteristics of Apert syndrome, but not a formal diagnosis in his file.


Willie was found abandoned at the age of 3 weeks. He has normal intellectual developmental. He has polydactylia of both hands, polydactyl of both feet. Willie can count to 12 and is able to imitate drawing by using both hands to hold the pen. He gets along well with others and loves to do jigsaw and build with blocks. Willie enjoys the playground, especially the slide.

His caretakers find him a lovely child and they hope for him to have a family of his own soon. He is very interested in his surroundings and loves to taste food. Willie would be a great chef’s helper and willing taste tester for family meals!

Additional photos and information available for inquiring families.

$75.60 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


QuilliamBoy, born February 2004
postoperative intracranial hemorrhage


Quilliam was found under an overpass when he was 2 months old. He had 2 procedures before the age of 1 which left him with lowered function of his upper left arm. At the date of his last report he was 7 and was learning to ride a bike and taking saxophone and calligraphy lessons. His teachers say that he is a well behaved student who often gets small awards from his teachers. Quilliam gets along well with other students and likes to help.

He is an honest, outgoing, kindhearted child who loves to listen to stories on the radio and loves to share stories about his school day with his foster parents. Who wouldn’t enjoy having a son who actually tells you what he did at school instead of just saying “Nothing.”

$32.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Artie (2)

Boy, born October 2006Artie (2)-001
Mental development delay


Artie was found abandoned at the hospital when he was almost 10 months old. He is listed as having a mental developmental delay, but his report also states that he is a lovely and smart child. Artie was 4 ½ at the last report and could count to 10, imitate drawing circles and lines and recite and sing poems and nursery rhymes. His language is noted to be delayed, but he is an outgoing little boy who gets along with other children and loves to be cuddled.

He loves all activity involving water and thus, loves the summertime. How wonderful it would be for Artie to have a water loving family who could take him swimming next summer!

$10.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Jory bikeJory Feb 2014Boy, born July 2006
Spina Bifida (postoperative meningocele), postoperative right club foot, postoperative hernia (and one leg shorter than the other)


Jory was found abandoned beside the road at the age of 3 months. He has had corrective surgery to treat tethered spinal cord syndrome, meningocele and congenital cleft spine as well as right cross/club foot. He has normal intelligence. He likes to listen to music and sing. He likes playing with trucks, cars, and balls. His right leg is slightly shorter, but does not seem to impact him. He can walk, run, jump, and go up and down stairs well. He is currently in kindergarten and is doing well. He is patiently waiting for his family to find him.

$45.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Hicks (1)Hicks (2)Boy, born August 2008
Cerebral dysgenesis,bilateral rhinopsia


Hicks was found abandoned when he was just shy of his second birthday. He has normal vision with mild bilateral rhinopsia (strabismus) and also has cerebral dysgenesis(ie- some abnormal brain development).

He is an outgoing little boy who loves to smile and hug. He finds great joy in going to the park and going for walks. Hicks longs for a family who will include him in their family walks and park outings.

$22.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


photoboyBoy, born 2007
ADHD; moderate delays

Isaac is a little boy who was diagnosed with ADHD. Being neglected by his biological parents who used drugs and were unable to care for him, he was in the custody of his grandmother. Unfortunately, the child was overly punished by his grandmother for his inability to follow rules or to do as he was told. This child was removed from his grandmother’s home because his kindergarten reported signs of domestic abuse. The child described that he would get in trouble for things like not being able to control his bladder, so he would hide his soiled clothes.

In Isaac’s diagnosis, his doctors described the following in his report:
Isaac was diagnosed by the neurologist with ADHD, with moderate mental delays and a developmental delay; he has an IQ of 55, (although but this is not secure information because it has been difficult to evaluate his cognitive area). He can’t open his buttons yet, prefers to use a spoon and his hands when eating than using a fork. He can’t handle a zipper, he cannot wash his hands, can identify different parts of the face. In his past in school, he is reported to have thrown tantrums. Isaac doesn’t speak clearly yet, has problems controlling sphincters (both), his motor skills development is adequate and he’s right handed. Regarding his behavior, while this little boy has definitely improved in the last year, he doesn’t share with other children, doesn’t speak with other children, follows very little rules, can’t stay still for long periods of time. He is taking Ritalin twice a day.

Because of Isaac’s ADHD, he requires a loving and caring family that will help him to overcome his developmental delays caused by years of abuse and negligence. He also needs to feel unconditionally accepted, building again his self-esteem, so that he can have emotional stability and feel the love he never had with his biological family. He attends speech and occupational therapy regularly and takes Ritalin twice daily.

Photo available from the agency, for serious inquiries.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him. The agency anticipates they’ll have his file for 3-6 months.

Juan Diego

photoboyBoy, born 2009

Juan Diego was born to his biological mother who was presumably HIV+ in 2009.  After a cesarean birth, both he and his mother were very sick. Juan Diego soon after had pneumonia and diarrhea. The newborn was hospitalized for specialized care due to his having a high reading of HIV. He was officially diagnosed as being HIV positive with vertical transmission. The biological father visited one time and lamented his fear of losing his son (He had previously had three children with a different woman. These children were also given for adoption). While baby Juan Diego was in the hospital initially, the biological mother called frequently visited to check on him but she was unable to communicate effectively and eventually stopped calling. Finally, the declaration was made that the birth father had abandoned the birth mother, who went back to live with her immediate family to get medical attention.

As of the final months in 2012, sweet Juan Diego was short and had a low weight for his age. All of this due to his illness and time spent on hospitalization/medical attention, he had low muscle tone and low coordination. Though still unstable, he is able to walk and shows clear right-handedness. He is able to focus on activities but is more able to engage in games and other activities when led by an adult or when playing with others. He likes to play make-believe with figurines (also displayed in an available picture of him). He presents as very shy but this is likely exacerbated by his delayed communication skills. He expresses his feelings well and smiles often.

He is receiving ongoing antiretroviral therapy and takes medication for hay fever.

This sweet little boy just had his 4th birthday at his children’s home at the beginning of June 2013. This adoption agency only has Juan Diego’s file for advocacy for one month until his file could move on.  Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

Photo available from the agency, for serious inquiries.

Mark (Latin America)

Boy, Born August 2006
Down syndrome

UPDATE Nov 2013:  Mark is doing well, and his overall health is good!!   

We did not receive any information on the treatment he received for leukemia — but GOOD HEALTH is GREAT news!!

UPDATE December 2012:   It has been determined that sweet Mark is also battling leukemia.  We are waiting for additional medical testing and details, but PLEASE pray for him and help us find his forever family!  THANK GOD for a new photo, he has grown so much!   Trying to get his new photo in a larger size, but SO glad to finally have one!   Mark is up and walking and doing SO well!   Updated info coming soon!


609-02 This gentle boy has smooth, baby soft skin. He has dark skin and dark hair, potentially from an African/black parent. He is just darling, with a round chubby face. He was born on 8/2006. He enjoys playing with toys and with other children. His legs are rather weak so he scoots around quickly to reach his destination. He smiles brightly when he is spoken to. He waits for his loving family because he has Down syndrome. His family will be so lucky to be able to help this angel reach his fullest potential!

$11,198.10 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


JaredBoy, born May 2004
post-operative spina bifida


At 3 yrs old, he was described as “both introverted and extroverted, bright and lovely.” He was further described as a social child who likes to play with the caregivers and gets along well with other kids. It was reported that he was “naughty and sometimes obstinate.” It should be noted, however, that the term for naughty in Chinese “tiaopi” has a positive connotation that is more closely described as “spunky.” At that time, he liked watching cartoons and listening to music.

In a 2011 report, his caregivers described Jared as an energetic boy who prefers active play and sports.
He was attending community school, and had just completed the first grade. When asked about his favorite subjects, he reported that he likes physical education and Chinese, but not math. He has a best friend, and says his favorite foods are peaches and watermelon.

His special need is post-op spina bifida (meningocele); two seizures at age 1 and age 2. No additional seizures have occurred.  He is continent, has normal cognitive functions and has good motor function.

From a volunteer at a camp Jared attended: To be totally honest, he is very cute. I really love him, he is so lovely.  His personality is great, he is so sweet and mature and properly extroverted, he will listen to my words and do as told when it’s good for him, which I think is really necessary to judge whether is good or not, and he shows potential of being independent and mature, compared to his age. He wanted to play the games in my smart phone and likes watching cartoons. He’s good at being smart and obedient to what’s really good for him, I think he’s a kid with high IQ.

I think he is almost normal, the week that I spent with him, I did not find any deformity or disability, I think he can do all the things, but what I know is that, he has nerve damage in his waist spine. He’s a very good kid in summary, the most beautiful part about him is that he is willing to share his past, he told me how his parent abandoned him and he shows no resentment about that, the fact that he does not have bitterness in his heart really can make me believe that he’s a kid with a big heart and a good personality.

