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silvia-2016girl, born 2014





4.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Girl, born September 2015Emma Video Still Sept-2016 - Sept-2016Emma Photo 1 Sept-2016 - September 2016
Down syndrome

Listed March 14, 2016

Emma was born at 38 weeks gestation via C-section in September 2015 and had an APGAR score of 7/8.  Emma’s heart is healthy, her hearing is normal, and her muscle tone is good. The staff at Emma’s orphanage are very happy with her development. Emma has head control and pulls up to sit.

Update July 2016:  Emma has learned to roll from tummy to back and vice versa. She reaches for toys, holds them and plays with them as well as brings objects to her mouth.  She kicks and pushes herself out of her chair.  When asked what Emma does, her caretakers respond, “She does it all!”

Update September 2016: Emma continues to be a happy and active child who coos and says two syllable words.  She recognizes familiar adults and reacts accordingly.  Emma like to be on the floor where she rolls over easily, plays with balls and other toys, and interacts with other children.  New video shows that Emma can now sit independently as well.

Video available from the agency. Married couples only due to court appointed guardian.

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Edwin June 2016Edwin was born in November 2014 and has been diagnosed with spina bifida.

Everybody loves Edwin! He is developing well. Edwin sits unassisted, stands up against support in his crib, responds to his name, and plays well with other children. Edwin’s prognosis to learn to walk is very good.

$180.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


TimonBoy, born August 2003Timon2

Listed: July 31, 2015


From a missionary who met him in 2016:  ” He’s a very sweet boy always helping others, pushing the boys in his home in their wheelchairs or making sure they are sitting up straight or helping his nannies with chores. Timmy had a brain tumor removed last year, there is a lot of medical info available to interested families. There is also $7000 in AGENCY grant money. Please share this video, in it he is interviewed and said his dream is to go to America and that he wishes to be adopted…”

Timon is a handsome boy who has overcome some amazing odds. When he first came into care he was dependent on others for help and care. Under the care of the center he became an independent and chatty boy who was doing so well. In Feb 2015, his caregivers noticed some irregularities in his gait and activity level. A CT scan showed enlarged ventricles and a tumor mass. He had emergency surgery for shunt placement and tumor removal. The surgeon believes all of the tumor was removed and it tested benign. Timon recovered slowly and has been able to become independent again in caring for himself, eating and talking. His speech remains slurred and slower but he is understandable. He is also back to being able to read and write. In early April 2015 Timon had a second surgery to place an external shunt to drain fluid from the area where the tumor was located and to allow for brain growth. The surgery went well and the plan is to remove the external shunt after 6- 12 months. While the long term effects of these surgeries is not fully known and further brain scans will be needed to monitor for any recurrence, Timon has proven himself to be a fighter. He has shown great courage in all his surgeries and therapies. He has shown great perseverance and commitment to doing well individually and in the therapies that have helped him recover after surgery.Timon is an overcomer and needs a family who sees his potential and can help him reach it. Are you the family that will help his light shine bright?

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***


Leena (2)Leena (1)Girl, born 2014
Down syndrome, Congenital heart defect




Leena’s grant of $45.00 has been gifted to Angel.


boysillouettenophotoBoy, born July 2015


Newly listed little boy; hoping for additional information soon. He is reportedly healthy.




LevinBoy, born February 2012
visual impairment

Levin is a sweet little boy who has a visual impairment in both eyes. He has been in foster care since he was 9 months old and he has been growing well. He has a good appetite and he sleeps well. Levin is learning how to be curious and he now walks independently, and plays with toys. He is very proud of himself when his nannies congratulate him on learning a new skill.

$22.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Harpo July 2016Harpo was born full-term in October 2015.

He has Down Syndrome and congenital heart defects (atrial septal defect, PDA, pulmonary hypertension).

Listed March 14, 2016

Harpo’s medical report from the hospital states that he was breastfed exclusively by his birth mother for the first two weeks of his life. However, he is currently unable to to drink from a bottle due to an inability to suck. His caretakers are working hard to restore the strength of his oral-motor muscles. At this time, Harpo is primarily fed with a feeding tube. Harpo does not yet have head control, but tracks with his eyes.

Harpo’s therapist feels generally positive about his development and believes he would make good progress with targeted, one on one interventions.

Update July 2016: Harpo has started to eat soft, soupy foods which is big progress for him given his struggles with oral-motor control.  His therapist reports that he can roll from his back to his belly and shows improved head control during tummy time.

Married couples only. Video available from the agency.

$10.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


ruby-updaterubyGirl, born 2010

Congenital malformation syndromes due to Fetal alcohol syndrome, Other pervasive developmental disorders, Lack of expected normal physiological development, Iron deficiency anemia, Cardiomyopathy, unspecified

Listed: November 30, 2014

Updated pictures, August 2016

Note: Ruby has a healthy sibling brother, who is *NOT* adoptable for adoption, due to his paperwork. A family who commits to Ruby should be prepared for a possible delay in country, due to “separation” of siblings.

$18.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Bianca 1Girl, born August 2003
Slight/mild CP

Listed: November 4, 2014

Bianca is diagnosed with slight cerebral palsy. One of her best friends was adopted in March and she thought she had a family coming for her too, but she does not…yet! From a volunteer at her orphanage who has known her for years in regards to her file mentioning retardation of some sort: “She is bright and wonderful. She is personable and her CP is very slight. She would be a wonderful little girl and needs a mommy and daddy to help her to reach her full potential. I”m not sure why they put such words in files unless it means “delayed” or something to that capacity. She does go to the school outside the orphanage. She is currently living in a “family like” setting within the orphanage with three other girls and foster parents. She’s doing great!” From an Oct. 2013 update: Her speech is clear now. Bianca can speak complete sentences and read a textbook. She can do math too. She is independent in her daily life, doing things such as making her bed, sweeping the floor, and taking a shower. Bianca gets along well with her classmates and will greet people she knows. She rarely gets sick except for an occasional cold. At school she receives rehab training for her CP.

*** Bianca has received a $10,000 Older Child Grant! ***


30815195533Guardian AngelGirl, born Dec 2008
Hydrocephalus, Severe mental delays


She is a very sweet and kind girl and extremely needs a family.  She will be 5 this December, so any new family may commit to her and start preparing a dossier.

She has siblings, but none are available for adoption; 2 older sisters live with birth mother and 1 younger sister has been adopted.