$40.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Sulley (2)Sulleyupdated pictureapril2014Boy, born 2005

Sulley is a sweet boy with a great sense of humor! Even when younger, he always had a large vocabulary and liked to talk! He is attending school through his group foster home. Sulley has a diagnosis of postoperative meningocele, scoliosis and deformity of thorax. He is listed as HBV suggested, but that is believed to be due to the positive results caused when given the Hep B vaccine.

This funny, sweet little boy is waiting for a fun loving family to find him. Videos are available which show how adorable and sweet this cutie really is.

$100.06 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Darren #430

Darren is very calm and smiling, but doesn’t sit or walk – he only lays because his head is too heavy.

He is happy when he sees the members of the staff, recognizes familiar people from strangers. He feels good when being around other children and adults. Grabs a toy when given to him and holds it for a while. Turns his head towards the direction of a sound. Makes active and passive movements with the limbs. Has a calm daily and night sleep.

UPDATE 2013:
He does not have a shunt, so his hydrocephalus remains untreated. His head circumference was 62cm in Feb 2013.

UPDATE 2014:
He is in a satisfactory general condition. The boy has positive emotional tone; he is calm and smiling. The child enjoys receiving attention and expresses positive emotions when someone plays with him or talks to him.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

Jacques #401 OD

Jacques 401 (1)Boy, born 2006
neuropsychological, motor and speech development delays


Jacques has severely delayed neuropsychological, motor and speech development.  His behavior corresponds to that of an infant. He makes several steps independently and walks when held by one hand. He doesn’t speak, but produces monotonous sound combinations. He sometimes seeks adults’ physical closeness.


$4.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Hannah (2)Girl, born Dec 2006
Anal Atreisa (post surgery) / Bilateral MicrotiaHannah (1)

Hannah is a beautiful little girl who is 6 years old. She came into care when she was just a few days old. Hannah was born with anal atresia, and received corrective surgery in 2008. The surgery was successful, and she is now able to control her bowels with no problem.

Hannah also has bilateral microtia and is unable to hear. She uses some sign language, and will start school in September. Hannah is very active, and loves to play with the other kids. Her fine motor skills are excellent. She is a very “sensible” child, according to the nannies, and they seldom have to worry about her. Hannah loves to dance, and is good at imitating. We have a very recent video so you can see her. Hannah is a smart little girl, and will surely do her best in school. She needs a family…she is such a sweet little one, and will be such a wonderful daughter! Please consider this special little girl!

$65.25 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Grace image 3Girl, born November 2007
Grace has been diagnosed with Postoperative ASD (CHD). Grace has recovered well after her operation from 2010.

Grace is outgoing, smiles often, and likes playing with other children. She is a beautiful girl and is curious about the outside world. When intrigued by new objects, she will carefully observe and explore them. She likes meeting new people, and gets along with other children her age. She is a very active 5 year old. She can run and jump, can feed herself and use the restroom by herself. She can take on and off her clothing independently. She understands the meaning of “no”, can call “father”, “mother”. She can say “one, two” “give” “want” “fetch.” She enjoys listening to music and singing loudly. Even though nobody can understand what she is singing and yelling, she is very happy and involved in it. Even though she does not like speaking, she is very smart and observant. Grace likes to help the aunt to do some housework, such as folding the quilts and picking up toys. When the caretakers are holding the young children and they drop their toys, Grace will take the initiative to retrieve the toys. When the aunts want to feed the babies, Grace will take the initiative to bring them a towel. Her favorite fruits are bananas and small tomatoes. She also likes desserts.

$2,352.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Lucy and Linus #399 #400 OD

Linus Lucy
Lucy is a 5-year-old girl (born 2007) who has congenital microcephaly, infantile cerebral palsy, severe mental delay,delayed psychomotor development, multiple malformation syndrome.  She rolls from back to belly and vice versa independently. She remains in a seated position for a short time when provided with some support. She  shows interest in toys – she grabs and holds a toy in her hand, waves it around and examines it closely. She responds emotionally to seeing a familiar adult.

Linus is a 4-year-old boy(born 2009) who has microcephaly, congenital anomaly of the central nervous system, delayed psychomotor development, severe mental delay, multiple malformation syndrome. When  put in a baby walker he steps on the floor with his whole feet and starts to slowly go around the room in the walker. The boy remains in a seated position for a short time with an adult’s assistance. He follows each and every movement of a person or an object with his eyes and head. He loves to watch the other children playing and moving around.

Linus and Lucy

These siblings have very similar diagnoses. Biotinidase deficiency is suspected. There is an emotional bond between the children and they often hold hands, smile, laugh, look for each other with their eyes and jest with each other when they are placed side by side.

Because we only have these files for a short time, they will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for them.

Carl #394 OD

394_PhotoBoy, born 2001
History of seizures, speech delays


Carl is an 11-year-old boy, who takes epilepsy medication, hasn’t had a seizure ever since he was placed in the institution where he is at present (June 2009); has a speech difficulty; interacts freely with both familiar and unfamiliar people; loves playing with all children; shows a great interest in being involved in different activities; likes logic games; has normal physical development.


Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.


nathanielBoy, born May 2002

Nathaniel is an outgoing boy turning 11 years old in May. His intellectual development is delayed, but he does have normal body development.

Nathaniel was found and brought to the institution when he was 2 years and 6 months old. Upon admission, he could stretch his hands out when he wanted to be cuddled and could say mom. When he was 3, he could say sister, aunt and brother in Chinese. By the time he was 5, he could tie his shoelaces without help and could basically understand adults. Nathaniel learned how to do simple chores such as sweeping the floor and cleaning the desk when he was 8. Now, he is able to have simple communication with others and helps the aunt do simple tasks around the house. Nathaniel is an active boy that loves playing sports with his classmates. He is also good at saying thank you and says hello to others on his own initiative.

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benBoy, born July 2001

Benji is a happy 11 year old boy that has been diagnosed with mental delays, Esotropia of both eyes and hearing loss of both ears. Aside from these conditions, Ben has normal body development, and is doing well at the institute.

Benji was admitted to the institute at the age of 1 year and 3 months. At that time, he was able to sit for a while and could wave “good bye” to people. When he was 2, he could put on his own clothes and enjoyed playing games with his peers. At age 3, he could run, jump, and greet people in a positive manner. At the institute, Benji has learned many things such as washing his hands and face, eating dinner with a spoon, putting on his shoes, recognizing male and female, and saying thank you. He is now able to understand directions and do basic self-care. Benji also loves to play outdoors, and often kicks the ball around with his classmates. Benji is described as an active, open, and smiling boy that gets along well with others.

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John John 2Boy, born January 2009


John has meningocele.  Following surgery, under the heartfelt care of the nannies, he recovered well and his legs move with strength.  When he was four months old, he could lift his head when lying on his stomach.  Now he can roll over.

John is a quiet and gentle child and he seldom cries.  After he has eaten, he will lie on his side on the mat to look in the mirror.  Seeing his reflection in the mirror, his vision will follow moving people in the mirror.  Sometimes he will use his two hands to grab a nearby toy.

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Laynie #65-5

OGirl, born 2006
Diagnosis: Delayed development


Laynie is described as having a positive attitude toward herself and others. Her motor skills are well developed. Her speech is delayed, but she speaks using single words and simple sentences. She’s attending kindergarten and has the assistance of a resource teacher. She mimics the actions of adults and plays games with other children. She enjoys looking at books. She follows verbal directions, asks questions and is beginning to memorize short poems and songs.


Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.


Toby - croppedBoy, born 2010
Cerebral dysplasia

Toby is an adorable little boy who is 2 years old. He came into care as an infant. Toby is developing on target, with no delays when compared to his peers. Toby is a very out-going and active little guy, who has no fear of strangers. At this point, he considers everyone to be a potential playmate!

Toby had a heart scan, which showed no problems. He had a CT scan of his brain, which showed the left hemisphere was reduced, and there was evidence of a past brain injury (prenatal or during birth). Toby does not have seizures, does not show any developmental delays, and is happy and healthy (other than usual childhood illnesses). The brain of a child is wonderful that way…it can compensate for many issues it may have! He loves to play, and is a very active little boy who is “full of curiosity”, according to the nannies! His favorite toys are balls…soccer, baseball, tennis…which will he choose? Toby is a wonderful little boy, who will be such a joy to have in your family!

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Jacob smBoy, born June 2010Jacob

Jacob’s test suggest Down Syndrome. An ultrasound dictation in his file also hints that he looks to have congenital heart disease and an Interventricular septum membrane department tumor and defect. His heart has normal cardiac function.


This little guy needs a mommy and some good nutrition!
He is not speaking yet but does understand the word “no”. He is restless and stubborn. He does not like baths and cries during them but can be comforted with food or being held.Jacob can roll but has poor muscle tone. He is unable to sit or crawl. He can hold objects and throw them and his eyes will follow objects. Jacob does well playing alone but also gets along well with other children.

Jacob is a very lovable little boy. All of us like him very much. We hope that he can find a home which loves him very much early in which he can enjoy the love of parents and owns a happy childhood, nice future. We believe he will bring much happiness to your family.

$2,141.95 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Lewis (1)Boy, born January 2011Lewis (2)
Down syndrome

Lewis is a beautiful 2 yr old boy. He is able to stand while holding onto something and if he wants a toy he will crawl to it.

Lewis is active, restless and has a ready smile. At the age of 5-6 months he could speak “a” and “au” and he could laugh aloud when teased. At the age of 7-8 months, he is fond of playing with others. He could adopt himself to any environment. He could get along well with the strangers. At the age of 9-10 months he could respond when called. He could cry when he is hungry. At the age of 12 months he could drink milk with the hands holding the bottle. He is gentle and kind. He is happy and glad every day under the care of the caretakers.

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Fynn (1) Fynn (2)Boy, born July 2006
atelencephalia; anemia

At admission he was very weak and was delayed. As time goes by, he has less differences than normal children. At present, he could reach the same level of physical motor skills of normal children. He mainly has language development delay. He often speaks single words and simple phrases as well as simple sentences such as, “mom, I want a ball; Mr. / Ms. teacher, he hits me.” He is able to run, jump and plays a swing set. He enjoys playing games with other children

He is very smart with strong imitating ability. When shopping in a supermarket, he knows to put the goods on the table of a casher to let him or her count them then he pays them. He knows the function of money. He is very loved by his foster family and has a good understanding of what a good big brother is.

$100.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


TracyGirl, born November 2006
Congenital heart defect

Tracy is a precious 5 year old girl that has been diagnosed with complex CHD. In 2011, she was hospitalized due to cerebral infarction. Tracy has average motor skills and intelligence development. Due to her condition, her hands, feet, and lips turn purple sometimes. At the age of 1 year, Tracy could roll over, hold her head up, and make sounds of yiyi and yaya. At 2 years of age, she could sit alone and shake the toy with her hands. She could understand “No” and would stop what she was doing. At age 3, Tracy would try to stand alone, could imitate sounds, and could respond to her name. At 4 years, she could say aunt and uncle. Now, Tracy can stand alone for a moment and can walk for a short distance with support. She can also understand the basics of what adults are saying.

Tracy is described as a quiet and sensible child who has a close relationship with her caretakers.

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deanBoy, born September 2003
Mental delays

Dean is a shy 9 year old boy who was found and brought to the institute when he was 5 years old. Since admission, Dean has improved his motor skills and intellectual development. At 5 years of age, could go up and down stairs. At age 6, he could run slowly and recognize the difference between males and females. At age 7, Dean is fully toilet trained and says thank you when given things. He learned how to do simple chores at age 8, and could do basic self-management by age 9. Dean is an introverted child that gets along well with children at the school and institute.

$10.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


DaniGirl, born Feb 2003dina


Danielle is a sweet 10 year old girl who came to the institution at 5 years of age. She tends to have an episode when the weather suddenly turns cold. She will usually start to feel better after lying down for half an hour. Danielle is a very polite and sensible little girl. Usually, when she has nothing to do, she likes to help the nannies with whatever she is able to help with. She enjoys playing games with other children and really loves to talk. She is lively and open, and is well liked by everyone.

Danielle has become an active little girl. She likes to go jogging in the morning with the other kids and can run 400-500m. She did not attend school due to flare-ups of her condition, and because she has not been attending school, her intelligence is a bit lower compared to her peers. However, she has good language ability and can communicate with others normally. She enjoys singing songs and can recite some poetry. She can also write numbers. Danielle is also very hospitable. When guests come, she will warmly greet them, ask if they would like to sit down, and will shake their hand to say goodbye when the guests are leaving. She also considers herself as the Big Sister and will take care of the younger children.

Dani’s caregivers say that she is very hospitable, kind, and helpful. She likes to help clean up after the younger kids in the orphanage. Her favorite thing to do is SING!

$137.40 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!



Lyle (2)Boy, born March 2007Lyle (1)
Down syndrome

Lyle was found in the waiting room of a train station when he was 3 years old. While he can only speak a few words, he understands what is said to him by adults. He is very protective of his friends and will go to their rescue if they are being bullied. He likes to dance and is very good at imitating dances he sees. He is able to dress himself, take care of his own toileting needs and feeds himself. His caretakers feel that he is a bright little guy although intellectually delayed compared to his peers.

He likes to be kissed on the cheek and will respond back with multiple kisses. Lyle is waiting for a family that will cover his little cheeks with kisses and shower him with love.

$1,024.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


photogirlGirl, born January 2009
Prader-Willi Syndrome

Alana was recently diagnosed with Prader-Willi Syndrome and a new and recent picture is now available from the agency.

Alana is an only child born to her mentally disabled mother. Alana first lived with her biological mother and grandmother until maternal relatives took her in after observing that her mother was incapable of properly caring for her. In this home, she was physically mistreated and rejected, as she was afraid of bathing and having her diaper changed. The child was removed from their home and is now living in a foster home with a foster mother, that mother’s children, and other foster children.

At exactly 3 years old, Alana had developmental delays, making her cognitive ability closer to that of a typical healthy 7-8-month-old baby. She was still crawling and wearing diapers when she turned 3 years old, but had mastered her pinching/grabbing ability. At the time of her report (3 years old) she babbled and attempted more complex sounds. Alana’s development is quickly improving because she attends a regular therapy treatment for children with delays and disabilities. She stands and gains strength in her limbs with each day.

Over all, Alana is an affectionate little girl who can imitate adults and expresses feelings like happiness, sadness, shame, love and more. She recognizes her caregivers and shows initial nervousness to strangers. Alana is calm, explores her environment and is very adaptable. She plays well alone and sleeps soundly.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.  The agency anticipates they’ll have her file for 3-6 months.


Dex (1)Dex (2)Boy, born February 2011

Down syndrome

This little one is outgoing, active and enjoys playing with others. Dex was found outside of the gate of the first aide clinic at the orphanage when a staff member left the institution to go shopping. It was determined that he was about 2 days old at the time.

This sweet little boy loves playing with toys and listening to music. He is waiting for a family that will help him thrive and grow.

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zeke (1)

zeke (2)Boy, born May 2005
Down syndrome

Zeke was found abandoned at 5 yrs old. He got along with other friends and he’s happy all day long. Zeke is an active boy and could express his mind clearly, greeted people politely, learnt children’s rhythms fast and he’s glad to sing in front of other kids. He couldn’t concentrate to do one thing and study in class, however his learning ability was fine and was better than most of the kids. Zeke is able to say all the colors and match them up and he says the numbers from 1 to 10.

$1,271.80 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Jasper (1)Jasper (2)Boy, born January 2001  (ages out 1/1/2015)
Down syndrome, undescended testis, Dental concerns

Jasper was abandoned at 8 yrs old. He can walk alone steadily, can speak simple words, not clearly, can understand others, can have a meal alone and can go to toilet alone.

He, is active and extroverted, likes to integrate with other people, and is good at it; he also would act like a spoiled child to his favorite or familiar people, so cute. In life, he can take care of himself, can put on clothes and shoes, can have a meal alone, without any concerns; sometimes he would care adults; when he sees the aunt tried to stand, he would move a chair for her; he is fond of playing with toys, and would speak to himself while playing with toys; after that he can put toys back.

$1,932.60 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Phoebe (2)Phoebe (1)

Girl, born Sept 2005

Down syndrome, congenital heart defect, congenital trichiasis

At t he time of abandonment she was 3 years old, still could not walk and speak. She is a child with Down syndrome from her appearance and still has mild CHD and trichiasis after test. At the beginning, her health was not good and often had a cold and fever. Now she can walk and her physical condition is good, just can not speak.

She is a little girl, but she likes playing with older children. She is restless and obstinate, likes doing anything.

$1,351.10 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Shari updated pic Jan2014Shari (2)Girl, born March 2011
Down syndrome; strabism of both eyes


Oh my goodness, look at this sweet little fluffy-headed beauty!

This little cutie loves music! She receives rehabilitation services and while working on her sitting skills, started playing on the piano. She has made good progress since starting rehabilitation services. She does present with strabismus of both eyes along with Down Syndrome. Shari is a quiet, timid child with a ready smile. She loves to be cuddled and responds with laughter. Shari is waiting for a family who will help her develop and her caretakers believe that with a family’s care and hugs and kisses every day, she can live healthily and happily.