From a family who met her in summer 2013:
She was in my kids’ groupa.  She is the sweetest little thing and needs out of there ASAP!!!  She has the most noble quiet nature about her.  She is mentally delayed but has so much potential.  She was one of the least favored children in the orphanage and she is desperate for love.  On one occasion she wandered over to the play shelter where we were playing and was trying to eat our daughter’s cookie.  We didn’t have any extra (we brought treats for the groupa every three days or so) so my husband just picked her up to distract her and as soon as he did, she threw her arms around his neck and rested her head on his shoulder just soaking in the attention.  I can’t bear the thought of her being transferred!  She already has it bad enough.


$5,434.75 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Leslie and Carla

Leslie-CarlaGirl, born 2011
Girl, born 2010







Adelaide (2)Adelaide Photo 1 Oct-2014Adelaide Photo 3 May-2013Adelaide was born in September 2005 and has been diagnosed with spina bifida, lower limb paresthesia, and a disorder of the hips. She is wheelchair-bound.

Listed: July 23, 2014

Adelaide is described as a sweet, joyful, and communicative girl. She is interested and participates in different activities and likes to help others. Adelaide regularly attends school and can read and write. She recites poetry and sings songs.

Update October 2014: Adelaide is being homeschooled at her orphanage at a third grade level. Her teachers are very happy with her academic progress and Adelaide likes showing off her math and language workbooks.

Update March 2016: Adelaide is a lovely girl with an easy and quick smile. She is extremely mobile with her wheelchair which she maneuvers herself, even in tight spaces. Adelaide has great upper body strength and skills and is able to move herself from the wheelchair onto furniture and back.  She independently takes care of her toileting needs. Adelaide gets along very well with everyone, older and younger children as well as caretakers. She makes conversation, responds to requests, is alert and engaged with her surroundings.  Her social worker says she is a smart and sweet girl.

Additional reports and photos available upon request from the agency.

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boysillouettenophotoBoy, 7 years old

He is very open, cheerful and social boy. He makes friends very easy. He likes to cuddle. He works with the speech therapist.

Additional information will be available for an interested family.

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Stephanstephan-2016boy, born 2002

Central nervous system lesions, spastic tetraparesis, severe mental delays, Vitreous Fibrosis, Horizontal Nystagmus, overbite.

Listed: May 2, 2015

NEW PHOTO!  Stephen is such a treasure. We want a family for him so desperately. He is about the size of a 6 or 7 year old- just an itty bitty thing. The nannies say that he is blind, but we believe he can at least see shadows. He always wants to be near the window- especially on sunny days. There are two places you can usually find Stephen- either standing under the window at the end of the hall, or sitting on a chair in the kitchen, waiting for the next meal.

Stephen is extremely sensory-seeking and needs to feel the world around him. He loves to spin, flap his arms, spin some more, run, spin, you get the idea. He has absolutely no sensory input at the institution- so he has to create it himself.

He does not speak and displays many institutional behaviors. He is NOT harmful or aggressive to himself or others. He is absolutely adorable and has so.much.potential. He is more than a diagnosis.


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Girl, born March 2009
hydrocephalus (with shunt), spastic tetraparesis, convulsive disorder, Hep.B, valgus feet, optic discs atrophy


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Alexis Photo 2 Apr-2013AAlexis was born in August 2006 and has been diagnosed with pelvic positioning of the left kidney, congenital hypotrophy, and mild cognitive delays. Alexis can walk independently, is potty-trained, dresses and undresses without help, and feeds herself.

Listed:  December 8, 2014

Though a bit shy with strangers, Alexis is sociable, communicative, and gladly participates in games and activities. She is described as obedient and easily follows directions from her caretakers. Alexis likes to recite poems and sing songs, as well as play with toys like dolls, purses, etc. Alexis’s teachers note that she is able to learn and reasons well. In November 2013, she could count to ten and had just begun learning her letters.

Additional photos, video and reports available upon request from the agency.

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***



carlBoy, born 2011
Williams syndrome, congenital malformation of urogenital system, left pyelectasia, chronic pyelonephritis, organic amino acids derangement


$342.57 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


john johnnyBoy, 15 years old
back injury

John is from an African country who has lost both his parents to a recent tragic illness outbreak in his home country. John will turn 16 in January 2017 and he can no longer be adopted due to the visa requirements of the US. John is one of the most loving, kind and tenderhearted young boys that you will meet. Anyone that meets him are drawn in by his sweet spirit despite the fact that he has been through so much tragedy in his life. John fell out of a Mango tree when he was 4 years old and it caused an injury to his lower back- his disc is damaged and at times it pains him so much and will impact his ability to move around without hindrance. John keeps persevering despite the pain it causes him and he is able to keep his good mood.

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information,
email ***

Macey #1-46

MaceyMacey2Age: 3
Diagnosis: congenital cardiac malformation; pulmonary hypertention

Listed: April 28, 2016

Macey is developing well. She can walk while holding someone’s hand or holding on to a support. She repeats words, assists with dressing/undressing, and is in the process of being toilet trained. She responds to her name, follows simple directions, plays appropriately with toys, and demonstrates age appropriate pretend play skills (takes a plate and spoon and pretends to eat, holds a phone to ear and says hello).

Videos from April 2016 show her walking while holding one hand of a caregiver, appropriately playing with toys, saying a few basic words, saying animal sounds, looking at a book, and interacting with the adults in the room.

Photos and videos from April 2016 are available through the agency.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.


gideonBoy, born 2001

He was hosted summer 2016:
We have tons of pictures of Gideon. He is such a good kid and he so badly wants a family of his own. He absolutely wants to be adopted! He has told us this many times during his stay so far. He also knows no one has chosen him due to his HIV status. He said he wants a family and to be loved like everyone else. It is heart breaking. Through it all though, he keeps such a good sense of humor and positive attitude. This boy needs a family and I believe he would bring countless blessings to his forever family. He is a really good kid who really wants a family.

He ages out in January of 2017 so a family must file an I600a by January 2017!

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***


alissaGirl, born 2002

Listed: February 1, 2016

She is a beauty! She will be available late July 2016!


From a family who met her in February 2016:  “Oh boy she is amazing! I have seen a lot of orphans but very few like her. Beautiful, sweet, caring, motherly.”

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***



Boy, born 2010

Epileptic seizures related to external causes

What a great smile!


in domestic foster care


kiara1Girl, born 2012kiara

Spina bifida, Congenital hydrocephalus


Very smart girl, can talk, tells poems


$509.40 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


starr40808183336 Starr (1)Girl, born 2014

Updated medical and picture 1/16: Her current medical file only has Down syndrome listed, she had two fused toes that were corrected and surgery for her duodenal atresia, nystagmus.