Update January 2014
Look how Shari has grown! She is now crawling and can stand on her own. Shari is also walking with assistance. She is quite a talker and is able to feed herself…although her caretakers have to watch her as she would much rather play than eat!
$1,160.40 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


KentBoy, born December 2011

Down syndrome, congenital heart defect


Kent is an adorable baby boy who is just 1 year old! He came into care when he was 4 months old, and they began working with him immediately to strengthen his muscles. Kent has Down syndrome, and a VSD (6mm) with left atrium enlargement. He may require a surgical procedure to plug the ASD. Kent’s development is delayed, as would be expected. When he turned 1 year old, he was not yet sitting alone, or crawling. He will need more time, and attention, before he masters these milestones.

Kent is a precious baby boy. He is very alert, and very engaging. His receptive language is very good, and he is beginning to make sounds to communicate with the nannies. His favorite activity is listening to music and being hugged. I cannot argue with that! Kent needs a family to love him, and help him reach his full potential. This sweet boy is waiting for you!

$1,117.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


MannyBoy, born September 28, 2000

Manny needs to be adopted PRIOR to his birthday in September!

Manny is an active 13 year old boy who has been diagnosed with mental retardation.

He was found and brought to the orphanage when he was 8 years old. Upon admission, Manny was found to have normal body development. He has learned to do simple chores, such as cleaning the ground, and can now help his caretaker with household tasks. He has also learned basic self-management. Manny’s language development is also getting better. When admitted, he could say thank you when give things, and at the age of 11, he could have simple conversations with people. Manny enjoys playing outside with his classmates. He loves sports and is known to get along well with other children.

$698.25 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


EzraBoy, born August 2001

Ezra is a handsome 11 year old boy who has been diagnosed with mental retardation.

He was found and brought to the institute when he was 8 years old. Upon admission, he was found to have normal body development. He is able to help the caretaker with basic chores and he can do simple self-management. Despite his condition, Ezra is improving in his language, personality, and emotional development. At age 11, he could have simple dialogues with people, and at age 12, he could get along well with his peers. Ezra is an active boy that loves to play sports with his classmates.

$4.95 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


MiaGirl, born August 2007
Mia is a beautiful 5 year old girl who has been diagnosed with CHD, clubbed feet, genital organ deformity, and Esotropia of both eyes.

Mia’s motor skills are limited because of her club feet, but she is able to sit and stand with support. She also cannot grasp well with her hands, but she is able to hold toys and the edge of her bed. As far as her language development goes, she was able to imitate syllables when she was 2, and at the age of 3, she could express her needs by crying. She has also learned to observe adults’ actions. Mia is a timid little girl that loves listening to music. Her favorite foods are milk and eggs, and she loves playing with her cloth doll. She has become a content and happy child under the care of her caretakers and doctors.

$108.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Tallulah1Girl, born April 2009
Down syndrome

Tallulah is 4 years old, adorable, spunky, and about as sweet as she can be! She has been in care since she was about 5 months old. Tallulah has Down syndrome; her medical mentions a CHD that has been “cured”, but there is no other report of it, and they never mention it again.

Tallulah is incredibly flexible…a gymnastics instructor will love her! She is cheerful, loves to play (outside is her favorite place to be), and hide-and-seek is her favorite game. They report she has an adventurous spirit! Her report is over a year old…but we know she has only become sweeter, and more adorable! Tallulah needs a family to love her and be with her on all her adventures!

The agency has a video available.

$1,682.20 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Emily (1)

Girl, born Feb 2002
Williams syndrome
perforate in the right tympanum

Emily (2)

Emily is believed to have a diagnosis of Williams syndrome, but her records reportedly say Down syndrome.  An adoptive family should be prepared (and approved) for either.

She can walk alone, run and jump, can communicate with other kids, watch TV or play toys together, she can put on clothes and shoes alone and can go to the toilet, she has normal diet, likes to eat sweet food and meat, likes to play games and study with others, can count 50 numbers, knows colors, big and small and picture shapes and so on, she is lovely and cute.

$10.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


JaceBoy, born March 2009
Cerebral palsy, postoperative Spina bifida, Urinary tract infection

He can transfer the toy from one hand to another one. He can sit for a while without any help. But he likes to sit on the little chair better. He can roll but at present he can not stand and walk.

The caregiver of Jace recently has been working on potty training with him, which is very successful. When taking a bath, he likes to play in the water and kick the water. We use some oil which can help to heal the wounds and make the operation scar is not too obvious.

Jace is a very kind and content child.

$10.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


MadalynGirl, born 2010

Down syndrome, possible hearing issues

This precious little girl loves to be tickled. She came into care at approximately 20 days old based on her physical status. Her caregivers report that she enjoys playing with her stuffed animals and throwing and chasing balls. She has been diagnosed with Down syndrome. It is also believed that she may have some hearing impairment, but reportedly is able to respond to her name and loud noises. She is not yet talking but responds to her name and makes sounds and waves goodbye. She is able to crawl, sit on her own and pull herself to a standing position. She is now also able to walk holding onto handrails and crawl with no difficulties. Her caregivers report that she loves playing with others.

$1,394.20 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Yvonne-ChinaGirl, born July 2005
Down syndrome


Yvonne is a polite and friendly girl. “She likes to be tidy and beautiful,” said a visiting social worker. “So many times I saw her combing her hair.”

For the past year, Yvonne has lived in a group home in Hebei, China, where she gets to experience family life in the care of a foster mother and father. Although Yvonne has Down syndrome, she is described as “high functioning” for her condition. In the group home, she has taken on a big sister role and often helps her foster mom care for the younger children. Now 8 years old, she can read over 50 Chinese characters and count and write from 1 to 10.

Yvonne loves to perform and has natural grace. She was chosen to be the dance leader at her orphanage preschool. When she completes a project, she loves sharing it with her foster mom, and basking in her praise. Although she can be stubborn at times, Yvonne mostly listens and follows directions well.

$3,163.82 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Bryannah #8-3

BryannahBryannah_Oct 2013DOB: 2001

Diagnosis: Down syndrome

Bryannah has been in a mental institution since 2011. She has been in orphanages her entire life, but was just recently registered for adoption in 2013. She has waited 12 years for a chance to find a family! She walks, plays with toys, responds to her name and attends a special needs school each day. She is not talking and still requires help with daily self-help skills.



The agency also has a video available.


$4,001.80 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


JoyGirl, born August 2002
Mild dysgnosia


Her paperwork is old, from 2009 and it states:
For her better growth, we sent her into foster family. During this period, she become more outgoing, and will not afraid of people, and can call people. In kindergarten, nannies teach her dance, she study seriously, nannies and children all liked her very much.  She is a beautiful girl.
From a volunteer who met her:
Joy is getting better and better since coming [here]. With enough teaching and training we hope Joy will be able to live independently eventually. Joy was hit when she was little. We only spent several hours with her, but she wasn’t aggressive when we were there. She actually was quite caring. She can cook and do everything for herself. School is very hard for her and when she can’t do her school work it makes her very sad. Joy only lived with [the volunteer] for a few months, but she had improved greatly in that time. Her behavior was much better. She isn’t sure about her being able to live independently.

Additional pictures available.

$5.40 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Xander 3Boy, born March 2005Xander
Down syndrome

Xander was found abandoned at 6 yrs old, he’s an active child, running and chasing in the rooms all around, he was even running to go upstairs, however he never did that again after teacher’s criticism so that we could see he’s an obedient child. At the age of 6 years and 7 months, Xander did well in all aspects of taking care of himself: he eats food himself, washes the dishes after meal and takes shower, puts on clothes, socks and shoes, goes to washroom and occasionally he helps caretaker to do works within his abilities. At the age of 6 years and 1 month: he is active, restless and unquiet, able to greet familiar people and call “teacher, aunt, uncle, brother, sister”, he’s really naughty and played on class, he didn’t like to be restricted, playing is the nature for boys, however the teacher demanded him to keep classroom discipline and he couldn’t affect other kids, he’s acceptable to teacher’s words. At the age of 6 years 7 months, Xander behaved well on classes and he was praised many times by teacher, however his expression ability was not good enough and couldn’t express himself with whole sentences, so most of the time he needed the gestures, teacher said he had made big improvements, we trust he would express himself fluently and naturally.

$3,125.20 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Heidi 2HeidiGirl, born 2001

Down syndrome


Heidi was found abandon at the gates of the welfare institution at the age of 8 yrs.

She is shy, can write her name. Heidi can speak sentences of 5-10 words. Now she can manage her life, can recognize and write simple words under the guide of special teacher; likes helping the caretaker do the housework. She is open, can look after the younger brothers and sister, like feeding, putting on the clothes, etc. She likes outdoor activity, can sing simple songs, can draw simple picture. When the loving people come to visit the institute, she can make greetings passionately.

$3,600.80 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Wendy 2Wendy Girl, born Sept 2003

Down syndrome, mild to moderate mental delays, normal physical development


Wendy lives with a foster family that includes a father, mother and 3 siblings. Wendy is studying in orphan special education school. She has Down’s syndrome, but she is very forthright and sincere, and active. Now she is 8 years and 6 months old, and she is very obedient. She likes going to school, every day she goes to school, she will say hello to her teachers and classmates. She likes music and dance, she can dance very well, can recite several children’s songs. Although she can not speak clearly, she can recite them fluently.  Wendy can write all names of her family, and she likes drawing, usually she can take a piece of paper to draw figures. She is willing to learn new things and forms good life habit. Every day she can mend bed, put toys in order, clean floor and etc. the result of investigation: although she has Down’s syndrome, she is very forthright and sincere, and active.

$2,260.58 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Doug #33-4

Doug DOB: June 2007

Doug has already been transferred to a mental institution!!!

This precious little boy has already been through several major transitions in his short life. He was raised by his birth family until he was 16 months old. He was then placed in an orphanage for young children for 7 months. A month before his 3rd birthday, he was transfered to a mental institution, where he currently lives.

Doug has moderate mental delays with no known cause. He walks and runs and climbs on objects. His visual-motor skills are developed but he still has difficulty with fine motor tasks. His speech is delayed and he is not talking at this time.  He has recently begun showing an interest in toys and playing with them. He spends time each day in the sensory room. He does not like for the staff to try to direct his activities and prefers to do his own thing. He does play appropriately with toys and manipulates them in the correct ways.  His favorite toys are balls, blocks, cars and trucks.  He recognizes staff members and smiles at them.  He seeks out interactions with them and will cuddle with them too.  He tries to get them to follow him and to engage them in whatever activity he is doing. He doesn’t yet seek out any interaction with the other children.   He eats from a spoon and drinks from a cup with some assistance from the staff.

At 27 months of age, his skill level was tested at:
motor skills- 2 years
speech development- 5-6 months
cognitive development: 10-12 months

$18.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!  

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive further donations until a family is found for him.


Holly Rose

Holly Rose (2)Girl, born Nov 6, 2000
Moderate mental delays

Holly was at a foster home, and they had to return her to the orphanage.  She will age out in November, and become unadoptable, when she is 14 :(

She likes to tell the people around her that “I love you”, if see the stranger, she will take initiative to greet “Hello”. Every day aunt taught her to paint, sing, play game and learn the Chinese words one by one. The effort of aunt made her improve quickly in each aspect, she can handle daily life, count from 1 to 30, especially make a big progress in painting, she likes painting, and tell her friends and teacher what she painted, she likes to have classes. She has colorful imagination, and often builds out various blocks shapes, if she builds up a house, she will be glad and want the aunt to praise her.

Holly is outgoing, kind, active girl, she likes to talk and laugh, can speak the sentences with 5 to 10 words in it, often ask some simple questions and good at communication. Usually she likes to watch TV with her friends, if see the picture she loved, she will be very excited and point the TV and tell everyone the name of the person and the meaning of the picture. She can handle her daily life basically, can use chopsticks, knifes and forks, can put on her clothes and shoes, brush her teeth and go to the toilet by herself. She is sympathetic and ready to help. She is clever, sensitive and popular girl.

$2,065.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


VanessaGirl, born Feb 2003

Vanessa is a quiet and active girl who has been diagnosed with albinism. She is a 10 year old girl who always has a ready smile. Vanessa likes jumping on the trampoline and playing with dolls. Vanessa first came to the orphanage at 6 months old. Now, she is 10 years old and has normal physical and cognitive development. Due to her albinism, she does not like to play in the light. Vanessa can move freely in the institute and likes to play with the other children. Vanessa enjoys watching comics and can communicate well with others. Vanessa can put on her clothing without help and can understand easy things such as the answers to “why should you wash your hands before meals”, and “the purpose of a cup”. Vanessa likes to listen to music and play with the other children. She is very close with her caretakers.

$57.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Regina (2)Girl, born December 2004Regina (3)
Down syndrome, Congenital heart disease

Regina was abandoned at the Children’s Welfare Institute in 2009, when she was approximately 5 years old.

After admission she adapted to the group life quickly. She likes being praised, can get alone well with caretaker and children, sometimes can care younger brothers and sisters and can manage her life.

In late 2010 she entered preschool class. We design and make some projects for her. We find she is interested with colorful paper, she takes the colorful paper to roll and unfold repeatedly. She learns to use scissor to cut paper. She likes painting, use colorful pens to draw circles on balloon. She can put the toy blocks of the same color together which makes her can recognize color and make her fingers more flexible. Regina has had a great change in the preschool class, from an autistic child she grows up into a polite and helpful child.

After training (blow the balloon, tongue exercise and read Pinyin), she can speak “wo, wawa, mama, yao, buyao, hao”, can write some numbers and simple characters. Her limb ability is improved, she can ride a bike, can swing, can sit on the seesaw, recently he loves riding children’s bike. Once upon a time, they are singing together, she feel the student near her does not sing well and tells to stop singing. At the same time she is helpful boy, she can do what she can, can help the teacher to clean the classroom and pick up the toys together; in the dormitory she can help to fold the clothes. In the picnic, she can pull child’s hand positively and can have a bag with food on her back. Through picnic and community activity, she broads her vision and improves her sociability.

She is confident, optimistic, polite, loving and sunshine child. She can perform actively when some guests visit the institute.

$1,716.73 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


JennieJennie sm

Girl, born August 2003
Down syndrome, malnutrition


The information we have for Jennie is very outdated.  We know she is walking, and as of age 8 she wasn’t talking.


$2,065.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


photogirlGirl, age 3

Shayna turned three in fall of 2012. With her mother having a mental illness, Shayna was not being well taken care of. Though her mother was not aggressive in any way, she simply did not have the intelligence to properly take care of her. Also, it is assumed that her biological father has passed since her birth. Sharon has been diagnosed with microcephaly, a neurological disease that impedes her mental development by affecting her cerebral growth.

Shayna requires supervision but is learning different avenues of independence. She is very exploratory, seeking alternative ways to achieve small goals. She is also learning to brush her teeth, and other small self-care tasks. With a very loving foster home, Sharon has been able to bond and attach to her foster family members and regularly attends to physical and occupational therapies. If you are interested in learning more about Sharon because you, or someone close to you, may be interested in adopting her, it is possible to translate her 2010 MRI report as well as her 2012 TAC.

Photo available from the agency, for serious inquiries.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her. The agency anticipates they’ll have her file for 3-6 months.


photogirlGuardian AngelGirl, 3 years old
Arachnoid cyst and bilateral Perisulvian Syndrome


Jules entered into the institution when she was two months old, premature baby (30 weeks). Her weight when born was 1,310 grams.  She was transferred to a children’s home because in the previous institution, it wasn’t possible to give her the attention to her special diagnosis.

A neurological study due to her premature birth and development delay was made. It was found in the MRI that she has an arachnoid cyst and bilateral Perisylvian syndrome. After further evaluation, it is also found that she has Schizencephaly and receives therapy and stimulation.  During a visit to the ophthalmologist there is found that she has seesaw nystagmus and hip dysplasia which is being treated with a splint.

Her therapists are focusing on maintaining her in a healthy condition, preventing any illness or complications, stimulating her psychomotor development and constant therapies.  In the short period of time at the children’s home, she has advanced in her psychomotor development very positively. She presents a delay at the moment but doctors are confident that continuing with the stimulation and therapies she will reach development according to her age.

She cannot crawl, but during therapy sessions it has become evident that she can stay on all fours for a short time. She also has a dysplasia and this limits her in her movements. Therefore she cannot walk either, but we are confident that with therapies, lots of love and patience, she will be able to learn some independence and probably to walk too, which due to her base pathology it depends on her evolution. Nevertheless, her gross motor development is very good.

Jules tries to communicate in an assertive way, answers with sweet gestures and facial expressions; she answers when she is being called by her name, follows objects with her eyes and keeps the vision on the objects or persons she is interested in. She makes sounds like stammering and laughing or crying, depending on whether she is happy or not.

Photo available from the agency, for serious inquiries.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.  The agency anticipates they’ll have her file for 3-6 months.


BaileyGirl, born Jan 2003
Hypophrenia, muscular tension of upper limbs is low


Bailey is 10 years old. She dresses neatly and likes to be beautiful. She is shy but gets along well with other children. She listens well in class but has some difficulty understanding. She has some difficulty writing and with some personal care such as combing her hair, due to the low muscle tension in her upper limbs.
Additional pictures available.


$77.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Boy, born January 2009TayteTayte

Tayte is outgoing, active, has a ready smile and is fond of playing toys; he is not talkative and likes playing games with children in the same room. He is close to the caretaker and his favorite activity is that the aunt takes him out to play with children to the top of his bent. He is a lovely boy.

Because of congenital albinism and light photophobia, he wears sunglasses when he plays outside.
Update, July 2013: 
Tayte is a smart and easy going boy. He attends kindergarten where he gets along well with other children. He can feed himself, dress himself and go to the restroom by himself. He picks up toys, sets the table, and is able to do some housework.