Relisted Sept 2016; originally listed August 11, 2014.

Old Info: Down syndrome, congenital heart defect (AVSD), duodenum atresia (post operative, multiple hospitalizations), syndactyly of hands and feet, valgus fee, unspecified brain malformation, delayed development

Updated pics 8/16! She is heavily sedated and needs out!

From a family who met her Feb 2016:  She is BEAUTIFUL. The few pictures we were able to take do not do her justice. She has the most beautiful eyes and is sweet as can be. She’s very calm and sweet and snuggly. She likes to be tickled. I wish I could somehow express with words how beautiful and precious she is. It broke my heart to hold her and not be able to bring her home. Please someone go get this sweet girl! She is in a very easy region to adopt from! She needs a family to get her out of the orphanage and let that hair grow into pigtails!

Poor girl is obviously drugged and needs out!

$9,525.15 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Guardian Angelcarrie-20162011Carrie was born in 2011.



Carrie was previously listed with her older sisters.  Her sisters were adopted domestically.


$734.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


40730094950judith-2016Girl, born 2012
CP, dual hemiplegia

Listed July 30, 2014

Judith cannot walk or sit independently. But she shows interest in toys and reacts to speech addressed to her.

Due to a recent change in her medical coding, Judith will not be available for adoption until age 5.

$5.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Your gift will serve ALL of the children, as 10% of each Waiting Child Donation is shared with our Voice of Hope fund, as well!

For more information on how to adopt this child, please visit our Contact Page.


Merryn 2016 cropped 2Girl, born June 2011
Down syndrome

Listed: June 6, 2016

Merryn is a delightful little girl who is 5 years old! She was found near a railway station when she was about 8 months old. Merryn has Down syndrome, with no other known health concerns. Her gross and fine motor skills are good, and her speech is coming along. Merryn has been with a foster family for almost 2 years now, and loves to play outdoors with the other kids in the neighborhood. Merryn is a sweet and lovely little girl! She enjoys music, playing with her toys, and being with her friends.

$125.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


shawnBoy, born 2011

disorder of the brain; unstable hip; atrial septal defect; Abnormal results of cardiovascular function studies; d50 anemia



Carter1Boy, born 2014
Down syndrome & hand deformity

Listed: April 26, 2016

Carter is a 24 month old baby boy who loves to cuddle!  Carter has Down Syndrome and a hand deformity. He is a quiet baby, he was so enjoying his time being cuddled that he fell asleep in her arms waiting his turn to be seen by the medical team!

He rolls over and extends his arms to lift his tummy and head when he is on his tummy. He makes some sounds but is not saying words yet. He likes to play with bells and other toys that make sounds. This sweet baby boy needs a family who will give him all the cuddles he deserves!

$33.75 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


ayden Boy, born 2010

Ptosis, FAS, Mental Delays





mark1Boy, born 2002

mild mental delay
hepatitis C



*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***


Tyler (1) Tyler (2) 14 yrs old

Listed: May 20, 2016

Cerebral Palsy & Possible Syndrome (families need to be open to unknowns)

Tyler is intelligent, loving and caring and his smile will light up a room! He can walk and take care of all his own personal needs.


*** Tyler has received a $10,000 Older Child Grant! ***

Maurie #1-54

Maurie collage
Age: 2
Diagnosis: Epidermolysis bullosa

Maurie lives in an orphanage in Eastern Europe where the director and staff are attempting to care for her skin care needs to the best of their ability. Her bandages are changed regularly and her skin is treated to prevent infection.

Maurie’s development is normal for her age. She is walking, saying some words, playing with toys, and scribbling on paper when given a pen. Due to her skin condition, Maurie has been given her own room at the orphanage. She has toys and even a TV in her room. She has bonded with the staff members that take care of her at the orphanage. She reacts appropriately to familiar and unfamiliar people. She responds to her name and follows simple directions. Her emotions, attention span, and memory are on target for her age.

Photos and videos are available through the agency.



DOB: 12/27/02
SN: mild humpback

Listed: May 10, 2012





Sylvie (L)

sylvie2SylvieGirl, born December 2014
Down syndrome – Roberson translocation between 21 chromosomes; suspected bilateral hearing nerve inflammation; anomaly of Tricuspid valve, I degree of Tricuspid valve not closing; hypermetric astigmatism.

Listed: March 1, 2016

What a sweetheart – look at that sweet smile!

Sylvie adapts well in a new environment. She initiates and keeps eye contact, smiles when spoken to and is interested in toys. She puts toys in her mouth, plays with them making noise by hitting them on the table. Sylvie finds the resource of sounds, she makes a few sounds but is not speaking yet. She eats well and her sleep is calm. She sits when leaning against a support, crawls, and can go for her favorite toy. Sylvie is very easy going and loving.

Sylvie will require services by a speech therapist, occupational therapist, special education teacher, physical therapist, pediatric cardiologist, and a neurologist.

$45.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Amory #

AmoryAge: 2 years
Special needs: biological mother with mental delay; the child: good general condition; good physical development; chronic viral hepatitis B; delayed neuropsychological development;

Amory receives the following treatment: Ursofalk, Isoprinosine, Lactoflor. He also has daily rehabilitation and kinesitherapy sessions.

Meet handsome and radiant Amory! He has recently turned 2 years. The agency has his video and before you play it, be prepared for your heart to melt down as a result of his sweet giggles, deep blue eyes and a huge smile!

Amory is improving his motor skills: several months ago he wasn’t able to take a sitting position independently or stand up while holding onto a fixed support. Now he goes from a supine position to a sitting position and he maintains a stable sitting position, he crawls and he strands up while holding onto something for support. He is able to maintain a standing position while holding onto a fixed support and standing on his toes. He attempts to make steps sideways and he moves around in a baby walker.

Amory likes to play with toys: he reaches for and grabs a toy independently, examines it, transfers it from one hand into the other and manipulates with it in a simple manner. He knocks two cubes one into the other. He takes cubes out of a box and then puts them back in. He threads colorful rings on a fixed stand.

Amory’s vocabulary is developing, as well. The level of development of his receptive speech is good: he understands others’ speech at an everyday level and he turns when called by name. He produces sounds and sound combinations, sometimes by imitation (such as “ba-ba”, “ma-ma”, “di-di”, etc.).