He takes the initiative to greet people who he knows and have simple conversation with them. He meets someone and will ask them if they have finished their days work, showing concern for other person.

Because of his vision, he struggles with pictures, but he is a organizer of other kids to teach them the games he learns at school. He will play with those he is unfamiliar with if introduced to them and told to play together. He likes to sit on adults lap and cuddle with caretaker.

He can go up and downstairs. Going down is a bit slow as he is afraid he would fall. He can run very fast and adjust his speed according to the circumstances. He likes to play toys with wheels and music. He especially loves to explore the environment.

$1,711.89 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Amelia photo 2Girl, born August 2007
Tuberos Sclerosis — Congenital Bourneville-Pringle Syndrome

Amelia likes to dance, listen to stories, read picture books, and play hide-and-seek. She came into care around 8 months of age and was sponsored by Half the Sky Foundation’s nurturing program for infants. At 9 months, she could sit steadily alone for a few minutes, grab her feet with her hands, and hold her hands up to be held. At one year of age, she could hold toys and stand when leaning on objects. She enjoyed sitting and rocking on the wooden horse. At 15 months, she was more outgoing and could stand for a long time when holding onto a support. She could grasp toys nearby and she could walk slowly with assistance. When it was time to take a nap, she would shake her head “no.” She could pick up objects with her thumb and index fingers.

Her condition became more serious in 2009, and we hope to see her come home soon so that she can receive the best medical treatment for her condition. Her caregivers exercise her daily to improve her symptoms, and say that “she has already taken the first step in life and will do better in the future.”

$4.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Matthew photo 1Boy, born November 2007
Facial Angiomalosis

Matthew is an active, energetic, and extroverted 5 year old little boy. He enjoys playing games and gets along well with the other children. He is fond of listening to music and singing. Apart from Facial Angiomalosis, the results of his other routine examinations are normal. His condition is not infectious. He can write his own name, count from 1-100, and tie his own shoes. He can communicate with adults and can write some simple characters and his own name. Matthew can also distinguish all kinds of colors, fruits, and transport tools. He is able to help his aunt around the house and can dress himself. He likes playing balls with other children. Matthew is a talkative child with quick reaction. Matthew is able to pick up peanuts with chopsticks, catch a ball thrown to him, and can walk 2m forward tiptoe against heel alternately. His caregivers describe him as a lovely and cute child.

$19.80 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Jaysen #378 OD

378_photoBoy, born June 2004

This 8 years old boy has been diagnosed with Fraccaro syndrome. He demonstrated a delayed neuropsychological development and hypogonadism, symptomatic epilepsy and mental delay. He needs a lot of positive emotions, individual work and positive reinforcement in order to master new skills and habits, and further acquire knowledge. His physical development is not correspondent to his biological age. He can sit independently but it is hard for him to walk on uneven surface and he is not always able to go down the stairs. This is main reason he cannot take part in sports games. He knows his name and responds with eyes when called by his name, especially when call by a familiar adult. He cannot speak yet and can pronounce a few words only.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

Amaris #377 OD

377_PhotoGirl, born September 2005
Her neuropsychological development is delayed. She has a surgically corrected heart malformation a weeks after she was born.

History of seizures, and increased muscle tone.

This 7-year-old girl is in a satisfactory general condition.  She walks independently and takes part in music and dynamic games. She initiates contact with a caregiver in game play activity. She cannot speak and makes inarticulate sounds. She likes to play along with musical and singing toys.


Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.

Ivy #379 OD

379_PhotoGirl, born May 2003

This girl is almost 10 years old and her neuropsychological development is delayed as a result of her congenital condition – hydrocephalus. She is small for her age. She seeks other people’s closeness and responds with a smile when meeting unfamiliar adult. Her speech is underdeveloped and she doesn’t use language as a means of communications. She tries to imitate sounds and says the word “mama”…. She studies a special educational program at school. She sleep good and wakes up calm and joyful. She likes to play alone or observe the other children playing.


Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.

Autumn #380 OD

380 AutumnGirl, born October 2005
Blind (fourth degree of Retinopathy), Delayed physical and neuropsychological development

This 7 years old girl can walk independently. She attends special school and follows simple instructions. She likes the adults and wishes to spend most of her time in the group with children. The girl doesn’t always like physical interactions. When she wants to be left alone she would wave her hands, spin around and cover her ears with hands. The child likes going out for walks. She is calm while traveling or when visiting a place she hasn’t been to before. She likes musical toys. She knows her name and react to it but doesn’t always like it when someone addresses her directly. She makes sounds which might be interpreted as joyful or expressing displeasure. She doesn’t speak, she repeats syllables in imitation – “pa-pa”, “ma-ma-ma”, “da-da-da”, “o-pa”.

She shows preference to food – she likes sweets, pudding, and chicken and already tries to eat independently but needs adult’s assistance. She is fed by a spoon. She hasn’t yet mastered her skills to get dresses and undressed. She takes her shoes off.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.

Sinclair #375

375 SinclairGirl, born April 2005
Cerebral palsy and moderate mental delay

Listening to quiet music relaxes her. She seeks contact with another children from her group. She attends Daycare center for Children with disabilities but she is dependable on the care of adult. She repeats others’s movements – giving a hand, clapping and raising both hands. She recognize her caregivers and rejoices in their presence. She will feel and do much better in a family setting where she will get a personal attention.


Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.


photoboyBoy, born June 2009
Mixed specific developmental disorder (significant gross motor, speech and language delays)

This sweet little boy was abandoned by his biological mother at the hospital after he had repeated pneumonia and suffered from immuno-suppression. Lacking stimulation and care as a young child has made development for Jeffrey very slow. Nevertheless, Jeffrey has been advancing in his development at a rapid pace ever since living in foster care. Jeffrey is still delayed in his speech and communication, but is very affectionate to his foster family as well as to adults and other children in his preschool program. Jeffrey is able to draw, identify body parts, and is happy, obedient and potty trained in the daytime.  Jeffrey is full of joy!

Currently, Jeffrey is pending a surgery for an umbilical hernia. Although he has developmental delays, his neurologist suspects that Mucopolysaccharidosis could play a part in his physical state (weakness in his legs). No medical test has supported this one doctor’s hypothesis.

Photo available for serious inquiries. He is ADORABLE!


Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.  The agency anticipates they’ll have his file for 3-6 months.




chanceBoy, born August 2010

Chance is a lovely 2 year old boy with the skin condition epidermolysis lax disease. He had blebs on his elbow, knee, ankle and thigh that got better after taking medicine for a week. He also has scars on his abdomen and reoccurring blebs on his forehead, neck and behind the ears, but the condition is not very serious.

His motor skills and intelligence development is similar to his peers. At age 1, he could sit steadily and eat porridge, babble, and imitate simple actions. He learned to stand up by holding onto hand rails and could walk a few steps with support when he was 1.5 years old. Now, he is able to build a tower of blocks, turn book pages, go up and down the stairs by holding onto handrails and can even put on and take off his shoes. He can also understand what the caretaker is saying and can say a few words in Chinese himself. Chance is an energetic and active little boy who likes playing with toy cars and going outdoors. Chance gets along great with other children and is still waiting to find his forever family.

$284.40 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


PeterBoy, born 2009
Down syndrome

Peter is a precious 3 year old boy diagnosed with Down’s syndrome, congenital nystagmus, and polydactyly of the right hand. His limb, language and intelligence development is fairly delayed compared to his peers.

At the age of 1, he could crawl slowly and sit alone, and make sounds unconsciously. At age 2, he could stand while holding onto handrails and could walk with one hand held. He could also understand simple instructions such as “come here” “sit down” and “drink milk.” Now, he can walk steadily, run slowly, and go up and down the stairs while holding onto handrails. He can eat a biscuit by himself and is even practicing eating with a spoon. He can imitate monosyllables and can understand most daily conversations of adults. He is very interested in games and toys, and likes to play with others. Peter is a quiet boy who always has a ready smile. He gets along well with the other children and likes playing outdoors.

$1,624.90 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Taylor 2Boy, born Nov 2011

Taylor is a beautiful 1 year old boy diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome and megaloblastic anemia. After rehabilitation and care from his foster family, he is in good health and has a good appetite and is growing very strong.

He likes to walk in his baby walker and is an active, restless baby. Taylor has grown very strong. He has been given and will be in more need of blood transfusions with his condition. He has also not received vaccinations because of his condition. He is able to play with blocks and can pick things up with his thumb and index finger. He is even vocal and can imitate words and produce 3-5 words himself. He also knows what “NO” means and can respond to others when they ask for his objects. Taylor always has a ready smile and is quick in reaction. He is active, energetic, and restless.