Amory’s emotional status is predominantly calm and positive: he doesn’t cry for no reason and he doesn’t demonstrate any aggressive or self-aggressive behaviors. Amory is an affectionate little boy who seeks individual attention and enjoys physical contact (hugs) as well as jests on behalf of familiar people. He sometimes protests when having to say goodbye to an adult he likes. Amory responds positively to interactions with an adult he likes – he looks at them closely, smiles and laughs aloud when jested. He has formed a relationship of emotional attachment with a staff member.

Amory eats with a very good appetite and gains weight. His sleep is calm.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.


Noah (1) Noah (2)3 yrs old


Listed: May 20, 2016

Noah is a true orphan who lost both of his parents to Ebola. He has just recently joined the Center and is taking in all the new sights, sounds, and love that our Center has to offer.

$796.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Zoey (2)Girl, born May 2013Zoey (1)
possible corneal leukoma, some delays in development

Zoey is a beautiful little one
who will turn 2 years old in May! She is a very quiet and peaceful little girl, who enjoys listening to stories. When she first arrived at the orphanage, her general health was poor. Now, the nannies have both plumped her up, and with therapy, have increased her muscle tone and balance. Zoey has been diagnosed with a possible corneal leukoma which affects the her vision. It appears she may also have strabismus in one or both eyes. Zoey is a very sweet and precious little girl who needs a family.

$553.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Story and Stacy


stacyBoy, born 2012

Girl, born 2011
Spina bifida

The children are very nice.
The girl can walk and talk and acts as a normal child. She had surgery for her spinal bifida but she wears diapers.

We need a family for them asap because they are very likely to be fostered or adopted in country and they may be separated. Both are in the same orphanage.

$153.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Shirley #1-34

ShirleyAge: 14
Diagnosis: spina bifida

Listed: January 11, 2016

Shirley moves around independently in a wheelchair. She can pull up to a standing position on her own by holding on to a steady support. She can get on and sit in a chair, sofa or bench. She writes, draws, cuts, and eats independently. She is very social and easily carries on a conversation with people. ; she does her nails and can recognize herself in the mirror. She likes to do her hair and put bows and tiaras in it. She likes to receive gifts – bracelets, rings, etc. She likes to be a leader among her peers. She is concerned for the younger children and helps them. When helping someone, she feels meaningful and useful. When someone interacts with her, she is very loving, seeks contacts with the people who take care of her, constantly asks questions and is curious. She likes to listen to music and watch soap operas on the TV. She sings children’s songs, dances well and can follow the rhythm. She likes to draw and color as well as to go out on walks.

At 7 years old, she was placed in a mental institution, where she lived for 7 years. She is now living in a group home and has the opportunity to attend school. In the school 2015/2016, she is in the seventh grade in a mainstream school, in the program “Inclusive Education”. She is in the 7th grade, in a group for individual education of children with multitude of disabilities. She loves going to school. She partially recognizes numbers, letters and writes elements of the letters. She counts to 20. She knows “smaller” and “larger”. She knows the days of the week and the seasons. She knows the main colors and with directions from an adult, recognizes the fruits and vegetables. She participates in activities from the everyday life – she puts her room in order, eats on her own; she can put the table and clean it; she helps the children in the group. She can do her morning and night routines independently. She also can choose her clothes that she will wear.

The agency has videos from January 2016. While videoing, she asked a lot of questions and made sure to watch the video to ensure she looked good before allowing the photos and videos to be seen. She demonstrated an inquisitive nature and a sense of humor during the interaction.


*** Shirley has received a $10,000 Older Child Grant! ***

Charlotte and Jadon

charlotteJAdonGirl, born 2008 and Boy, born 2009

boy, cardiomyopathy, anemia

Re-listed: January 29, 2016

Charlotte was recently hosted with her brother!

Shareable video link for Charlotte:

Shareable video link for Jadon:

They were listed before and were taken into foster care, they are now available again!
These siblings must be adopted together!

$40.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Thomas #1-43


Thomas 2Age: 5
Diagnosis: Spina bifida apeta, prolapse, lower left paraplegia, inner hydrocephalus, bilateral luxation, chronic osteomyelitis, delay in the neuro-psychical development.
Thomas moves around by sliding with the help of his arms. He can not stand upright. He receives constant physical therapy. He can string element to a stationary axis. He can do simple puzzled with shapes. He can build thinks with Lego, can place cubes on top of each other or collects them in a box. He is emotionally stable, smiling and happy. He is acquiring cognitive skills. He recognized the circular and square forms, can draw a circle on a piece of paper. The child is getting acquainted with the general characteristics of the objects – their color, shape and size. His attention is getting more and more stable. She is beginning to show interest in the given tasks and asking for another when he has finished the previous. His thinking is slow. His attention is developing through play. He seeks attention from adults and shows excitement by waving his hands. In the group he is calm and tries to interact with the children. He gets annoyed by loud noises and is scared of scissors. His speech lags behind, but uses a lot of words. He can carry out simple instructions. He feeds himself, but is slow and sometimes needs help. He is picky about the food. He can drink out of a cup, but refuses to hold it and waits for the adult to hold it. When getting dressed he assists the adult. He doesn’t control his physiological needs.

Photos and videos from March 2016 are available through the agency.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.


Soleil June 2013Girl, born January 2001
Mild to moderate mental delays

Listed: October 29, 2012

Soleil comes very highly recommended from the orphanage director. She has shown great progress since she entered the orphanage.

She is running out of time — a family must be found for her before she turns 16!

Update June 2013:
Soleil really stands out.  She is a helper. She was helping the younger children stand up and dance and they were watching her to mimic what to do. She seems to be one of children that helps the orphanage staff as she is able to follow directions. She can read and speaks very clearly when asked questions. It is unclear why she is in this specific orphanage and they pointed her out specifically as needing a family! She is a very sweet girl who said she has dreamed about having a family but isn’t sure if she will ever have one- it just about broke my heart. There is also video available with her in it!

*** Soleil has received a $10,000 Older Child Grant!***


41122171341 RomanBoy, born 2013
Hydrocephalus, had surgery at 3 months to install shunt.

Listed November 22, 2014

Roman was born prematurely. He is a twin — the healthy twin went home with the parents.

Roman makes very good eye contact, is trying to talk, likes to play with toys.

$13.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Brooke (4) Brooke (3)Girl, born June 2008
Down syndrome

Brooke is a happy little girl and always laughs every day. Not only she is a good helper for her teacher, but also is a “big sister” to the other children. Brooke will help other children on her own initiative. She is able to do some things independently and also does well following directions and completing tasks with guidance. Brooke greets visitors on her own initiative and holds their hand to show them to her classroom where she introduces her teachers and friends to them. Brooke can distinguish objects by colors, sizes, kinds, and shapes. With prompts she can state the names, colors and simple purposes of daily used commodities. She can count numbers 1-10 and can finish basic hand fine motor tasks alone(such as take, grasp and pinch). With the help of her teacher, Brooke can do some fine motor skills such as dig, copy, draw, and colors in the shape drawn. Brooke is able to state her basic wants and needs, but her speech is often unclear. Brooke can also sing some basic children’s songs and recite a couple of children’s poems. Brooke is able to walk, run and jump independently and likes to dance to music. This sweet girl is waiting for a family to call her own. Is that family yours?

$1,218.30 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!



Isabella1Girl, born 2015
Spina Bifida

C’mon mom!!!


$18.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


NorahGirl, born May 2012RODS Clean.Red.Border
Down syndrome, post-op congenital heart disease

Listed: May 20, 2016

Norah is a four year old girl that is looking for a family. She is gradually getting stronger in the orphanage and is able to walk, draw, and pick out toy blocks from a cup. She knows how to imitate actions and knows some words. Her favorite things include playing interactive games with other children and listening to music.

Norah also has an adorable smile!

$5,099.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Edward (2)

Edward (1)Boy, born June 2004

Listed: October 30, 2013

Edward participates in a program that provides high quality care and education for orphans who are blind or visually impaired. When he first arrived he was very afraid of the unknown, especially sounds that he hadn’t heard before. He didn’t want to talk to strangers or touch anything new. He preferred to play by himself instead of with the other children. Today Edward is one of the most energetic, outgoing kids at his home. He loves to do everything fast–sometimes you can see him running down the hill to his house waving his cane in the air, even though he is completely blind! He doesn’t want to miss a second of the fun. Edward loves to sing and dance. He often makes his ayi’s laugh with his silly dance moves. He enjoys playing with a variety of toys, but especially with the cars. He is always cheerful and likes to play with everyone. Edward ran in the mini marathon in October 2013 and he often goes to the park to run 3-5km. Physical education is one of his favorite activities at school, but Edward is good at other subjects as well. He is the best in his class at Braille, and also is a very good English student. His only hindrance is that he loves to be active so much he has a hard time sitting still, so we have set up a special program where he gets to run on a treadmill before he goes in to class so that he can focus on his studies. We’re very proud of the active, fun boy Edward has become!

*** Edward has received a $10,000 Older Child Grant! ***


Donni croppedBoy, born August 2006
Down syndrome

Listed: March 10, 2016

Active Donni loves to be outdoors. He is happiest outside and on his bicycle! He can feed himself, take off his own shoes and say some simple words. He is very close to his caregivers. Donni has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome and he has expressed a desire to be adopted and live in America. His biggest need is to be a part of a loving family and have that permanency and unconditional love!

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***

Dewey #

Dewey (2)Boy, 2 years old

Undescended testicles /bilateral cryptorchism/, Convergent concomitant strabismus and Congenital anomaly of the neurological system due to post-term pregnancy and pathological birth – heavy asphyxia at birth, neonatal aspiration of meconium and cerebral depression.

The child has slower dynamics in his psychomotor development. He is adapted to daily regimen of age appropriate for childcare. He is calm while awake, he is rather passive and emotionally apathetic in his behavior. He is incredulous and distant towards unfamiliar adults. He smiles when teased. He moves by crawling, sits and stands up by himself. He walks slowly while someone leads him with two hands. He plays with toys. He pronounces spontaneous vocal combinations and syllables. He eats well. He accepts the care for his body in calm manner. His skills in the motor development are delayed for his age. His neuropsychological development has values below normal for the age.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

Layla #1-51

Layla2_July 2016 Layla3_July 2016Girl, age: 2
Diagnosis: Microcephalus; Bilateral microphthalmia and coloboma iridis of the left eye – diagnostic specification under anesthesia is imminent; clubbed feet – corrected with orthotics and orthopedic shoes; Mild degree of delays in the neuro-psychical development.

Layla has lived in foster care since birth. She walks, kicks and rolls a ball, dances along to music, has a well-developed pincer grasp that she uses appropriately with small objects, and goes up and down stairs while holding the rail. She plays appropriately with toys, put items in/out of containers, stacks blocks on top of each other and enjoys looking at books and doing art projects with glue. She demonstrates understanding of the functional relationship of items (example: she gets a doll, puts it in bed and covers it up). She demonstrates appropriate emotions based on the situation. She likes to brush her teeth and look at herself in the mirror. She attempts to be independent with household tasks and gladly helps her foster mother clean the house. She enjoys music and toys. She plays well with other children and by herself. She mimics the actions of others. After watching an adult turn on a mechanical toy, she takes the toy and attempts to turn it on herself.

Medically, her clubbed feet were corrected with casting and braces. Her eyes are sensitive to the sun. She has had multiple visits with a neurologist, endocrinologist, and orthopedic doctors. Her birth family history lists the following: the birth mother has a brain-vessels disease and epilepsy grand mall; she takes Depakote; the father has an alcohol addiction. The child is allergic to Biseptol.

Photos and videos from July 2016 are available through the agency.

Niko #25

Niko (1)Boy, 7 years old
Moderate mental delays, speech delay

Listed April 5, 2016

Update March 2016: Because of his problem with having almost no speech, it is impossible to enroll him in the local school as there are no specialists there to work with him and to help him – like speech therapist, resource teacher, etc. The orphanage director thinks that the mental delays he was diagnosed with is just because he does not talk. They think that actually he is very smart and intelligent child! The staff thinks that if he is enrolled in a school for deaf children he will master sign language and the communication with him will be of full value. He was also put under general anesthesia and his hearing was tested – the conclusion after this examination is that he has adequate social hearing. The nurse explained that there is no anatomic reason for the lack of speech related with his hearing apparatus. He does not talk but presently, he uses around 4-5 words. He pronounces “yes” and “no” well, he says also “thank you” but is not so understandable and clear. The staff thinks that if he works daily with speech therapist there is a chance that he advances quickly.

He understands everything. The staff shared that his biological mother also does not talk. Usually he sits down and colors. He does very well in coloring. But usually he does this only if he decides to. He is very willful and wants to do the things that he wants to, not what he is told. He can put elements on the board by shape and size.

He usually plays alone and he likes to watch TV and listen to music. He is very independent child: he dresses and undresses himself, folds his clothes and makes his bed alone. He usually washes his face and teeth alone but for bathing the staff help him. He can eat without an help.