$10.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


HansonBoy, born 2006
post-operative mild cerebral palsy

Hanson is an extroverted boy who is 7 years old.  He was found on a staircase at the subway station when he was 4 years old. His limb and intelligence development is delayed compared to peers, but his motor skills have improved with 2 years of post-operative rehabilitation. When he was admitted, he could only walk short distances and would fall down easily, but now with an improved, but not completely steady walk and run, he can walk long distances, go upstairs and downstairs while holding onto rails and even likes to play outdoor activities. His right hand function has also gotten better as he can grasp most objects and can eat with a spoon. His language development is quite delayed compared to his peers. He can say 3-5 words, and understands simple vocabularies. He is very curious and observant of the things around him, and desires to communicate through play.

Hanson received surgery in October 2012 for posterior rhizotomy of spinal nerves and right carotid sympathectomy part stripping resection. Now he receives postoperative rehabilitation. At this time, Hanson’s muscular tension of left limbs is not high, and his language ability is developing.

$5.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


zachBoy, born July 2008
Zach is an adorable 4 year old boy diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy. His limb, intelligence, and language development is delayed compared to peers.

At age 1, he could sit alone, crawl, and stand with hands holding onto rails. At age 2, he began learning to walk, and could take a few steps. He could not speak, but he could understand simple instructions such as “come here” and could wave goodbye. At age 3, he learned to walk alone and could grab his favorite toy. Now, he can run, jump, go up and down stairs without help, flip pages of books, and can eat with a spoon and chopsticks. He understands simple words and instructions, recognizes articles of daily use, and can speak some simple words but not clearly. He is an active, happy little boy that shares toys and food with others. According to his teacher, he is a very polite, helpful, smart and obedient child. His fine motor develops well and Zach can now pick a pill up with his thumb and index finger, can turn book pages one by one, and can hold a pen with full hand and scribble. His self-care ability meets his age too. He can have a meal with spoon or chopsticks and is able to pick up peanuts too.

$100.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


4-2011 Naomi updateGirl, born Jan 2008
cerebral palsy, and ametropia both eyes (she needs glasses)


This beautiful girl has been overlooked for so long, because of her Cerebral palsy.  Her cerebral palsy which affects all four limbs, and she is not mobile.

She has a brilliant smile, and is so pretty!


$228.60 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Prudence-China Girl, born Dec 2005Prudence (2)
Down syndrome, Congenital Heart Defect (PDA)


Prudence is gentle, likes quiet places, and is a little shy with strangers.  She gets along well with other children.  She understands speech very well, and  is speaking, but not clearly.  She does speak enough to get her needs met.

She is a lovely little girl, and her fine motor skills are good (she can turn the pages of a book, and pick up small items).

She has difficulties swallowing, and eats harder foods (like crackers) slowly.  She does have a heart defect, and tires when standing or walking for a longer period of time.  She also frequently has colds or fevers, but no serious illnesses.

$3,882.85 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Tori update (1) Tori update (2)Girl, born March 2011


Tori is a beautiful little girl who has been diagnosed with Down syndrome.

Tori has a balanced nutrition and good sleep. She has a routine life in the orphanage. According to her caregivers, she is growing up very similar to that of her peers.

$2,645.13 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Luke LucasGuardian AngelBoy, born October 2010

Lucas is a precious little boy who has been diagnosed with Congenital Heart Defect. He has received a Glen Operation and has recovered well from the operation. Because of the complexity of his diagnosis, Luke will likely need another operation after he turns 5.

When Luke came to the orphanage, he was also showing signs of developmental delays. After the operation, he has shown significant improvements in development. Luke is active, energetic, talkative and extroverted. He smiles often, gets along well with others, and enjoys listening to music and singing. Luke was also sponsored by an American advocacy group that provides children with additional therapy and nurturing to help them develop to their full potential.

$956.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


ColbyBoy, born August 2008

Colby is a precious boy who has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome and Patent Ductus Arteriosus (Congenital Heart Defect). From observation, the heart condition has no obvious affect on daily life.

Colby is active, extroverted, and smiles often. When Colby hears music on the radio, he dances with joy. He does well in dance class and has a good sense of rhythm. Colby also enjoys playing games with other children and likes to watch cartoons.

$3,425.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


AthenaGirl, born Feb 2010

Athena is a sweet little girl who has been diagnosed with congenital cleft palate and a slightly dilated ventricular system.

Athena is an active child who likes riding on the wood horse in the institute. She likes playing with toys and rattles and her favorite toy is the toy bee. Athena likes communicating and playing with her caregivers. She likes to crawl and receive hugs too.

$58.90 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


AaronBoy, born November 2010

Aaron has been diagnosed with Spina Bifida- Mylomeningocele in sacrococcygeal region. He has not received any treatment for this condition at this time.

Aaron is a shy little boy who always has a ready smile. He gets along well with others and is very energetic. Aaron loves playing with his toys especially if they are stuffed and fluffy toys. He is closest to his caretakers and enjoys playing with others. Aaron’s mental development is good and he knows to cooperate when putting on clothes. Aaron can crawl and can respond when speaking to him.

$2.70 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


BrandonBoy, born Feb 2011

Brandon is a sweet little boy who has been diagnosed with multiple and large nevus on his body.

Brandon is not afraid of strangers. He loves to smile and has an extroverted personality. After he entered the institute, he received meticulous care. Brandon doesn’t often cry and his sleeping condition is very good. His daily life is one of routine and his life habits are very good.

$169.51 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


timothyupdatedpicture March2014Timothy-ChinaBoy, born May 2007

Down syndrome


Please Mama, FIND ME!   Timothy enjoys playing outside on the slide, riding bikes and games with other children.  With the help of his special education teacher his language is improving and he is beginning to gain some independence.  Timothy is a loving, open boy who enjoys being with others.



$1,730.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Zane ZayneBoy, born September 2003
Down syndrome


Zayne wishes to be adopted by a family abroad.  He hopes to have a dad and mum to call his own.  He enjoys playing outside with other children!


$2,015.25 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


updatecarol2Carol update 8 2013Girl, born Sept 2010
Down syndrome


Carol  loves sitting and rocking on her hobby horse!  She is enjoys listening to music and rocking on her horse.  She can sit on the bed steadily and can stand with hands holding onto the bed rails.  Sometimes when she sees other children take her favorite toy she will try and take it back.



Update Aug 2013:
Every day starting at 9:00 teachers of special education will take her and other children to the class room to do physical exercise and play. She receives special education in the institute. No other training/therapy. She walks pretty well but cannot speak, except for making some “yee-yah” voices. She will cooperate when a caregiver brushes her teeth. Her teeth are very healthy.
She can eat solid foods. She needs her caregiver’s help when the food contains bones or too hard to break. She needs to be fed by a caregiver. She is close to her caregivers.

Update Spring 2014:
Carol can use body language or expression to express her needs. sometimes she will say “ayi”. Sometimes she can answer simple questions, like “Carol, do you need potty?” and she will answer”No” Carol responds to her name and understands what you say. She  likes to play with and gets along well with the other kids most  of the time. She can get upset if others grab her toys or ignore her. Compared to other kids her age with Down Syndrome, Carol is said to be more skillful and obedient. She does not wear a diaper during the day, but needs to be taken to the toilet on a regular schedule. She still needs a diaper at night. Carol loves to get attention for her caregivers and loves to play with toy cars and blocks.

$2,022.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

George #19-2

George_2011DOB: 2004

Diagnosis: Down syndrome


George can walk with support. He will play with toys. He is described as friendly and as having a positive attitude. He is exposed to games and activities, but he does not always participate. He is not aggressive toward himself or others.


$1,722.01 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Jinger (1)

Jinger (2)Girl, born June 2007
Abnormality of the head, hyperdactylia (extra digit) of left hand and left foot

Jinger is a lovely and active girl. She likes listening to music and happy tone could make her happy. Jinger likes not only listening to music but also singing.

She likes to play house and could imitate putting on clothes for the dolls, feeding and dressing the dolls. She is a girl who likes beauty. She is happy when praised as a beautiful girl. Jinger likes playing games with other children. Sometimes she would help the others to put on socks or shoes. The others are happy to play with her. Jinger is polite and would greet initially with the smile on her face.

Except hyperdactylia (of left hand and left foot) and abnormity of the head she seldom gets sick except occasional cold, but she could recover soon after treatment. She is considerate and we hope that she could blossom like a flower and be happy every day.

$5.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


ReidBoy, born Dec 2001

Reid is an active child who loves warm atmosphere, has a ready smile and prefers to play outdoors. He is full of expressions, fond of music, being active when playing toys. He is obstinate sometimes, and being closed to caretakers. He would block the sunshine by his hands when too much sun burn; sometimes he could take care to other infants in bed by touch their head or feed them with cake. He has normal intelligence growth, good at imitation, is a smart and lovely child.

Additional pictures available.