We really think that he has a lot of potential if he has the chance to work with specialists, especially – speech therapist, resource teacher and occupational therapist. He is good child who deserves better life like every child, but he needs a family who will provide him with all resources that will help him develop his potential, master new skills and knowledge and especially, environment where he will be understood. He deserves a family, who will unconditionally love him, help and support him, a family who will accept him with all of his nature, character and needs.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.


Guardian Angel
Denzel-2014Boy, born January 2001–AGING OUT
mental delays, spastic tetraparesis, convulsive disorder

Listed: September 4, 2013Denzel2

Sweet Denzel!  THIS CHILD IS 15 YEARS OLD.  He is tube fed through his nose, and often swaddled to prevent him from removing the tube.    He ‘lights up’ and smiles widely when presented with musical toys — a greatly welcome distraction from his days spent staring at the ceiling.  There is so much a family could provide for him!

More photos available.

*** Denzel has received a $10,000 Older Child Grant!***


Y (2) Y (1)Boy, born May 2002
Cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis, epilepsy, hydrocephaly, deep mental handicap

Listed: May 22, 2013

From someone who met him:  Bedridden but still able to smile.  They seemed particularly keen for me to photograph this child and kept turning his head for a better shot! I sensed that they too spot the potential within this child who smiled from inside his limited life.  Somebody please go get this boy out of this cot!

10 day wait often waived here. Married couples only, larger families welcome.

*** Phoenix has received a $10,000 Older Child Grant!  ***


Tabatha Tabatha2Girl, born October 2013
Down syndrome

Listed October 13, 2015


UPDATED May 2016:  This gentle little girl has Down syndrome and came into care at approximately 2 weeks old after being found at the front gate of her current care center.  She responds to her name, laughs out loud, stands alone for 5 seconds, and walks with support. Tabatha is noted to have developmental delays that have been improving with physical therapy, malnutrition, and congenital heart disease. She shows much interest in music, clapping her hands when she hears it. Verbally, she babbles a few words and greets familiar people. Tabatha can follow simple directions from her caregivers. This sweetie is waiting for a family who has excellent access to the medical and developmental resources she needs to thrive and meet her full potential.

$2,268.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Angelo and Antonio #

Angelo AntonioANGELO a.k.a. Mr. Studious
Age: 11 (turning 12 soon)
Special needs: astigmatism

Angelo is sociable and he interacts well both with children and adults. He does not create conflicts. Angelo is well-intentioned and compliant. He is described as calm, radiant and in cheerful boy.

Angelo is very studious and diligent and when performing a given task, his priority is precision and not the time necessary to finish it.

Angelo is quite inquisitive and likes learning about new things. He is interested in astronomy and everything related to the Earth and life on it. He enjoys visiting the “computer room” where he plays computer games but only after he has finished with his homework.

Angelo demonstrates creativity, aesthetic taste and precision in crafts.

ANTONIO a.k.a. Mr. CharismaAngelo-Antonio
Age: 10 years
Special needs: Transient tic disorder (temporary condition in which a person makes tics) – in Antonio’s case – he blinks with his eyes more often, when experiencing increased level of stress

Antonio is radiant, friendly and quite sociable. He often initiates contacts with children and adults and he quickly overcomes the distance between himself and people he meets for the first time. He is well-intentioned but he may also be a bit stubborn as he likes to be in charge and things to happen in his way.

Antonio is not as diligent as his brother and he tries to quickly finish his task rather than do it precisely. He enjoys playing with a ball outside as well as playing computer games. He likes things happening his ways and although he would follow the rules of the game, he might try to impose his own rules when playing.

The brothers seek each other’s assistance and support. They have a very close emotional bond. They state they love each other very much and would like to be adopted and stay together.

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! For more information,
email ***


Hattie (1) Hattie (3)Girl, born May 2006
cleft palate, post-op Congenital heart defect

Listed: June 15, 2015

Nine-year-old Hattie is diagnosed as having a cleft palate and post-op CHD, though her file mentions that her heart was normal. It seems that she had a cleft lip that was repaired and it looks like they wrote post-op CHD instead of cleft lip in her file. Hattie is described as outgoing, observant, active, and extroverted. She gets along well with the other children and adapts well to new environments. Hattie is obedient and very curious about everything! She likes to touch things she has never seen before and asks all sorts of questions. She goes to class with the other children and likes to sing and dance. Her language skills have improved as well. At the primary school she attends, she is noted to be a good listener and a good student. Hattie is happy to help others and she often goes back to the orphanage and teaches the younger children about the knowledge she has learned, along with the songs and dances. She always gets good grades and is a good role model for her younger brothers and sisters. Hattie is a good helper in the classroom too. She puts away the toys and helps the teacher do things she is able to do. She likes to build and create all kinds of thing using the blocks and likes to finish a project once started.

Hattie lives in the orphanage. She has a good appetite. Her favorite food is meat and her least favorite food are vegetables. Hattie’s favorite thing to do is to sing and dance with the other children and her favorite toys are puzzles and Barbies. Hattie sounds like she’d not only make a wonderful daughter, but a sweet sister as well!

*** Hattie has received a $10,000 Older Child Grant! ***

Sam and Scarlett #82-83

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABrother; 6 year old boy
early congenital syphilis

Sam is friendly and sociable by nature, talkative and cheerful, with a notable attempt to be noticed and appreciated. He has respect for adults and observes rules, orders and prohibitions. He does not have problems in communicating with peers. He loves playing with children his age. He expresses emotions through facial expression and through actions. He does not show aggression, self-aggression and symptoms of an anxious child.

There is expressed need of social approval and attention. He works well to instructions and following examples. He shows will to complete the set task. He responds well to praises and encouragement.  Sam feels the need of attention, tenderness, love, security and safety, feeling approved and significant.

Sister; 11 year old girlSam and Scarlett (2)

Scarlett has adequate behavior. No signs of anxiety, depression or aggressiveness. She is cheerful and emotional, continuously looking for attention and approval of the adults. The child has well developed passive vocabulary. She understands the speech of the others and adequately abreast. She can lead dialog and to initiate it. She keeps the rules of communication. She has built habits concerning personal hygiene, feeding and service of physiologic needs. She is independent.

She is a child who takes interest in school subjects but prefers singing, dancing and drawing, activities related to motion. She likes playing “cord jumping” and jump rope. She has finished the school year with a very good average grades.  She dreams about the time when she will be adopted and will have real parents like the other children.


Olivia Photo 11 August 2015 - August 2015 - crop Olivia Photo 6 August 2015 - August 2015 - cropOlivia was born prematurely in November 2013 and has been diagnosed with hydrocephalus, spina bifida, liquorrhea, paralysis of the lower limbs, and malformations of the feet. She received a shunt in early infancy.

Olivia is able to track with her eyes, has some head control, can roll over with help, but does not yet sit without support. The movement in Olivia’s arms and hands is not restricted and she actively reaches for, holds and manipulates objects. Her caretakers describe her as an attentive girl who understands what they say to her and babbles a lot.

Additional information, photos and video available directly from the agency. Married couples only due to court appointed guardian.

From a family who met her in March 2015: What a gem!  This little girl is such a doll with the biggest, most beautiful eyes.  She is very alert and babbles. Olivia enjoys attention, even dropping her toy and whining so that someone would pay attention to her.  Olivia appears to have good control of her arms and can sit up.

Update from a family who met her in October 2014 and again in May 2015: 
Olivia is darling.  She looks very healthy and seems to eat well.  She can sit unassisted and very easily finds ways to get the toys she wants, or the attention she needs. Olivia is described as a chatter box (I heard her say mama and papa) and very playful with the staff.  She loves to be held and interacts very well with others.

Update August 2015: Olivia is doing very well. Her caretakers describe her as loving and responsive. A family who met Olivia this month reported that Olivia army-crawls very fast and moves herself around in the zip zac chair. Olivia is drawn to anyone who shows her attention and enjoys music.

$63.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Temperance (1) Temperance (2)Girl, 7 years old

This girl is in the orphanage since 2015.

Listed: July 15, 2016

She is very cheerful and polite. She is respectful to adults and they are an authority for her. The sympathy and approvals of other are really important for her. She is friendly and has many friends. She completed a first grade and her intellectual level is higher than the average level.

She needs a lot of love, support and attention.


Cate (L)

CateGirl, born June 2015
Down syndrome

Listed: March 1, 2016

Cate is a tiny little muffin! What a gift to have her listed so young!

$1,756.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


jasmine-2016Girl, born 2008Jasmine

Cerebral palsy

This is a very sweet girl. She is always happy with a friendly smile on her pretty face. She is very kind and quiet. She is very smart! She is ready for a family!!! She has a very good potential and needs help – family love and good medical care.

She VERY much wants a family!!

Listed: Dec 8, 2015

From a family who visited her July 2016:  “Yesterday we brought floor puzzles for various abilities to the groupa. They were a huge hit, most of the girls gathered on the carpet and they put them all together. Jasmine spied the box that had baby level puzzles, a total of 4 puzzles ranging from 2 pieces to 5 pieces. She asked my husband to cut the packaging but then she did everything else by herself! She slid out of her wheelchair to the carpet, opened the box, pulled out all the pieces, sorted them to the appropriate picture, and put them together starting with the 2 piece puzzle and working up to the 5 piece puzzle. Then she carefully put each puzzle back in the box, she was able to lift the puzzles up and place them down while keeping them intact! I am just blown away!!! Her fine motor was spot on, she has the best spatial reasoning out of all the girls I’ve seen, she chose to go in order smallest to largest and she figured out that there were 4 separate puzzles in the the box ENTIRELY ON HER OWN. None of the nannies explained any of this to her!!! She is such a bright girl, she needs a family to give her a future!   In her country, because of her physical disabilities, she was probably given the label “incapacitated” at around age 4. This means she won’t be able to vote, she won’t have the chance to have education, she will have no rights not even over her own life and when she ages out of this institution she will go to an adult mental institution.”

From a family that met her 6/16: I have never met a child who is so desperate to give and receive love. She is breaking my heart as we visit our child. She is ready for a family, she knows that she is missing something vital for life, if she could she would swim across the ocean to her family. Since that is not an option, I pray a family sees her soon and flies across an ocean to bring her home.

Update about her physical abilities: She is in a wheelchair, she propels it in her own style, sometimes using her feet to rotate swivel the chair around, sometime reaching across midline to use one arm on the opposite wheel, regardless, she seems to always get to where she wants to go! Her spasticity kicks in quickly when she is happy and excited, and she is happy much of the time! but she is able to take calming breaths and relax back down which is a great step. She can feed herself bread, drink from a mug, and likes lollipops. As mentioned above, I think with therapy and good home care with stretching she could potentially walk with braces and a walker. Her nannies adore her, the psychologist at her orphanage is begging for a family to commit to her, she is so intelligent and gets the concept of “family”, and there is a therapy room at the orphanage where I believe she gets some level of therapy. This could all change if she is transferred. I think she would take transitioning into a family in a stride. If she goes to a place without this level of care, her tendons could easily tighten to a point where contractures would limit her independence. I would hate to see that sparkle leave her face.

$864.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


OwenBoy, born 2015
Down Syndrome


Awe, baby boy! Want to scoop him up and snuggle him!


$100.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Maisy (2)Girl, born April 2013
paralysis of lower limbs and abnormal development of sacral vertebrae


Meet adorable 1.5 year old Maisy! The agency’s guide has met Maisy and said that her legs have no feeling. She is a very sweet girl and is well bonded with her foster parents. She smiles a lot! Maisy can recognize people well and will not let strangers hold her. She likes watching TV, especially cartoons. She could crawl with the support of her arms. Maisy is a peaceful, quiet and cute girl. Her spine lacks some bones. She will eventually need to be in wheelchair, but other than that, the rest of her development is normal. Maisy is still young so it is hard to tell if she will be incontinent.

From her file: She is lovely, introverted, and afraid of strangers. She is quiet and occasionally obstinate. She can wave her hands if happy and she likes music. She can sit, crawl and turn over. She can grasp toys with her hands and can make sound of “yiyi, yaya.” She smiles when she sees her foster mom and cries when she sees strangers. She does not want to be cuddled by strangers and tracks her foster mom all the time with her eyes. If she sees her foster mom taking her bag to go out to buy vegetables, she will want to go with her. She is serious and smiles at you if teased occasionally. She likes when her foster mom takes her outdoors to play. She is curious with everything outside and will come to the foster mom if she sees strangers. She can dance with her hands and feet when she is excited.

$27.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!



Girl, born 2014Susie (2)
Down syndrome

Susie is just one year old. This lovely baby girl has been diagnosed as Trisomy 21 / Down Syndrome and she is much loved in her orphanage. Her ayis tell us that Susie is a quiet baby who is happy to play in her crib. Susie likes to be teased and has a ready smile. She can pick up toys and hold them by herself. Susie is growing and learning new things every day. Could Susie grow in your heart and home?