$104.20 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


JasonBoy, born Oct 2002
Albinism, burn scars on foot/leg

He is described as outgoing and likes to help other kids. A caregiver says his mental development is slightly delayed compared to other children his age at the orphanage because sometimes it takes him a little longer to answer questions than other children. He is in the second grade and has trouble with his homework at times. His caregiver states that he has no vision problems aside from sensitivity to light. He has been diagnosed with albinism. His favorite people are other boys at the orphanage. Playing badminton makes him happy. His caregiver explained that he saw other children playing badminton and decided he wanted to try it, so he is currently learning how to play. When he grows up, he wants to be a car driver. His caregiver stated he is normally very active and noisy, but he was nervous with strangers so he was quiet during the meeting with adoption officials. He had a huge smile on his face during his dance performance and appeared be having fun with his friends.

$121.10 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


AndrewBoy, born August 2003


Andrew lives with a foster family since 2004, for his better development and he feels warm towards his family. His foster parents take good care of him, and he has become more and more active and bright. His vision problem which was resulted from albinism didn’t affect his daily life, his physical indexed are within normal range.

Andrew is a bright boy; sometimes he is shy in front of strangers, but he is joy for his parents at home. He often helps his mother do something within his power such as sweep the floor, wipe table, wash clothes etc. He is a good student at school, respect teachers, studies hard, help other classmates, has good word of mouth, often praised by teachers and classmates.

He is such a good boy, and we sincerely hope he could have a secure and happy family in which his parents love him very much.

$1,564.45 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


ElleGirl, born Sept 2008
Dandy-Walker syndrome, hydrocephalus, Thalassemia, speech delays


Elle needs regular blood transfusions for her Thalassemia.  Additional medical information available.

$135.29 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


EmmalineGirl, born June 2002

Down syndrome


Emmaline is well behaved, lovely and cute. Sometimes when she feels injustice from other children, she would act as a spoiled child in the cuddle of a teacher. As she grows up everyday, we feel happy yet we worry about her, because she is very sensitive and is able to understand what the teachers tell her. Sometimes she could do something out of predict. She has a good friend and they are called “golden partners” just because they are always together whatsoever playing or eating. They share things well and they even do things together such as cleaning floors.

We remember that once she found one shoe on the air conditioning, and she wanted to get it down, however, she was not tall enough and she babbled telling her friend.  The friend took a chair, Emmaline stepped on the chair in order to get the shoe, and finally, she made it.  She really surprised us at that time. She is really amazing. She could think of using a chair to help to get the shoe to finish her goal.

Unfortunately, she seldom speaks, which is the thing that we worry about her the most. Only give her more stimulate of language skills such as doing some oral gym to help her learn simple words, could she incorporate herself into this society well.

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Boy, born January 2010 PRC
Down syndrome


Alan just turned three years old, and although he can stand by himself and crawl all over the furniture, he is not quite yet able to walk. His foster father has been taking him on tricycle rides to strengthen his legs and improve his balance. Alan seems to be enjoying himself immensely!

Alan is speaking some family words such as “mama,”, “uncle,” and “sister” and is learning his colors and how to build a tower. Also, Alan can turn the pages of a book and is quite curious. Based on our reports, we can just imagine this handsome little guy snuggling on the lap of a mom or dad of his very own and read book after book. He will surely be a happy addition to some very lucky family!

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Guardian AngelGirl, born May 2009

postoperative hydrocephalus, postoperative meningocele (spina bifida), optic nerve atrophy, Cerebral palsy


At the first sight, we were impressed by her black eyes. Her eyes were big and black, which seemed to talk. As she grew up, we found her hair was beautiful, black and soft. Till now we do not cut her hair. The caretaker likes dressing her and do various hair style for her.

She received the surgery of meningocele and hydrocephalus. Now she is diagnosed as cerebral palsy and optic nerve atrophy. Her motion ability is poor and limbs are not powerful. She can turn over, can lie on the stomach, but can not sit. Additionally her mental development is delayed. She can not speak, just makes some unconscious sounds, she seems to dislike toys and not sensitive to the sounds.  Now she can eat the fixed food, mainly vegetable, meat, egg, noodles, oatmeal, porridge, rice, etc. She also likes fruits. She rarely has illness. She is slight, and shorter than other children of her age.

Though she has lots of disadvantages, she is still a lovely and happy baby. She likes smiling, especially when someone is talking with her and teasing her. When someone is hugging her, she is quiet and listening to adults’ talk, sometimes she touches the person’s face. She likes noisy, always turns her head to the sounds. When no one plays with her, she will be upset and call unhappily.

Though she is a disabled child, she is lovely as other healthy child. She has the same feeling, desires to be loved and cared. We hope she would grow up healthily and happily and she would have a family with warm and love. We believe she can adapt new place and bring happiness to the family. Bless Sarea!  Wish she can find her parents soon and have a family. Wish she is peaceful all her life.

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Boy, born Dec 2009

Kopelan loves to sing and hum. He enjoys being held, sitting on people’s laps, and being talked to and sung to. He likes to feel the hands and the arms of the person who is talking to or holding him.

Kopelan has started to play with toys more and feels around for them. He is a happy boy who loves to laugh; he absolutely loves being tickled. He has a face and a smile that are sure to steal your heart.


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Girl, born Dec 2008guardianangel


Helen was born with encephalocele, which is type of neural tube defect that occurs very early in fetal life where the embryo’s cells that form the skull do not come together to close over the brain. The result is a defect in the bones of the skull, causing brain tissue to protrude from the skull.

Helen loves to make herself laugh. She enjoys spending her time playing, humming, and observing things around her. She is doing well and getting strong. She is able to walk with help and has recently been able to pull herself up. She loves to go outside to the playground and practice her walking. Her smile is so cute and her laugh so hearty.

Helen has had surgery, and additional information is available about her surgeries and hospitalizations.  She has vision concerns, and has recently begun speaking a few words.

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Fernuodated filepicture2Fernupdated file pictureGirl, born Aug 2010
Cerebral palsy

She can laugh aloud. She waves her head when happy. She grasps little toys with left hand and put them into her mouth to bite them. She can sit alone for a short time. She looks around when someone speaks to her.

Fern has a good physical state, has balanced nutrition, has a routine life every day, good living habits but is choosy about food.


From an adoptive parent who saw her in April 2014:
Let me start by saying my heart broke for this little one. She is unable to sit up or feed herself. She cannot walk. She was brought to me in the crib. She smiled when I spoke to her and she grabbed my hand when I placed mine in hers. She laughed when we tickled her and she seemed to enjoy my attention. The nannies say she can smile and laugh when tickled. She can chew and swallow food. She has a familiar caretaker and smiles when she is with her. She is described as a very content child. She is easy going.

Note: Fern’s updated file pictures do show her sitting up, although she may be supported by leaning on the wall in one picture. She desperately needs a family who can get her out of the crib and into therapy so she can be all that she can be!

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Boy, born June 2009
Down syndrome, enlarged tonsils

Bruno is active and positive, has a ready smile, he is very lovely, he is favored. Since he can walk, he may play with his peers, and he will find staff on his own initiative. Ordinary, he likes cuddle balls and play, roll over the ball on the ground, then he will throw it away, he may pick up again. Sometime he will play and entertain himself for a whole day.  He can pronounce simple sounds, he can use gestures to say hello and goodbye to others.


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Boy, born 2010
Down syndrome, droopy eye lid


Malcolm is described as super cute and curious!

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Boy, born April 2005
Down syndrome

Louie is walking, running, jumping and crawling, can stand with one foot for 5 seconds, can jump with both feet.  His balance is good.  Louie can use the scissor deftly, like cutting paper, can draw simple pictures, can imitating drawing fish.

He would like to express with language, though his voice is not clear, other people can understand him. Every day he comes to the classroom, he can make greetings with teachers politely and express his willing. Also he can communicate with adults. Usually he can help mates in trouble like older brother.

Louie likes studying, is curious with new things, likes operating with hands, like drawing. He can not only join kinds of sports, but also he can use materials to create. His self-performing is improving, can answer the questions actively. He can recognize common color in the daily life, can paint and draw simple pictures. He has good memory, can remember poems and children’s songs. He likes imitating, and can write his name.  He can learn dancing quickly and often joins art performance.

Teachers and other children all like Louie. He is active, open, confident, often plays with mates. He likes handcrafts, also likes outdoor activities, like rocking horse, sliding, see-saw, etc. He has good safety awareness. He likes balls, toy cars and toy guns.

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Boy, born June 18 2010
Deformity of fingers of both hands; congenital blepharoptosis of both eyes, divergent squint; He has mild hydrocephalus, deformity of right ear (does not affect hearing)

Jennings can roll over alone, but he can not sit straightly or crawl, his arms can yield and stretch. He can open his hands freely and can use hand to touch foot, and he can do some simple hand motion, like he can hold small things, can clap both hands. But compared with peers, the flexibility of his hands are not very good, and his hands can not hold large things, and his fingers can not stretch to straight; his leg development is normal can yield and stretch.

Jennings was not talking yet, but was babbling (report from 2011).

Additional pictures available.

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