$49.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

Aiden #3-9

Aiden_May 2016Diagnosis: Down syndrome; Pulmonary sequestration; reflux; hypothyroidism

Aiden just turned a year old. He has had numerous hospital stays due to respiratory infections. It is very possible that Aiden is aspirating liquids based on the constant infections and diagnosed pneumonia, along with the reflux diagnosis. This could be the cause for his lung issues. The orphanage director is hopeful that a family will step forward quickly so that Aiden can get the medical care he needs.
Developmentally, Aiden is holding toys and beginning to interact with them. Due to his numerous sicknesses, he is often kept in an isolation room, so he does not have a lot of opportunities to develop his motor skills. He rolls over and will put weight on his feet when held up. He likes listening to music and looking in a mirror. He smiles when he sees familiar adults and also smiles at toys.

Photos and videos from May 2016 are available through the agency. Aiden is in an area that allows for very short travel.

$18.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


MartinBoy, age 6
Goldenhar Syndrome

Listed: June 26, 2015

Martin is a sweet boy who loves to receive a lot of affection from his friends and caretakers. He has a very kind and playful heart and is loved by his peers. He loves spending quality time with his friends and is always willing to share his toys with them.

$22.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Boy, 8 years old

Listed: Aug 17, 2015

Daniel is an 8-year-old boy that has been in state care for many years. Daniel had a difficult start and experience some trauma at birth resulting in intellectual disability, feeding and digestive issues. Daniel is well bonded to his foster siblings and parents, despite having multiple placements. He was especially close to his foster brother who was recently adopted.

While he is described as having the intellectual functioning of a 1 year old, Daniel appears to be higher functioning. He communicates in one or two words, uses gestures and although he has difficulty with language is very communicative. Daniel is able to guide and provide directions to get to his school. He has a lot of unexplored potential and his social worker believes that learning sign language and other ways to communicate would help him significantly.

Daniel loves to be held and to be around other children and adults. He also loves to eat and until recently, he was unable to do so because of a feeding tube. Daniel’s feeding tube is now removed and is learning how to feed himself without making a mess. He appears to adapt well to almost any situation and is accustomed to being with other children of varying ages. Daniel is a curious and friendly child that would blossom with the love and support of a forever family.

$40.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


ChelseyGirl, born December 2004
brain development issue

Listed: January 14, 2014

Chelsey is a very quiet and very cute girl. Now she is studying in sister class at the orphanage. At school, she respects the teachers and unites the students and likes to help others. She likes to tell her foster mother something about school when she comes back home. She is a very clever child. At home, she is talkative and knows the name of her foster family members. She is a good child, cares about her foster mother, and is a good helper, often helping her foster mother to do housework, such as clean, wash dishes, and with taking care of the younger brothers and sisters. She is very polite to others and says hello to familiar people on her own initiative. She gets along well with her foster siblings at home and is happy to help others. She often helps other children to do something that she knows how to do. She likes snacks- especially milk, drinks, fruits, and sweet food. She also likes to watch cartoons. At home she respects her elders and is considerate to her foster parents. In school, she is a good student. She agrees to be adopted by a foreign family. When we ask her if she agreed to be adopted, she looks happy and says “I want to have a family and I agree to be adopted and want to have my own father and mother.”

*** Chelsey has received a $10,000 Older Child Grant! ***


Jennifer (3)

Jennifer (2)Girl, born 2004
atresia of both antrum auris

Listed December 18, 2015

A family who knows some sign language and some hearing aids will likely do wonders for Jenifer! Jenifer does not have this listed in her file, but many adoptive parents who have children with Treacher Collins Syndrome believe she has this condition.
Jennifer’s file is quite outdated- the agency is working to obtain an update for her.

From Jenifer’s file: Jenifer is toilet trained. If the caretaker used gestures to ask her to do the housework, she could understand and would then help to do it. When she needs something, she will use her finger to point to it. Although she cannot talk, she can use gestures to communicate with the other children. She is pure, active,and has many friends who like to play with her. Jenifer is outgoing and often has a smile on her face. She can play with other children and caretakers actively. Her eyes are very bright. Apart from communication with others, she can use her big eyes to notice people and things around. She has strong observational skills. It is this advantage and her active personality which attract many children to play with her. Through the observation of the eyes, she can learn the action and dance with the picture on TV as well as teacher’s instruction.

There is a $3,000 agency grant for Jenifer’s adoption with her current agency.

*** I am eligible for a $10,000 Older Child Grant! ***

Randall #6-30

Randall 2

Age: 2
Diagnosis: caudal regression syndrome

He sits alone and stable. Often stands on four limbs an crawls on hands Puts rings and pieces with a small hole on the stand. He has a good attention span when interested in a particular toy or object. The child understands and responds to praise and prohibition. Performs simple orders, but generally not prone to group games or activities. He is happy when banter by an adult and likes to cuddle. He can distinguish between familiar and unfamiliar people. He can pronounce syllables and short words, but rarely, only when he decides.

In the videos, he is independently maneuvering his wheelchair and also navigating his environment by using his hands to “crawl”.

Photos, videos and a detailed medical report are available through the agency.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.


Keely1342422086273Girl, born December 2004
Cerebral palsy

Listed: May 18, 2015

Keely is a beautiful girl who is 10 years old! She came into care when she was about 14 months old, and was diagnosed with CP. Keely is a very bright girl, and full of personality! She lives in a family setting, where she has learned how families work together and care for one another. Keely goes to school through a center program. She gets around on a small bike. Keely is able to dress herself, brush her teeth, etc. She loves to sing and dance. Keely studies very hard to do her best in school, and is a very good student. She is a loving girl, who makes sure to save special treats to share with her foster mom, and the other children living there. Keely is ready to be part of a family!

*** Keely has received a $10,000 Older Child Grant! ***


susieGirl, born 2015

Down syndrome, Congenital heart defect: atrial septal defect
disorder of the brain, anemia

Listed: July 19, 2016

What a sparkle in her eyes!!


KirileeGirl, born March 2011
Down syndrome

Kirilee is a shy, sweet little one who will be 4 years old in March. She has Down syndrome, with the expected delays. As of this past September, she was standing with support, and was crawling. One wonders if an improvement in her diet would make a big difference…she mainly has milk and rice powder every day. Kirilee badly needs therapies to help with her motor skills and speech. She is a loving little one who is so sweet and quiet. Kirilee needs a family of her own to help her reach her full potential!

$1,146.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!